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How to Submit Videos

Created by Zathroth. on 25 Dec 2015, 00:00
Table of Contents
Points for this Contribution
Using the Navigation Bar
The Add Video Form
Required Standards. Hints and Tips
Doubts? need Support or Advice?

Points for this Contribution

Submiting a valid video for Tibia Royal will be rewarded with a basic punctuation of 3 contribution points. If the video contains our logo and the link to our website, it will be rewarded with 2 extra contribution points. If the video contains a narration or explanation, 2 more points will be added. If the video is about a quest, or how to hunt in certain places, or another very useful information to improve the gameplay experience of the players, it has great edition skills and it is cosidered valuable for our community, 5 extra contribution points will be added to the total punctuation. It means that a video can be rewarded with a mininum of 3 points and a maximum of 12 contribution points. Remember that you must submit videos made by yourself. In other words, plagiarism or taking credits for another person's creation is not allowed.

Invalid Video

0 Points. It will be instantly deleted.

Valid Video made by yourself

3 Points.

Valid Video + Logo + Link

+2 Points.

Valid Video + Narration/Explanation

+2 Points

Valid Video cosidered as Valuable.

+5 Points.

Using the Navigation Bar

As you can see the navigation bar provides you with a shortcut to the Contribution System in which you can access to everything related with it. From the specific forms to submit each type of contribution, to the Contribution Programme pages, Tutorials and F.A.Q's, as well as a Contribution Highscore list (called "Hall of Fame") and your own Contribution List.

To submit a Video, just go to "Submit Content" > "Media" > "Add Video"

The Add Video Form

Once you click there, you will be directioned to the Add Video Form in order to complete all the required fields to make your submission. Let's make an example of how you should add a video using this form, this time, about "How to kill Jaul":

1. Fill the first field with the video URL. Please keep in ming that you just need to copy/paste the code after the "?v=", just as the image above shows.

2. Next step is selecting the Tags. In this example only the item, monster fields were selected. But there are a few others like "Achievements", "Spells", and "Guides", this last one will put your video in the user guides available on our game guide that are related with the video. Once you select one tag, it will be displayed on the big white field.

The tag selection allow us to see this video in any section of the site related with the infomation contained in the video. In our example, it will appear on the Video tabs of Jaul and Jaul's pearl in our database. It is really important to tag all the stuff related with the video properly, that way all the information in our database is linked and available for the users, specially new players.

3. If you made a mistake selecting tasks, you can easily remove them clicking on the minus symbol.

4. Finally, once you make sure your contribution is ready, click on the "Submit" button.

You can also submit videos using the Contribution Tab, at the end of each page in our database, guides, etc.

Required Standards. Hints and Tips

What we are looking for in this kind of contribution

On of our most important goals is to have one of the most complete and useful databases that ever existed. Filling it with videos is one of the several ways we have to accomplish this goal. The videos submited must be INSTRUCTIVE and USEFUL for new and experienced players. It must improve their gameplay experience as much as possible. These videos should be different than a simple cast and must contain all the necessary information. Following the instructions below will help you to get your contribution approved with the maximum ammount of points ;).

Valid Entries (3 Points)

Every video submited must gather the following requirements in order to be approved and rewarded with contribution points:

  • It must be a video made by yourself, and we should have some way to confirm this. We strongly recommend to use the same characters you registered in your Tibia Royal Account. In the other hand, submiting videos made by another person is not allowed and will end in a warning and futher punishment. So, think twice before doing something like that.

  • The Video MUST NOT violate the Tibia Rules.

  • The language used must be ENGLISH.

  • The quality is VERY important. Make sure everything you want to show is visible. If the text on the game window is not visible, or if the video is laggy, or if you can't recognize the game elements such as monsters, players, NPCs, etc, as few examples, the video will be rejected.

  • Make sure to BE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE. Imagine that you are trying to show the content of your video to someone that doesn't know anything about it. New players, for example. Make your video explaining EVERYTHING step by step. Locations (city, hunting place, etc), items/quests/equipment/level needed before starting, NPCs you need to talk with, what to do, where to go, if its about or during a special event not always available, etc. Videos with missing information considered as important, will be denied.

  • Don't make a video about something that could be perfectly covered by other means, like a screenshot for example. The duration of the video must be reasonable (for example, submiting tons of short videos about very simple things that can be easily covered by other means, such as screenshots or small guides, will be considered as a system weakness abuse).

  • You are responsible of maintaining the video online in your channel. Any changes must be informed to our staff. Videos will be controlled periodically and if they are missing, it will result in the deletion of your points and further warnings and punishments.

Video Presentation (+2Points)

Introducing and promoting Tibia Royal in your videos is a very simple and fast way to win 2 extra points, there is no need to say that the video itself must gather the required standars mentioned above. So, in the end it will be the 3 basic points of a valid submission, plus the extra points for helping us to promote the fansite, which sums a total of 5 points. You can do this by adding our logo and our link there, it can be at the beggining or at the end, this is up to you. Also would be very good to add "[TIBIA ROYAL]" next to the title. That way, people insterested on see the rest of the videos submited by our users can easily find them. Here you have some logos and useful images you could use!

You can also use our official font, called "Sherwood". You can download it at Below you can appreciate an example of how you can make the presentations for your videos. But these are only examples, hints and tips. There is no need to say that you are free to release your imagination.

Narrations/Explanations (+2 Points)

A simple Tibia record is not that appealing than adding narrations or explanations about the content of your video. This would be very helpful for players trying to know more about the subject of your video, and it will make it more popular. Obviously, you can try adding text to the the video instead recording a voice, is an allowed option too. This would be really helpful for those users who don't speak english as their first language. But make sure that you use a readable font (sherwood would only work for presentations, titles, subtitles, etc). Also, we recommend not using the in-game chat for your explanations. You can speak there and make some small comments, but not the whole explanation. Make sure these texts are readable aswell. Also, you must understand that adding few sentences like "do this" or "do that" can't be considered as explanations, and videos like that will be approved like valid videos without the +2 extra points. The point of explanations is to share valuable knowledge with the community, like strategies, hints and tips, and everything you won't easily find in another websites about Tibia. Below you can see a great example of a good narrated video created by one of our most valuable Staff, Fafnar.

Valuable Videos(+5 Points)

We know that creating and editing good videos is a very hard and time consuming task. Some players have great skills in this field, and if you are one of those, we want to encourage you to create this kind of videos for Tibia Royal. This is why we added a special punctuation for really good videos. Music, effects, good edition, making it ENTERTAINING AND USEFUL for our community, are some of the requirements to get these extra 5 contribution points. You can visit the channel of this popular Youtuber to see what we are talking about. Also, another good example of a valuable video, is this one made by Eric, an active member of the Tibia Royal community. He submited this video in the Warlock page of our data base. We also recommend to visit his channel as a token of gratitude for his efforts towards this fansite.

Doubts? need Support or Advice?

Just post a comment below, we will reply as fast as possible. Remember that any doubt you have could be the doubt of someone else :). Anyways, you can contact Zathroth, since he is the Staff Member in charge of our Content Department.


Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment:

  • Your comment must be in English or it will be removed.
  • You might want to proof-read your comments before posting them.
  • Please post questions on our forums for quicker reply.
  • Unsure how to post? Check out our handy guide.

Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below.

  • The higher the quality the better!
  • Be sure to read the tips & tricks about how to create a good screenshot.
  • Keep in mind that your screenshot will not be visible at once, it will be approved by staff members.
Add screenshot

Simply put the link of video below and hit "Upload". Make sure to read our tutorial about how to submit videos.

Only videos from YouTube


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