Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!


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Table of Contents
How to get there
Starting the Event
What items we will need

To avert the wrath of evil spirits, all Tibians will have to help the good witches to create a powerful spirit brew. Gather exotic ingredients and protect the witches' cauldron from the forces of destruction.

Quest Begins: Jan 12 every year.


Who takes a shot on this quest for the first time seems to think that there is not much to do or discover there. Simple throw a few items in the cauldron, keep the evil spirits away from Tibia and as a reward, those brave adventurers earn achievements and benefits like bonus experience, which (undoubtedly) are a delight.

But... shouldn’t we ask ourselves about the mysteries surrounding that piece of land forgotten by all, between Jakundaf desert, Kazordon, and Venore? Is it possible that Minzy, the witch, can provide us hidden information?

This crazy cooker of the swap spends her time making brews with unusual ingredients. Many people believe that all witches are part of one big evil group, but this is a huge mistake. Not all of them are evil, at least that’s what Minzy says (but can we really trust her?).

Digging around, I was able to find out something really interesting: a long time ago, Ferumbras stole much of his knowledge from several sources. The community of witches suffered particularly from his greed. And many “good” witches changed sides selling their souls to him for some of the stolen (and now lost) knowledge in return. Besides this event, Minzy still knows a lot of Magic. Unfortunately, as she said: “I won't share my knowledge with strangers, there is little I know that would be of any practical use at all for you.”

Are you the one who will figure out a way to get something from her, young adventurer?

How to get there

There is no level requirement to join the Bewitched world event. Also, free account players are more then welcome to help the witches this time!

Once you get in the end of the way, take a look at the items near the cauldron. They are the items you need to use in this row. Each row last eight hours.

But, brave warriors, that is not all! Be prepared to face your worst nightmare! Evil spirits will join the party and it's your dutty to protect the cauldron with your life!

Starting the Event

At the start of the Bewitched Event the message;

The witches of the green claw swamp need your help to protect the world from the bane-bringers. Will appear!

the phases will starts every 8 hours; you can check the time left until the next phase on the Witch's Clocks.

What items we will need

Here is a list of all possible items you could have to use at the world event:

Every phase, near the cauldron an ingredient will be shown, the ingredients will appear randomly so there's no form to predict what will be needed for the next phase; excepted the first ingredient, which is always the n all servers.

The cauldron needs 200 ingredients to success.

During the event a raid of Bane Bringer will spawn randomly below of the cauldron where you can loot the Dry Piece of Wood from them, also you can fight the boss of the Bane Bringers the Bane Lord .

Favour points:

The favour points are earned by adding ingredients to the cauldron or using a Dry Piece of Wood on the slide.

You can exchange your favour point for Mana, Health and Spirit potions with the NPC Minzy by trading them.

World Fail:

200 ingredients are needed to success every phase, if your world fail adding the ingredients to the cauldron the event will end.

This message will appear if your world fails:

The curse of the bane-bringer has come over Tibia. Prepare for dire times!


World Reward

For 10 days the World will get:

  • Experience Points will be increased by 20%

  • Reduced death penalty.

Achievements by adding:

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