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How to Make and Control Guilds

Created by lehula dohon. on 13 Feb 2019, 13:02
Table of Contents
1.Guilds what is it?
2.Guild Structure
3.Identifying Members of a Guild
4.How to manage a Guild

At Tibia, the relation among the players are extremely important, who starts to play will discovery quickly that a strong group makes difference. That's is one of the reasons to participate of a Guild at Tibia. Now, we'll take a look about the Guild system and how it works.

1.Guilds what is it?

Guilds are a group created to reunite people that thinks in the same way inside the game. They are very popular seeing they use to bring some benefits to its members. Powerful Guilds (Dominant Guilds as we call now a days) commonly has more influence above the server than any player alone could have, just few players are fool enough to mess with a member from a powerful Guild. However, a character just can be member of one guild at time.

Guild Benefits
Guild Chat Channel
  • Guild members can use a private chat channel.

Guild Message Board
  • Guild members has they own board at the official forum

    Note: This option just will be available to the members if the Guild Leader decides to use the "Create Board" at the guild page.

Guildhalls Access
  • guildhalls are houses (big houses) especially designed to be used by guilds. Only the leader can rent a guildhall and he will be able to let everyone or chose some of the guild members to enter on it. That's a way to free accounts to have a room. Same way the leader can specify who can enter in every room of the house same to who can open the doors. That enables a good control avoiding robbery inside the guildhall for example.

2.Guild Structure

Every guild on Tibia has the same basic structure composed by:

  • Must be premium account.

Vice Leader
  • Must be premium account.

Regular Members.
  • Can be free or premium account.

Of course you can create more ranks than this three and rename all of them.

The Leader position (Leader rank) is the highest rank, so this character will have the power to change anything on the guild, including to rent a guildhall. Players who creates a new guild automatically became its leader. After to create a guild you have three days to invite 4 vice leaders and they enter at your guild, otherwise your guild will be dismantled.

WARNING: after your guild is already activated if some of the vice leaders leave your guild or became free account you have two weeks to find another character (premium account) and assign him as vice leader, otherwise your guild will be dismantled. I recommend to always keep more than 4 vice leaders to avoid this kind o problem. Another important thing about leader and vice leaders is that you can't have a leader and vice leader, or two vice leaders from the same account. For example, you can't be Guild leader in one server and be vice leader in another server. It's ok if you participate as regular member.

Leader and vice leaders are important pieces at a guild especially when we talk about rules and organization. This players must be good at solve problems (trust me they will appear a lot) and have good relationship with internal members, especially with the leaders from another Guilds, this will ensure a good position for your guild at the world, independently if your Guild is dominant or not .

Now, the Guild strength cames from the Regular Members, who are the biggest part of a guild. They will provide the support and work to the guild success at the world. Guilds have no members limit.

Also you have the option to enter in a Guild already established. If you don't want to create a guild but definitively want to be part of one, you have two ways to enter in a guild:

  • You can ask for the leader or a vice leader of the guild to invite you to the guild. Later you must go to the Guilds page at Tibia and accept.

  • You can acess Tibia official website, then goes to the Guilds page, select the world that you play and finally select the Guild you want to enter. In the page of the Guild, at the bottom will be the buttom "Apply to this Guild" , all you have to do is to click the button and select which character you want to enter the guild, then you have to wait the guild leaders accept your request.

3.Identifying Members of a Guild

Let's see how can you identify if some character belongs to a Guild. Guild members can be easily recognize by small icons under their character names (if you do not blocked that at your configuration).

  • Member from your guild.

  • Member from another guild

  • There are more than 5 members of his guild online

4.How to manage a Guild

Any administrative action (create, edit, enter to a guild...) is made from Tibia website. All functions can be found at guild's information page, except for "Found Guild" which you will find at guilds list from your world. To verify this section select the guild and click the button "View". You will be directed to a page with a lot of information about the guild selected, including logo, members list and general information. You must be logged to make any change. Remember that all changes that u make will be applied only at the next login from the character.

Here is some of the options that appear at your guild page section:

Join Guild
  • This button will appear to you at the official website in the guild list of a world if you are logged into your account and have a character invited to this guild.

Found Guild
  • This button will find at the guilds world section. Click on it and you will able to create your own guild, in the next stages you'll need to choose in which world you want create your guild, its name and which character from your account will be the guild leader. Remember if you want to create a guild you must have a premium account. Also keep in mind the same rules for character names are applied for guild names, offensive names can be punished. WARNING guilds can't be renamed so choose carefully to avoid your guild deletion.

Edit Description
  • This option is available only to the leaders, here you can create a description from your guild using until 500 characters. Also u can use a logo and a link for a homepage. Again, any offensive content can be punished.

Create/Delete Board
  • This options is available only to the leaders, it allows the leader create a private board to the guild members at the official website, at guild forum section.

Edit Ranks
  • This option is available only to the leaders, they can define how many ranks the Guild will have name and rename them. If the rank of leader and vice leader be edited with the same name, they will show as one at the official website. This is just an visual effect, the guild always has to have 1 leader and at least 4 vice leaders.

Edit Ranks
  • This option is available only to the leaders, they can define how many ranks the Guild will have name and rename them. If the rank of leader and vice leader be edited with the same name, they will show as one at the official website. This is just an visual effect, the guild always has to have 1 leader and at least 4 vice leaders.

Edit Members
  • Set title to: the leaders can assign individuals title to any guild member.

  • Exclude from guild: the leaders can exclude a guild member.

  • Set rank: this button allows to choose to which rank any player belong. Everyone can change ranks at the guild, the rule is that you can change rank under your own rank. For example, if your guild has 5 ranks from 5 to 1, where rank 1 is the leader, and you are rank 3 you can promote a member from rank 5 to 4 but not from 5 to 2..

Disban Guild
  • This button allow the leaders to dismantle his guild. He will need to confirm with his password and right after that the guild is over.

Resign From Leadership
  • Of course just the leader can use this option. If u want to disclaim the leadership of your guild you must to choose the new leader. The transference will be complete after the next server save, if the guild has a guildhall it will be transferred to.

Invite Players
  • Leaders and vice leaders can invite players to the guild. After to assign the invitation the player invited must accept it at the official website..

Leave Guild
  • Anyone can leave the guild at any time, except the leader who needs fist pass the leadership to somebody else.


Guildhall usually is a big houses, common to all guild members (if the leader allows of course). Only the guild leader can rent a guildhall. He will define who can enter in the guildhall, as well who can enter in every room of Guildhall. Also the leader defines who are able to open every door in the guildhall, therefore he can control the access of the guildhall areas, leaving a specific room just for one member for example. That's a way to free account members to have they own space. Here we list some points to know about guildhalls:

  • Remember that you must be premium account to sleep on the beds.

  • The leader can own a guildhall and a private house at the same time.

  • Every guildhall has its own Depot.

  • All the items inside of a guildhall will be sent to the depot of his owner if the rent is not paid.

  • All the items inside of a guildhall will be sent to the depot of his owner if the rent is not paid.

Cipsot has announnced new house rents, in January 30th 2019. As mentioned, the new rents will become effective in April 2019, at the earliest. This adjustmet will impact above guildhalls too. The new prices are set according to the size of the guildhalls.

GuildHalls Rents
  • 250,000 gold/month (29 guildhalls)

  • 500,000 gold/month (20 guildhalls)

  • 1,000,000 gold/month (10 guildhalls)

  • 5,000,000 gold/month (5 guildhalls)

Well that's the end of our Guide folks. I hope you could enjoy it. CYA!!!


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