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How to organize your keys in a practical way

Created by Fresh Prince. on 25 Feb 2019, 15:35


As this famous MMORPG called Tibia started to grow with mysteries and secrets over several years of existence, we've discovered fantastic new places with a wide range of innovative quests, not to mention hunting places being implemented quite often… Due to that, seeing new keys (golden, copper, silver, bone, crystal, wooden etc….) was a constant fact and necessity. Possessing the right key at the right spot can be crucial in order to conquest new items, access new hunting grounds and even save your life on an emergency. With this in mind, I've created a tutorial with five steps aimed on the organization of this precious category of item. With this succinct guide, you will (hopefully) get rid from any unfortunate situation with keys not matching the door or keys being lost in the middle of the paraphernalia hoarded inside your Depot!

Step 1) Segregate every owned key on a reserved place in your depot

TRIVIA: The Key 3702 has no use currently (although it is easy to obtain one of these). Once in the past, it opened the Knightwatch Tower. But today this is an item without any known practical function, so I adopted it to symbolize where I throw every key that I have on my Depot.

The very first challenge that we may face when looking for keys is dealing with a chaotic depot (quick note: currently, there is no way to use the “quick market” trick on keys to sort of this problem). But trust me, making your depot more organized is an effort that will really make your life easier on the game, overall. Try to make all of your keys allocation on an easy spot to reach inside your personal locker.

Step 2) Separate the keys according to region of origin

Here I opened the brown backpack next to the crystal key of the last image. As you can see, I like to use backpacks relative to each big city to identify where each key can be used.

A good suggestion is to organize your personal keys with the assignment of “municipal backpacks” for each city! For example, the Orange Backpack (bought only with a NPC in Thais) can easily identify the Thais group on your key collection, and so on! Keep in mind that what I consider as “Thais” region here is similar to the classification determined on Cyclopedia Map, where Ancient Temple and Mount Sternum belongs to Thais area. Following this map is a rational and easy way to conclude which city each area belong.

The Brown Backpack is also extremely important here. This is where Unsorted/Rookgaard/Dawnport/Useless/Old and Rare keys are placed.

Step 3) Write down the function of each key

Letters are pretty cheap and useful to have. Labels have limited characters for detailed information in my opinion, but you can use them as a shortened ID note when carrying around keys

Scrolls have an insignificant cost and weight, along with enough room for many characters.

If you want the “fun way” to do it, a Dwarf drops quite often a letter, and you may even see plenty of letters dropped by the entrance of Kazordoon outer mines. Useful if you want to get charm points…

Make sure to get rewritable material to record details about your key collection. You can buy letters for a cheap price if you already completed the Postman’s Quest, but buying scrolls on any NPC responsible for selling equipment is a good idea as well. Pick whatever you find suitable (but remember that these writable items will be eventually carried around with you. Think about your capacity while doing this). Pay attention that some books (writables) will not allow you to rewrite your text once you add a text information!

As you can imagine, every subgroup of each “big region” will have a description for each set of key, revealing everything useful about it with a writable document by the side of it (I usually put them by the left side of the item). Having the keys organized in an order written on the scroll is an excellent way to organize yourself on practical situations, as you can see below the image with my Green Backpack opened (thus indicating my keys for Ab'Dendriel). You will also use a brown Backpack here to put uncatalogued, useless or incomplete set of keys of Ab'Dendriel. Note that although the famous Hellgate entrance demands only a single key, I got more than one of these on a bag. I keep my copies there at hand in case of deciding to sell a few of them or to gift one to a friend, for example. It usually happens quite often with popular keys

When I want to use one of the Key 3012 copies that I always keep at hand, I also carry a label with the key to keep myself informed about what is the function of that key.

Another example on how scrolls and organized keys work: If you want every keys usable on a certain quest (for example, the The Outlaw Camp Quest ), just pick up the organized bag along with the scroll used on the identification of the bag. You will guarantee that the reminder of what each key does is always at hand for consultation while using it.

Step 4) Add all the data relevant to the key with each identification

Just pointing out that again, but make sure to research about keys. For example, the Key 3802 opens not only the Dwacatra prison, but also the famous Mine Hub area on Kazordoon Mines! Make sure to register any important detail that you remember. The trick here is to keep the keys on a certain order. Remember to make sure that your information of reference will always be at hand next to the key/container with keys. It is good to add where you got each key as well.

Optional Step: Some places may require “items” to be unlocked/passed. Quick important examples are carrots (for Hugo passage on Plains of Havoc) or a White Mushroom (for the Old Dragon Lord on Draconia). You can add these items as “keys” if you wish, and include the mentioned items with the keys that we have organized. Using writable documents here to explain each use is recommendable as well.

Step 5) Learn how to use frequent keys in a quick and practical way

As you may question yourself, some keys will probably stay in your backpack almost permanently. However, how can I leave a very popular key to me as a configurable practical option on the current Tibia Client? Here is what I can suggest: Save two buttons on your action bar, one on top of the other. Pick wherever you find appropriate. Put your key on the lower button and configure it to be a “use with…” action. Leave the action button above for a text entry and add some sort of short identification labeling the key and there you go! You can even choose a hotkey for this tactical key if you wish!

“carlin cults” indicates the function of the Key 3520


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