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Pokedexing Slugs in Venore

Created by Snulliz. on 09 May 2018, 14:36

Gotta Catch 'Em All


This guide will be focusing on the Slug 's(15 charm points) in Venore. Slugs are only found in one place and there is only 28 of them in the spawn, that means you need to clear a full spawn 17,8 times. This might seem like a useless thing to focus on, but listen to this.

It is fast as hell to run there, its just outside of Venore, the spawn is small, so i suggest you do this just before logging off daily, or circulate between this spawn and other similar spawns with low amount of creatures found in only one place. If you do it just before logging off, then you wont waste any stamina, because first of all it is so little stamina loss and you are going to bed anyways, so you can easily regenerate it while you sleep and go to work/school.

Here is a link to a guide which you could run between when you do it:

But that is just my two cents on the matter.

Kill statistics after 3 min hunt.

Just look how fast its done, it is easily worth 3 minutes before bedtime, or checking if its fully spawned a few times per day, no matter how many people online, the will always be 28 Slug 's roaming around if no one else has been there. If there is a missing kill, its probably a french person that went bonkers and needed a quick lunch!

Anyways, let's look at what everyone must bring:

If you are an experienced adventurer you could just skip this part and scroll for map directions or jump down to the bottom where a short video is. Because this is seriously an easy one to do, that is why I almost went with a one handed weapon so I could have one hand free to make rude gestures with!

Shovel Is not needed, since the hole is always open, the opposite of what you do when you eat, close the mouth when chewing please.

Rope Or something similar.

Mana Potion For knights and people under lvl 50, Strong Mana Potion For mages and paladins between lvl 50-79, Great Mana Potion For mages between lvl 80-129 and finally Ultimate Mana Potion for mages above lvl 130.

Health Potion For people under lvl 50 with low magic lvl, Strong Health Potion For knights and paladins between lvl 50-79, Great Health Potion for knights between lvl 80-129, Ultimate Health Potion for knights between 130-199, Supreme Health Potion For knights at lvl 200+

Great Spirit Potion For paladins between lvl 80-129 and Ultimate Spirit Potion for paladins that are lvl 130+

Paladins should bring whatever distance weapon they feel comfortable with, but consider Diamond Arrow if you are lvl 150+ or maybe Burst Arrow , but they usually don't get close enough for burst arrow to work since the area damage is quite small.

Now sure, it might not be the most cost efficient to bring the best potions, but if money is no matter for you and you just wanna do it fast, bring the best you can, if not, tweak it and feel the spawn how you are comfortable with what supplies to bring.

Great Fireball Rune is something everyone should bring since the monsters are weak against fire and they come in groups.

I also recommend bringing some Life Ring 's, Pair of Soft Boots and some Brown Mushroom to keep the mana flow going, hence, reducing the amount of potions used. If you are rich you could also bring some imbued items for Powerful Vampirism Category: Hit Points Leech
Effect: converts 25% of damage to HP with a chance of 100%
Items need to create:
15x Bloody Pincers , 5x Piece of Dead Brain , 25x Vampire Teeth
Powerful Vampirism Powerful Vampirism
and Powerful Void Category: Mana Leech
Effect: converts 8% of damage to mana with a chance of 100%
Items need to create:
25x Rope Belt , 25x Silencer Claws , 5x Some Grimeleech Wings
Powerful Void Powerful Void
to make it even softer as a hunt.

But mostly there will not be a need to use that many supplies, since Slug 's deal figuratively no damage but they literally melt fast when you attack them.

How should they be killed?!

Well, Slug are weak to fire damage (15%), weak to physical (10%) and weak to ice (5%). Their health is 255hp, so i really recommend just shooting Great Fireball Rune and your vocations cheaper area of effect damage spells, like the knight could wait until he has a decent pull and then just make one Berserk Formula: exori 115 Mana Physical is element of spell Level: 35 Price: 2500 gp. Cooldown: 4s. Group cooldown: 2s. Premium Promotion Usable by classes: Knight Paladin Sorcerer Druid Created in patch: 8.0 (Svargrond) Berserk when they surround him. Or probably one shot them with basic melee attacks!

So now when we know all that, let us go to the spawn!

We start in Venore depot, and just follow the yellow line and go up the stairs.

Straight south! Almost...

Start heading south, be careful not to fall down the stairs if you start running straight south!

To the entrance!

And then just follow the yellow line, and on the way you should face a Swampling and some Snake 's which you could kill just to get some extra pokedexing done, trust me, killing stuff on the way really helps you with the pokedexing, especially some monsters you only face in the wild randomly. *Cough* Squirrel *Cough*

The entrance!

So here we finally meet the open hole, jump down!

I wonder how slimy the floors are...

Start following the yellow line and kill everything on your path, lay down some destruction the the little sluggers! When you reach the end of the yellow line, jump down the hole!

You spin my head right round, right round baby, like a record, right rouuund!

When we are down the hole, run in a circle, just like the picture shows with the yellow line, kill everything, and then Rope yourself up the hole!

I wonder how the first person convinced the second person to eat a slug...

So once again, follow the yellow line, kill everything on the way and jump down the hole when you reach the end!

I wonder if there is a lot of slug keepers, just like bee keepers...

Follow the yellow line, kill everything, then at the end follow the red line to reach the Dirt Floor (Ropespot) to go up!

To the exit!

Just follow the yellow line to reach the exit Dirt Floor (Ropespot) . I really recommend that you do not run around here wasting time like crazy, since the spawn is so small and the re-spawn is not that great.

Loot, mounting and combo pokedexing!

Well there is nothing much to add here, since Slug 's only drop Gold Coin and Worm . But what you can do, is try to mount them with a Slug Drug !

IF you are aiming to also complete Salamander , Marsh Stalker , Swampling and Emerald Damselfly , there is actually a cave nearby that you can run quickly when you are waiting for the Slug to re-spawn.

Short video with quick guide:

Hope this helped some of you guys, cheers!

By Uman on 08 Dec 2018, 10:02 - 12.00 (Winter Update 2018)

Worked for me, when rapid spawn, I made it in 30 minutes!


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