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Summer Update 2018

Created by Uman. on 15 May 2018, 10:00
Table of Contents
New Quests
New Items
New Monsters
New Npcs
New Outfits


New Quests

New Items

Name Imbuements Weight
Ancient Map 0 4 oz.
Assassin Doll (Replica) 0 25.04 oz.
Banner 0 0 oz.
Bone Fiddle 0 38 oz.
Bone Fiddle without Strings 0 37 oz.
Bone Lever 0 0 oz.
Bonelord Statue 0 0 oz.
Bony Rod 0 1.8 oz.
Bony Rod 0 1.8 oz.
Book Backpack 1 18 oz.
Book Page 0 1 oz.
Book Shelves 0 0 oz.
Bookworm Doll (Replica) 0 19 oz.
Bucket of Scrolls 0 0 oz.
Cage 0 0 oz.
Cage with a Victim 0 0 oz.
Can of Grease 0 19 oz.
Colossal Savant Statue 0 0 oz.
Crystalline Arrow EARTH 0 0.8 oz.
Crystalline Arrow ENERGY 0 0.8 oz.
Crystalline Arrow FIRE 0 0.8 oz.
Crystalline Arrow ICE 0 0.8 oz.
Damaged Armor Plates 0 2 oz.
Deepling Ceremonial Dagger 2 32 oz.
Deepling Fork 2 33 oz.
Door 0 0 oz.
Edged Book Column 0 0 oz.
Energized Demonbone 0 180 oz.
Enormous Ink Well 0 0 oz.
Epaulette 0 35 oz.
Exultant Ritual Figurine 0 1.5 oz.
Eye Key 0 1 oz.
Falcon Battleaxe 2 95 oz.
Falcon Bow 3 35 oz.
Falcon Circlet 2 13 oz.
Falcon Coif 2 28 oz.
Falcon Crest 0 0.5 oz.
Falcon Escutcheon 1 60 oz.
Falcon Greaves 0 36 oz.
Falcon Longsword 2 82 oz.
Falcon Mace 2 68 oz.
Falcon Order Flag 0 0 oz.
Falcon Plate 2 188 oz.
Falcon Rod 2 37 oz.
Falcon Shield 1 57 oz.
Falcon Wand 2 33 oz.
Fiery Metal Eye 0 0 oz.
Glowing Rune 0 0.1 oz.
Golden Falcon (Replica) 0 20 oz.
Grant of Arms 0 0.5 oz.
Green Energy Ball 0 1.5 oz.
Green Seating Area 0 0 oz.
Hand of Odd 0 0 oz.
Hawser 0 6 oz.
Inkwell 0 1.8 oz.
Joss Stick 0 0 oz.
Key 0909 0 1 oz.
Knowledgeable Book 0 20 oz.
Large Pile of Books 0 0 oz.
Library Ticket 0 8.5 oz.
Lotus Key 0 1 oz.
Magic Sphere 0 0 oz.
Magic Sphere 0 0 oz.
Magical Gas Lamp 0 0 oz.
Old Letter 0 0.5 oz.
Ominous Book 0 0 oz.
Ornate Tome 0 15 oz.
Ostentatious Bookstand 0 0 oz.
Page from a Mystic Book 0 2 oz.
Painted Stone Floor 0 0 oz.
Painting of the Two Worlds 0 0 oz.
Parchment of Dark Knowledge 0 2 oz.
Parchment of Interest 0 0.6 oz.
Patch of Fine Cloth 0 1.8 oz.
Perfume Flacon 0 2.4 oz.
Piece of Ebony 0 8.5 oz.
Pile of Books 0 0 oz.
Point of Interest 0 0 oz.
Purple Curtain 0 0 oz.
Purple Curtain 0 0 oz.
Quill 0 0.9 oz.
Red Energy Ball 0 1.5 oz.
Ritual Figurine 0 1.5 oz.
Ritual Stone Tablet 0 8.5 oz.
Ritual Sword 0 9 oz.
Rotten Demonbone 2 180 oz.
Royal Star 0 2.2 oz.
Ruby Fire Stone 0 1.8 oz.
Sample of Monster Blood 0 0.85 oz.
Scholar Bust 0 0 oz.
Scholar Bust 0 0 oz.
Scholar Statue 0 0 oz.
Scholar Statue 0 0 oz.
Scribbled Notes 0 1 oz.
Scribbler's Hand 0 0 oz.
Sealed Scroll 0 1.1 oz.
Secret Map 0 4 oz.
Silken Bookmark 0 1 oz.
Silver Chimes 0 2.8 oz.
Sinister Book 0 15 oz.
Skull 0 19 oz.
Slab With a Flame 0 0 oz.
Slab With a Spiral 0 0 oz.
Slate Floor 0 0 oz.
Stack of Books 0 0 oz.
Stepladder 0 0 oz.
Strand of Hair 0 1 oz.
Sturdy Book 0 35 oz.
Sulphurous Demonbone 2 180 oz.
Tessellated Floor 0 0 oz.
The Peacock Ballad 0 0.5 oz.
The Spatial Warp Almanac 0 2 oz.
The True Book of Death 0 13 oz.
True Book of Death - WILL BE DELETE 0 13 oz.
Twisted Tome Column 0 0 oz.
Unliving Demonbone 2 180 oz.
Vortex 0 0 oz.
Wall Lamp 0 0 oz.
Writing Desk 0 0 oz.
Writing Desk 0 0 oz.
Yellow Energy Ball 0 1.5 oz.

New Monsters

Picture Name Hitpoints Experience loot
Bone Jaw 0 0 Nothing
Concentrated Death 0 0 Nothing
Dark Knowledge 0 0 Nothing
Dazed Leaf Golem 0 0 Nothing
Demon Blood 0 0 Nothing
Demon Slave 0 0 Nothing
Force Field 0 0 Nothing
Ghulosh 0 0 Nothing
Ghulosh' Deathgaze 0 0 Nothing
Gorzindel 0 0 Nothing
Grand Commander Soeren 0 0 Nothing
Invading Demon 0 0 Nothing
Jailer 0 0 Nothing
Knowledge Raider 0 0 Nothing
Lava Lurker Attendant 0 0 Nothing
Librarian 0 0 Nothing
Lokathmor 0 0 Nothing
Mazzinor 0 0 Nothing
Mean Minion 0 0 Nothing
Neutral Deepling Warrior 0 0 Nothing
Ravenous Beyondling 0 0 Nothing
Rift Breacher 0 0 Nothing
Rift Minion 0 0 Nothing
Spawn of Havoc 0 0 Nothing
Stolen Knowledge of Armor 0 0 Nothing
Stolen Knowledge of Healing 0 0 Nothing
Stolen Knowledge of Lifesteal 0 0 Nothing
Stolen Knowledge of Spells 0 0 Nothing
Stolen Knowledge of Summoning 0 0 Nothing
Stolen Tome of Portals 0 0 Nothing
Supercharged Mazzinor 0 0 Nothing
The Book of Death 0 0 Nothing
The Diamond Blossom 0 0 Nothing
The Lily of Night 0 0 Nothing
The Scion of Havoc 0 0 Nothing
The Spellstealer 0 0 Nothing
Wild Knowledge 0 0 Nothing
Yalahari Despoiler 0 0 Nothing
Flying Book 500 200 Nothing
Arctic Faun 300 300 Gold Coin Dandelion Seeds Strong Health Potion Cookie Leaf Star Fresh Fruit Shimmering Beetles Goat Grass Grapes Rainbow Quartz Panpipes Small Stone Great Health Potion Wood Cape Leaf Legs Die Wooden Spellbook
Raxias 1100 900 Gold Coin Small Stone Fairy Wings Goat Grass Panpipes Strong Health Potion Prismatic Quartz
Thawing Dragon Lord 25000 2100 Gold Ingot Ice Cube Ice Cream Cone (Blue-Barian) Bar of Gold
Skeleton Elite Warrior 7800 4500 Platinum Coin Bone White Mushroom Soul Orb Knight Axe Unholy Bone Pelvis Bone Bone Toothpick Mammoth Whopper Brown Mushroom Mace Sword Skull Helmet Ruthless Axe
Undead Elite Gladiator 8000 4740 Platinum Coin Belted Cape Throwing Star Scimitar Knight Axe Ultimate Health Potion Plate Legs Plate Armor Hunting Spear Great Health Potion Broken Gladiator Shield Flask of Warrior's Sweat Two Handed Sword Dark Helmet Protection Amulet Stealth Ring Relic Sword Crusader Helmet
Falcon Knight 4500 5985 Concentrated Demonic Blood Great Health Potion Great Mana Potion Ham Small Amethyst Assassin Star Soul Orb Onyx Arrow Small Diamond Small Emerald Small Ruby Knight Armor Giant Shimmering Pearl Small Topaz Titan Axe Spiked Squelcher Violet Gem Green Gem War Axe Golden Armor Damaged Armor Plates Falcon Crest Mastermind Shield Heavy Mace Demonbone Amulet Closed Trap
Deathling Scout 7200 6300 Small Emerald Crystalline Arrow Vortex Bolt Deepling Warts Deepling Filet Small Enchanted Sapphire Great Health Potion Deeptags Deepling Ridge Great Mana Potion Eye of a Deepling Heavy Trident Life Ring Warrior's Axe Warrior's Shield Necklace of the Deep Fish Fin
Deathling Spellsinger 7200 6400 Platinum Coin Crystalline Arrow Great Mana Potion Great Health Potion Deeptags Vortex Bolt Eye of a Deepling Small Emerald Deepling Filet Deepling Ridge Deepling Warts Warrior's Shield Life Ring Fish Fin Heavy Trident Warrior's Axe Small Enchanted Sapphire Necklace of the Deep
Falcon Paladin 8500 6544 Assassin Star Great Spirit Potion Small Amethyst Small Diamond Small Emerald Platinum Coin Small Topaz Red Gem Onyx Arrow Small Ruby Violet Gem Green Gem Giant Shimmering Pearl Falcon Crest Damaged Armor Plates Golden Armor Mastermind Shield
Frost Flower Asura 3500 7069 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Peacock Feather Fan Soul Orb Small Sapphire Small Diamond White Pearl Assassin Star Concentrated Demonic Blood Demonic Essence Golden Lotus Brooch Great Health Potion Tribal Mask Small Topaz Northwind Rod Small Emerald Hailstorm Rod Silver Amulet Yellow Gem Small Ruby Black Pearl Silver Brooch Crystal Ring Blue Robe Oriental Shoes Assassin Dagger Spellbook of Mind Control Blue Gem Gold Ingot Skullcracker Armor
True Frost Flower Asura 4000 7069 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Golden Lotus Brooch Demonic Essence Great Health Potion Peacock Feather Fan Silver Brooch Crystal Coin Small Topaz Small Amethyst Small Ruby Small Diamond Soul Orb Small Enchanted Sapphire Small Sapphire Assassin Star White Pearl Concentrated Demonic Blood Black Pearl Northwind Rod Spellbook of Mind Control Hailstorm Rod Blue Robe Royal Star Tribal Mask Yellow Gem Blue Gem Gold Ingot Silver Amulet Crystal Ring Assassin Dagger Skullcracker Armor Oriental Shoes
True Midnight Asura 9000 7313 Platinum Coin Gold Coin Crystal Coin Soul Orb Black Pearl Concentrated Demonic Blood Demonic Essence Golden Lotus Brooch Great Health Potion Peacock Feather Fan Silver Brooch Small Diamond Small Enchanted Amethyst Small Sapphire Assassin Star Underworld Rod Blue Gem Yellow Gem Violet Gem Oriental Shoes Gold Ingot Silver Amulet Assassin Dagger Tribal Mask Necrotic Rod Royal Star Skullcracker Armor Spellbook of Mind Control Crystal Ring Blue Robe
True Dawnfire Asura 8500 7475 Concentrated Demonic Blood Platinum Coin Small Amethyst Small Diamond Demonic Essence Golden Lotus Brooch Great Mana Potion Peacock Feather Fan Small Enchanted Ruby Small Ruby Soul Orb Small Topaz Small Emerald Mysterious Fetish Royal Star Oriental Shoes Wand of Inferno Focus Cape Red Piece of Cloth Blue Gem Red Gem Crystal Coin Mystic Turban Spellbook of Mind Control Magma Coat Ruby Necklace Death Ring
Floating Savant 8000 8000 Red Piece of Cloth Red Gem Small Enchanted Ruby Demonic Essence Concentrated Demonic Blood Book of Necromantic Rituals Red Crystal Fragment Pick Sample of Monster Blood Black Skull
Preceptor Lazare 15000 9200 Platinum Coin Soul Orb Great Mana Potion Concentrated Demonic Blood Gold Ingot Small Diamond Small Emerald Small Amethyst Small Ruby Assassin Star Ham Gold Coin Small Topaz Demonic Essence Onyx Arrow Red Gem Giant Shimmering Pearl Great Health Potion Spiked Squelcher Titan Axe Knight Armor War Axe Patch of Fine Cloth Falcon Greaves
Guardian of Tales 15000 9204 Platinum Coin Small Diamond Book Page Glowing Rune Burnt Scroll Spellbook of Warding Wand of Inferno Fire Axe Soul Orb Magma Legs Magma Coat Fire Sword Piece of Hellfire Armor Coal
Biting Book 6500 9350 Silken Bookmark Platinum Coin Glowing Rune Book Page Big Bone
Animated Feather 13000 9860 Small Sapphire Platinum Coin Glowing Rune Glacier Mask Energy Ring Ice Cube Quill Great Mana Potion Small Diamond Life Crystal Golden Mug Glacier Amulet Hailstorm Rod
The Blazing Rose 18000 10000 Perfume Flacon Gold Coin Platinum Coin Assassin Star Small Amethyst Peacock Feather Fan
Grand Canon Dominus 15000 11000 Green Gem Falcon Plate Patch of Fine Cloth Violet Gem Giant Shimmering Pearl Onyx Arrow Great Health Potion Falcon Wand Mastermind Shield Platinum Coin Damaged Armor Plates Small Diamond Great Mana Potion Falcon Bow Golden Armor Red Gem Falcon Crest Small Amethyst
Knowledge Elemental 10500 11781 Quill Glowing Rune Silken Bookmark Small Amethyst Book Page Platinum Coin Mana Potion Guardian Shield Throwing Star Energy Ring Flash Arrow Ultimate Mana Potion Ultimate Health Potion Crystal Sword Wand of Cosmic Energy Lightning Pendant Wand of Defiance Obsidian Lance Silver Amulet Might Ring Crystal Ring Spellweaver's Robe
Burning Book 18000 11934 Book Page Concentrated Demonic Blood Demonic Essence Platinum Coin Silken Bookmark Soul Orb Small Amethyst Guardian Shield Scimitar Magma Coat Magma Monocle Stealth Ring Necrotic Rod Death Ring Shadow Sceptre
Furious Scorpion 15000 12000 Gold Coin Platinum Coin Small Emerald Daramian Mace Black Shield Fist on a Stick
Energuardian of Tales 14000 12623 Book Page Glowing Rune Small Amethyst Flash Arrow Ultimate Health Potion Ultimate Mana Potion Wand of Starstorm Spellbook of Warding Lightning Legs Wand of Defiance Spellweaver's Robe Platinum Amulet Might Ring Lightning Pendant Shockwave Amulet
Icecold Book 21000 12750 Platinum Coin Small Sapphire Quill Small Diamond Book Page Ultimate Health Potion Ultimate Mana Potion Frosty Heart Diamond Sceptre Silken Bookmark Ice Rapier Glacier Mask Glacier Shoes Glacier Kilt Glacier Robe Crystal Mace Strange Helmet Sapphire Hammer Ice Cube Crystalline Armor Glacial Rod
Cursed Book 20000 13345 Small Topaz Small Stone Small Diamond Silken Bookmark Platinum Coin Book Page Terra Boots Protection Amulet Terra Hood Diamond Sceptre Sacred Tree Amulet Springsprout Rod Stone Skin Amulet Terra Amulet Terra Legs Terra Mantle Swamplair Armor
Energetic Book 18500 13371 Glowing Rune Book Page Platinum Coin Silken Bookmark Ultimate Mana Potion Ultimate Health Potion Energy Ball Lightning Headband Wand of Defiance Spellweaver's Robe Lightning Pendant Lightning Boots Might Ring Lightning Legs Haunted Blade
Grand Chaplain Gaunder 18000 14000 Small Emerald Onyx Arrow Small Enchanted Amethyst Small Diamond Spiked Squelcher Great Health Potion Great Mana Potion Giant Shimmering Pearl Assassin Star Soul Orb Ham Falcon Crest Knight Armor Mastermind Shield Damaged Armor Plates Falcon Mace Falcon Battleaxe Falcon Longsword Falcon Shield
Ink Blob 9500 14450 Small Topaz Small Diamond Poisonous Slime Inkwell Envenomed Arrow Platinum Coin Giant Shimmering Pearl Blue Gem Terra Boots Terra Hood Sacred Tree Amulet Springsprout Rod Protection Amulet Stone Skin Amulet Terra Legs Terra Mantle Clay Lump Terra Amulet Swamplair Armor
Rage Squid 17000 14820 Platinum Coin Great Spirit Potion Ultimate Health Potion Glowing Rune Great Mana Potion Small Topaz Small Emerald Small Amethyst Inkwell Demonic Essence Fire Mushroom Fire Axe Giant Sword Slime Heart Demonrage Sword Demon Shield Devil Helmet Orb Platinum Amulet Might Ring Red Gem Talon Purple Tome Piece of Dead Brain Magic Plate Armor Demon Trophy Wand of Everblazing
Squid Warden 16500 15300 Small Sapphire Platinum Coin Glacier Robe Glacier Mask Glacier Kilt Strong Health Potion Frosty Heart Glowing Rune Ice Cube Ice Rapier
Brain Squid 18000 19635 Platinum Coin Violet Crystal Shard Glowing Rune Instable Proto Matter Frozen Lightning Energy Bar Energy Drink Blue Crystal Splinter Energy Ball Cyan Crystal Fragment Inkwell Violet Gem Small Ruby Odd Organ Ultimate Mana Potion Piece of Dead Brain Ring of Green Plasma Ring of Red Plasma Collar of Blue Plasma Collar of Green Plasma Collar of Red Plasma Ring of Blue Plasma Slime Heart Wand of Defiance Might Ring Lightning Headband Lightning Pendant Spellweaver's Robe
Grand Master Oberon 30000 20000 The Spatial Warp Almanac Grant of Arms Falcon Greaves Falcon Wand Falcon Shield Falcon Rod Falcon Mace Falcon Longsword Falcon Coif Falcon Circlet Falcon Battleaxe Falcon Bow Falcon Plate
Brokul 50000 23000 The True Book of Death Broccoli Platinum Coin Gold Ingot Small Diamond Blue Gem Deepling Fork Deepling Ceremonial Dagger

New Npcs

Name City
Cerebrir Port Hope
Dedoras Edron

New Outfits

Primary color
Secondary color
Detail color
Head color
Addon 1 Addon 2
Gender Outfit
Male: Female:
Mounted Mount
Yes: No:


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