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How to start and manage a guild

Created by Dragarion. on 03 Mar 2018, 00:55
Table of Contents
How to start and manage a guild PT 1. (Online)
To start the guild:
Main guild page
Guild information:
Guild Members:
Invited Characters:
Guild Forums:

How to start and manage a guild PT 1. (Online)

So this may seem a bit blend and easy to do, but a beginner guides usually are so let me be the first to say your in luck starting a guild is very easy in Tibia, all you really need is to have a premium account. To have that guild is recognized as a full guild by Tibia you will need four vice leaders in the guild, a rank that can only be given to other premium accounts.

Remember that only one character per premium account can be a guild leader or vice-leader.

To start the guild:

Make sure you are logged in on the site than go in the community tab where there will be a link called “Guilds” and click it (picture below). Find the world your character is that you want to start the guild with. After you select the world scroll down to bottom of the page and click the tab that says, “Found Guild”. Fill out the information about your guild and hit submit.

Be warned the guild name says everything about the guild some epic guilds with bad ass names such as “Foul Souls” will live on forever and other names such as “Cream Puffs” may not but who knows it’s just a name or is it?

There you go you have made your guild congrats.

Main guild page

Guild information:

Information about your guild, guild bank anything that is relevant to your guild is there such as guild comment that can be made when guild is fully formed.


Most of these are self explanatory just need to follow the links in the pages, so I will just put down the quick summary of each.

Guild wars

This link allows the leader of the guild to start a war with another guild. You can specify how long the war will be how many kills to win and what the losing guild will have to pay for well… being the LOSERS!!!

Guild events

This link allows the guild leader start events for the guild and community to see such as a quest clearing. You must set the date an time. This seems to be good for servers that are free to run their own guilds without much bother from the ruling guild but if the ruling guild is uptight about people doing quest set it to private. You can also cancel the event at any time you see fit.


this link allows the guild leader to see if anyone applied to join the guild and if someone has, to either reject the application or allow them into the guild. It’s a good concept.

Guild activity log

This link has information about Guild Bank and Guild Members. Guild Bank Log shows on which date, which character, added or removed which amount of gold. The Guild Member Log shows on which date which character advanced, promoted or degraded in rank, as well as player invitations, joined or applications.

Report offence

This link reports the guild for an offence that it may have done that is against the tibia rules. Why this was placed I do not know, seems like shooting yourself in the foot at this stage don’t it? Let’s move on…


Tired of the guild? Than this is the place to get rid of it click Disband Guild and your on your way to freedom from the so called band of brothers that annoyed you enough to quit your very own guild. You can also simply resign as the leader and let the smart mouthed player show you how it's done.

Guild Members:

Edit Ranks:

Well this is the unique part of the guild, the ranks. In here you basically set the essence of the guild, how many ranks you want the guild to have and their names. As stated above names can be very important and having guild ranks as cool as a guild name can be the topping on the cake that is your guild.

Also, on this page is the Autoprogress Trigger. This allows you to set up so that characters automictically progress through ranks by achieving some feat, whether it be days of membership, character level or achievement level. This can help define a guild by what it sees as value in their guild system. You can set up requirements for each rank by clicking the check box beside the rank and setting up the requirements.

Edit Members:

You know that annoying person in your guild who you want to just kick out of the guild well that can be done here, but hey his amazing blocker and only one we have I can’t do that you say well than I have great news for you! With Edit Ranks you can make a low-level rank name it something embarrassing than come back here find the character in the list beside “Name” (1) and set that person to that rank by clicking the check box beside (2) “Set rank to” and picking that rank in the list.

You can also give a character a title which will display in game by clicking the check box by (3) “Set title to” and writing the desired title.

(4) Exclude from guild is where you kick that annoying human being out of the guild. (5)Include/exclude from automatic rank progression is just as it sounds and with it (especially if you set up the ranks to based on automatic progression) can set up all the characters that come in the guild to be rank appropriately and without the need of your assistance.

Invited Characters:

This is self explanatory, click “Invite Character” to invite someone into the guild once they are invited they get added to that list. With the “Apply to this guild” link players can apply to the guild.

Guild Forums:

Who needs those when we have this one right? I mean come on people haha ha! But under the forums tab there’s a link to guild forums. Once your guild is fully formed you and your guild members will be able to make posts here for only your guild to see, quests invites, quest ideas, or whatever else you would want to talk about outside the game you can do it here.

Next part which will be coming soon is guild activity in the game itself with a bit of a hybrid with the site such as buying a guildhall. Hope you enjoyed the short guide to making a guild the online part.


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