Winter Update 2018
Find out the newest information about the Winter Update in Tibia!

Winter Update 2018

Created by Uman. on 02 Nov 2018, 10:00
Table of Contents
Official news
New sprites
New Quests
New Items
New Monsters
New Npcs
New Outfit
New Mount
New features

Official news

New sprites

New Quests

  • The Dream Courts Quest Premium Level required: 0 Level recommended: 0 City: Edron Spoiler The Dream Courts Quest

  • The Seven Keys Premium Level required: 0 Level recommended: 0 City: Ab'Dendriel Spoiler The Seven Keys

New Items

Name Imbuements Weight
Acid Resistant Fishing Rod 0 8.5 oz.
Alptramun's Toothbrush 0 0.7 oz.
Anatomy Book 0 13 oz.
Ancient Oil Lamp 0 0 oz.
Banner 0 0 oz.
Banner 0 0 oz.
Beast's Nightmare-Cushion 0 0.7 oz.
Blue Crystal 0 0.3 oz.
Blue Ectoplasm 0 1 oz.
Blue Glass Plate 0 0.1 oz.
Bottle of Sun Fruit Juice 0 4 oz.
Bottle of Sun Fruit Juice 0 4 oz.
Brain in a Jar 1 27 oz.
Bucket Full of Ectoplasm 0 26 oz.
Bucket with Ectoplasm 0 24 oz.
Bucket with some Ectoplasm 0 22 oz.
Chargeable Compass 0 1.2 oz.
Charged Compass 0 1.5 oz.
Charged Compass 0 1.52 oz.
Charged Compass 0 1.55 oz.
Colourful Mushroom 0 0.1 oz.
Crunor Idol 0 6.5 oz.
Crunor's Heart 0 7 oz.
Crystal Glass Shrine 0 0 oz.
Dark Whispers 2 34 oz.
Door 0 0 oz.
Door 0 0 oz.
Door 0 0 oz.
Door 0 0 oz.
Door 0 0 oz.
Dragon Figurine 0 6.5 oz.
Dream Catcher 0 7.5 oz.
Dream Catcher Pole 0 0 oz.
Dream Essence Egg 0 2.8 oz.
Dream Shroud 1 25 oz.
Dream Talisman 0 12 oz.
Ectoplasmic Shield 1 58 oz.
Elven Statue 0 0 oz.
Elven Statue 0 0 oz.
Enchanted Pendulet 0 6.5 oz.
Enchanted Sleep Shawl 0 4.3 oz.
Energized Limb 2 27 oz.
Focus of Corrupted Nature 0 0 oz.
Frozen Column 0 0 oz.
Frozen Floor 0 0 oz.
Frozen Wall 0 0 oz.
Frozen Willow 0 0 oz.
Giant Amethyst 0 1.5 oz.
Giant Emerald 0 1.5 oz.
Giant Ruby 0 1.5 oz.
Golden Axe 0 19.89 oz.
Golden Idol of Tukh 0 20 oz.
Golden Sun 0 0 oz.
Green Crystal 0 0.32 oz.
Green Ectoplasm 0 1 oz.
Green Glass Plate 0 0.1 oz.
Guidon 0 0 oz.
Guidon 0 0 oz.
Hexagonal Ruby 0 1.25 oz.
Ice Floor 0 0 oz.
Ice Flower 0 0 oz.
Ice Flower 0 0.1 oz.
Ice Flower 0 0 oz.
Ice Flowers 0 0 oz.
Ice Flowers 0 0 oz.
Ice Shield 0 35 oz.
Iczandar's Snow Globe 0 0.7 oz.
Iczandar's Sundial 0 0.7 oz.
Living Armor 1 48 oz.
Living Vine Bow 3 38 oz.
Magic Portal 0 0 oz.
Magical Paint 0 5.5 oz.
Malofur's Lunchbox 0 0.7 oz.
Maxxenius Head 0 2.1 oz.
Minotaur Skull 0 25 oz.
Mutated Egg 0 0 oz.
Nightmare Beast Santa 0 0.7 oz.
Old Desk 0 0 oz.
Old Lock 0 25 oz.
Orc Skull 0 21.8 oz.
Ornamented Floor 0 0 oz.
Ornamented Wall 0 0 oz.
Ornate Locket 0 6.5 oz.
Overgrown Column 0 0 oz.
Painting 0 0 oz.
Pair of Dreamwalkers 1 8 oz.
Pendulet 0 6.5 oz.
Plagueroot Offshoot 0 0.7 oz.
Poison Gland 0 0.33 oz.
Pomegranate 0 1 oz.
Portal 0 0 oz.
Portal 0 0 oz.
Purple Tendril Lantern 0 9.2 oz.
Ramp 0 0 oz.
Ramp 0 0 oz.
Recipe for Magical Paint 0 1 oz.
Red Ectoplasm 0 1 oz.
Red Ectoplasmic Residue 0 1.2 oz.
Resizer 2 89 oz.
Roof 0 0 oz.
Roof 0 0 oz.
Rosebush 0 13 oz.
Sacrophagus 0 0 oz.
Sapphire Dust 0 1 oz.
Shield of Endless Search 0 11 oz.
Shoulder Plate 1 35 oz.
Sleep Shawl 0 4.3 oz.
Snowflakes 0 0 oz.
Spirit Guide 1 18 oz.
Stone Coffin 0 0 oz.
Stone Floor 0 0 oz.
Strange Empty Bucket 0 20 oz.
Strangely Ornamented Key 0 1 oz.
Summer Willow 0 0 oz.
Summerblade 2 43 oz.
Sun Fruit Bush 0 0 oz.
Sun Fruit Bush 0 0 oz.
Tree 0 0 oz.
Troll Skull 0 23 oz.
Turquoise Tendril Lantern 0 9.2 oz.
Unicorn Figurine 0 6.5 oz.
Violet Crystal 0 0.35 oz.
Violet Glass Plate 0 0.1 oz.
Ward Stone 0 0 oz.
Ward Stone 0 0 oz.
Ward Stone 0 0 oz.
Ward Stone 0 0 oz.
Winterblade 2 43 oz.

New Monsters

Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Generator 0 0 Nothing
Horrible Dream 0 0 Nothing
Izcandar Champion of Summer 0 0 Nothing
Izcandar Champion of Winter 0 0 Nothing
Izcandar the Banished 0 0 Nothing
Lucifuga Aranea 0 0 Poison Gland Platinum Coin Violet Crystal Shard
Mind-wrecking Dream 3800 0 Nothing
Nightmare Tendril 8000 0 Nothing
Nightmarish Dream 3800 0 Nothing
Plagueroot 0 0 Living Vine Bow Living Armor Supreme Health Potion Silver Token Ultimate Mana Potion Gold Token Blue Gem Gold Ingot Soul Stone Crystal Coin Royal Star Magic Sulphur Berserk Potion Collar of Red Plasma Violet Gem Piggy Bank Mastermind Potion Collar of Green Plasma Red Gem Chaos Mace Plagueroot Offshoot Mysterious Remains Energy Bar Ultimate Spirit Potion Skull Staff Pomegranate Green Gem Huge Chunk of Crude Iron Yellow Gem Ring of the Sky
Plant Abomination 3900 0 Nothing
Plant Attendant 3900 0 Nothing
The Cold of Winter 3000 0 Nothing
The Heat of Summer 3000 0 Nothing
Unpleasant Dream 3800 0 Nothing
Whirling Blades 0 0 Nothing
Hibernal Moth 420 200 Nothing
Lacewing Moth 420 200 Nothing
Ripper Spectre 3800 3500 Platinum Coin Great Spirit Potion Two Handed Sword Silver Brooch Terra Rod Coral Brooch Twin Hooks Green Ectoplasm Emerald Bangle Serpent Sword Springsprout Rod Assassin Dagger Hexagonal Ruby Wyvern Fang Spike Sword
Lumbering Carnivor 4000 3700 Sword Axe Battle Hammer Blue Glass Plate Dagger Ice Rapier Morning Star Platinum Coin Focus Cape Glorious Axe Blue Robe Green Crystal Shard Giant Shimmering Pearl Violet Gem Green Gem Two Handed Sword
Gazer Spectre 4500 4200 Platinum Coin Brown Crystal Splinter Red Crystal Fragment Red Gem Small Enchanted Ruby Small Diamond Small Sapphire Yellow Gem Golden Idol of Tukh Prismatic Quartz Onyx Chip Small Enchanted Emerald Red Ectoplasm Wand of Draconia Wand of Inferno Magma Coat Hexagonal Ruby
Spiky Carnivor 5000 4800 Platinum Coin Blue Crystal Splinter Brown Crystal Splinter Dark Armor Green Glass Plate Guardian Shield Leather Boots Crossbow Blue Robe Warrior Helmet Bow Buckle Terra Amulet Ring of Red Plasma Lightning Pendant Glacier Amulet Rainbow Quartz Prismatic Quartz Terra Mantle
Crazed Summer Rearguard 6000 5400 Vortex Bolt Power Bolt Platinum Coin Sun Fruit Viper Star Small Enchanted Sapphire Elvish Talisman Spear Leaf Star Violet Crystal Shard Royal Spear Crossbow Dream Essence Egg Throwing Knife Small Diamond Small Stone Small Enchanted Ruby Red Crystal Fragment Heaven Blossom Cyan Crystal Fragment Yellow Gem Bow Ring of Blue Plasma Crystal Crossbow Collar of Blue Plasma Ornate Crossbow Wood Cape
Crazed Winter Rearguard 6000 5400 Platinum Coin Glacier Robe Glacier Amulet Moonlight Rod Northwind Rod Elven Astral Observer Life Crystal Small Enchanted Sapphire Ultimate Health Potion Shiver Arrow Cyan Crystal Fragment Red Gem Red Crystal Fragment Ice Rapier Ice Flower Great Spirit Potion Dream Essence Egg Glacier Mask Hailstorm Rod
Crazed Summer Vanguard 6300 5800 Platinum Coin Elven Astral Observer Belted Cape Wand of Dragonbreath Sword Two Handed Sword Dragon Necklace Scimitar Seeds Wand of Draconia Dagger Magma Amulet Knife Throwing Knife Sabre Dream Essence Egg Dark Armor Bullseye Potion Magma Boots Sun Fruit
Menacing Carnivor 6500 5900 Ice Rapier Terra Rod Ultimate Mana Potion Battle Hammer Cyan Crystal Fragment Sword Morning Star Platinum Coin Crystal Sword Wand of Dragonbreath Terra Legs Serpent Sword Knight Legs Blue Crystal Splinter Tiger Eye Small Ruby Green Crystal Fragment Violet Glass Plate Onyx Chip Small Enchanted Ruby Wand of Starstorm Wand of Voodoo Lightning Legs
Burster Spectre 6500 6000 Platinum Coin Great Spirit Potion Protection Amulet Life Crystal Terra Amulet Wand of Cosmic Energy Blue Ectoplasm Orb Glacier Amulet Wand of Voodoo Dragon Necklace Platinum Amulet Stone Skin Amulet Hailstorm Rod Elven Amulet Hexagonal Ruby Glacial Rod Garlic Necklace Strange Symbol Shockwave Amulet Mind Stone
Thanatursus 7200 6300 Platinum Coin Ham Meat Essence of a Bad Dream Terra Boots Sickle Great Spirit Potion Obsidian Lance Dark Shield Terra Hood Ultimate Health Potion Wand of Cosmic Energy Black Shield Shiver Arrow Dream Essence Egg Halberd Mino Shield Warrior's Shield Titan Axe Knight Axe Warrior's Axe Beastslayer Axe
Crazed Winter Vanguard 7200 6500 Platinum Coin Ultimate Health Potion Miraculum Great Spirit Potion Ice Flower Terra Mantle Small Enchanted Ruby Northwind Rod Glacier Robe Terra Hood Terra Boots Shiver Arrow Red Gem Dream Essence Egg Ice Rapier Glacier Mask Cyan Crystal Fragment Tiger Eye Glacier Amulet Terra Amulet Terra Legs Elven Amulet
Insane Siren 7600 6900 Fire Axe Platinum Coin Holy Orchid Ultimate Health Potion Miraculum Dream Essence Egg Wand of Draconia Wand of Dragonbreath Magma Amulet Sun Fruit Wand of Inferno Magma Coat
Soul-Broken Harbinger 9000 7000 Dream Essence Egg Platinum Coin Ice Flower Wood Cape Elvish Talisman Glacier Kilt Spellbook of Mind Control Ring of Blue Plasma Ice Rapier Crown Shield Heat Core Magma Amulet Glacier Shoes Knight Legs
Arachnophobica 7800 7200 Energy Ring Great Spirit Potion Platinum Coin Spider Fangs Orb Strange Symbol Power Ring Death Ring Sacred Tree Amulet Collar of Green Plasma Elven Amulet Collar of Red Plasma Garlic Necklace Underworld Rod Mind Stone Axe Ring Sword Ring Essence of a Bad Dream Magma Amulet Platinum Amulet Ring of Healing Silver Amulet Ring of Blue Plasma Necklace of the Deep Wand of Cosmic Energy Life Ring Strange Talisman
Faceless Bane 17000 14000 Dagger Small Sapphire Crowbar Spear Terra Rod Yellow Gem Platinum Coin Twin Hooks Hexagonal Ruby Green Crystal Shard Giant Shimmering Pearl Green Gem Ice Rapier Violet Gem
Alptramun 0 55000 Energy Bar Ring of Blue Plasma Soul Stone Giant Shimmering Pearl Gold Token Royal Star Silver Token Mysterious Remains Mastermind Potion Ultimate Mana Potion Piggy Bank Ring of Red Plasma Platinum Coin Gold Ingot Yellow Gem Collar of Blue Plasma Bullseye Potion Supreme Health Potion Crystal Coin Ultimate Spirit Potion Magic Sulphur Giant Ruby Alptramun's Toothbrush
Malofur Mangrinder 0 55000 Mysterious Remains Energy Bar Platinum Coin Supreme Health Potion Bullseye Potion Collar of Blue Plasma Skull Staff Green Gem Giant Shimmering Pearl Resizer Malofur's Lunchbox Silver Token Gold Token Piggy Bank
Maxxenius 0 55000 Green Gem Giant Shimmering Pearl Ultimate Spirit Potion Soul Stone Ring of Blue Plasma Scarf Energized Limb Energy Bar Mysterious Remains Piggy Bank Platinum Coin Red Gem Gold Token Huge Chunk of Crude Iron Crystal Coin Supreme Health Potion Silver Token Ultimate Mana Potion Ring of the Sky Yellow Gem Violet Gem Maxxenius Head Brain in a Jar Ornate Locket Royal Star Abyss Hammer Pomegranate Bullseye Potion
The Nightmare Beast 850000 75000 Red Gem Silver Token Garlic Necklace Yellow Gem Skull Staff Collar of Red Plasma Berserk Potion Ultimate Mana Potion Dark Whispers Turquoise Tendril Lantern Ring of Blue Plasma Supreme Health Potion Collar of Green Plasma Ultimate Spirit Potion Platinum Coin Piggy Bank Mysterious Remains Energy Bar Gold Token Huge Chunk of Crude Iron Crystal Coin Blue Gem Royal Star Ring of Red Plasma

New Npcs

Name City
Absaan Feyrist
Andrew Lyze Port Hope
Arenamaster Ab'Dendriel
Blubster Feyrist
Boasty Twoeyes Feyrist
Bulltus Feyrist
Cheesy The Chosen Feyrist
Farhilorn of The Winter Court Feyrist
Gnomenace Feyrist
Izzkl Feyrist
Kalissa Feyrist
Mandly Feyrist
Myzzi Edron
Olhan Feyrist
Shirtalis of The Summer Court Feyrist
Stricken Soul Venore
The Dentist Feyrist
Undal Svargrond
Vanys Feyrist
Yrlin Feyrist

New Outfit

Dog 3DreamelvesDream Warrior
Outfit Outfit Outfit Outfit Outfit

New Mount

Lacewing Moth Premium Lacewing Moth Hibernal Moth Premium Hibernal Moth

New features

Tibia 11 Client Features

Boosted Creature

Gwiazda Ekranu
By Gwiazda Ekranu on 05 Nov 2018, 10:55 - 12.00 (Winter Update 2018)

How are the stats and drops of the monsters known already? o.0

By Uman on 05 Nov 2018, 17:10 - 12.00 (Winter Update 2018)

They are already posted on

By Gwiazda Ekranu on 05 Nov 2018, 19:31 - 12.00 (Winter Update 2018)

Oh, I see, thanks. Hell yea, 7.2k hp spiders are gonna drop spider fangs!

on 15 Nov 2018, 19:34


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