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Pokedexing Venore Salamander Cave

Created by Snulliz. on 09 May 2018, 23:07

Gotta Catch 'Em All


This guide will be focusing on the Marsh Stalker (15 points), Swampling (15 points), Emerald Damselfly (15 points) and Salamander (15 points). For a total of 60 Charm points.

I really recommend you combine it with Slug 's even if its in another cave, here is a link to that guide.

Kill statistics after 11 min hunt.

Everything will be completed fast here, except the Swampling . Everything needs to be killed 500 times.

Anyways, let's look at what everyone must bring:

If you are an experienced adventurer you could just skip this part and scroll down for map directions or jump down to the bottom where a short video is. I also suggest you watch something on Netflix or TV while you do it since this is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Shovel Is not needed, since the hole is always open, just like a baby bird screaming for food.

Rope Or something similar.

Mana Potion For knights and people under lvl 50, Strong Mana Potion For mages and paladins between lvl 50-79, Great Mana Potion For mages between lvl 80-129 and finally Ultimate Mana Potion for mages above lvl 130.

Health Potion For people under lvl 50 with low magic lvl, Strong Health Potion For knights and paladins between lvl 50-79, Great Health Potion for knights between lvl 80-129, Ultimate Health Potion for knights between 130-199, Supreme Health Potion For knights at lvl 200+

Great Spirit Potion For paladins between lvl 80-129 and Ultimate Spirit Potion for paladins that are lvl 130+

Paladins should bring whatever distance weapon they feel comfortable with, but consider Diamond Arrow if you are lvl 150+ or maybe Burst Arrow , but they usually don't get close enough for burst arrow to work since the area damage is quite small.

Now sure, it might not be the most cost efficient to bring the best potions, but if money is no matter for you and you just wanna do it fast, bring the best you can, if not, tweak it and feel the spawn how you are comfortable with what supplies to bring.

Thunderstorm Rune is something everyone should bring since the monsters are neutral to energy damage.

I also recommend bringing some Life Ring 's, Pair of Soft Boots and some Brown Mushroom to keep the mana flow going, hence, reducing the amount of potions used. If you are rich you could also bring some imbued items for Powerful Vampirism Category: Hit Points Leech
Effect: converts 25% of damage to HP with a chance of 100%
Items need to create:
15x Bloody Pincers , 5x Piece of Dead Brain , 25x Vampire Teeth
Powerful Vampirism Powerful Vampirism
and Powerful Void Category: Mana Leech
Effect: converts 8% of damage to mana with a chance of 100%
Items need to create:
25x Rope Belt , 25x Silencer Claws , 5x Some Grimeleech Wings
Powerful Void Powerful Void
to make it even softer as a hunt.

How should they be killed?!

All of the monsters should be easily one shotted by using Area attack spells. So bring them together and kill them as a pack, usually they come more than one at a time.

As elemental damage goes, i recommend using Energy, since they are all Neutral to it. It is the most cost effective rune to use here, just make a decent pull or just shoot them while you run past them. Even Knights should be able to kill them with 2-3 Thunderstorm Rune .

No elemental damage has a specific advantage that will help without some penalty on another creature here.

Lets get to hunting!

We start in Venore depot, and just follow the yellow line and go up the stairs.

South exit

Start heading south, towards the south exit in Venore by following the yellow line

To the entrance!

Just follow the yellow line from the stairs towards the hole in the north-west corner of the picture.

The entrance!

So now when we are here, we should just jump down and get started, dont forget the Rope !

And down again!

We move down once more by following the yellow line.

Noticed the heart shapped formation? I swear I did not make it!

Now we will start to face some groups of monsters, start killing them unless you are just exploring hehe! Follow the yellow line and jump down the hole!

A long route!

Now we need to follow the yellow line and we will follow it all around until we reach the arrow tip, then we go up by using a Rope . Kill everything!

To the next hole!

As we go towards the next hole we kill everything on the way, then we jump down the hole.

Not as complex.

This one is not as complex to run as the previous one was. Follow the yellow line around and than we go back up.

A new hole, a new beginning.

You might have already guessed it, but keep following the line, kill everything on the way, and then jump down the hole!

A different spot to go up!

Follow the yellow line and then go up with a Rope at the spot where the arrow points.

To the final hole!

Now we make our journey to the final hole, follow the yellow line and jump down at the arrow tip.

Final part of the cave to explore!

Follow the yellow line, kill them as you see them then go back up the Dirt Floor (Ropespot) and lets get back to the start.

Now you get to choose.

As this final yellow line leads you to the start, you can choose to start over with the route or like i talked about in the beginning, go to the Slug cave. These two pokedex adventures goes quite well together, theres a link to that guide at the start and the bottom of this guide.

Loot and combo pokedexing

Anything worth a damn here is Seeds (for decoration), Marsh Stalker Feather ( Forgotten Knowledge Quest ) which drops from Marsh Stalker .

Piece of Swampling Wood (for Powerful Snake Skin Category: Earth Damage
Effect: reduces earth damage made by creature by 15%
Items need to create:
10x Brimstone Shell , 20x Snake Skin , 25x Piece of Swampling Wood
Powerful Snake Skin Powerful Snake Skin
) which drops from Swampling and finally Damselfly Wing (for Powerful Swiftness Category: Speed
Effect: raises walking speed by 20
Items need to create:
25x Compass , 20x Waspoid Wing , 25x Damselfly Wing
Powerful Swiftness Powerful Swiftness
) which drops from Emerald Damselfly .

Here is the link if you choose to combine Slug pokedexing with this guide:

Short video with quick guide:

Hope this helped some of you guys, cheers!


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