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Prey system

Created by Tarmon Gai Don. on 05 Jan 2018, 16:38

The prey system

The prey system is a bonus system for free account and premium account players providing several types of bonuses for a duration, focussed on a single creature. The way it works is you activate a random bonus effect for a creature you choose from a limited selection, which will last for 2 hours of hunting, equal to how stamina works in terms of using up time. Your character must be in main to be able to use this feature. Thats not all there is to it though, we have some tips and tricks and further in depth explanation on how to make the best of your preys!

Opening the prey window

To open the prey window you can use the following methods:

  • select 'Open Prey Dialog' from your character menu

  • Simply press ctrl+Y as a hotkey

  • If you have the widget open: click anywhere in it

Prey slots

Initially, unlike the screenshot above, there will not be 3 slots available for you. There is a difference how many windows you can select from depending on your status as free- or premium account player. Additionally you can buy an extra slot with tibiacoins. This is rather expensive though, since it will take no less than 900 tibiacoins. Personally i think it's a great addition, even though it is really expensive to get. You only need to pay this once to unlock the slot for your character forever. The downside is that it is characterbased and not accountbased, so you should probably only unlock it for your main.

You will have the following slot/panels to choose from, each of which will work individually to provide you a bonus for 2 hours while the prey is active. As a result you can get the following amount of prey slots:

When you open the prey slot it will look like this:

The monsters may not be the same when you roll for them

Account statusStandard prey slotsPrey slots with unlocked tibiacoins-slot
Free account
Premium account

A prey slot determines for which individual monster (you choose one) you get a bonus - bonus effects listed below! You can activate the prey whenever you want, or combine them to get a bonus effect on up to 3 creatures at once.


The creatures you can select from will always be shown randomly. for each slot individually there will be 9 creatures shown from different difficulty tiers. This means that no matter which level your character is, there will always be at least 1 creature suitable for you.

When you select a creature you can activate it by clicking the button as shown in the picture to the right. By clicking this you will receive a random bonus from the possible bonuses according to the list below. It is however also possible to keep the bonus you already have. We will explain this in the Tips and Tricks section. After activating the prey it will be active for 2 hours of hunting time (equal to stamina)

After 2 hours have passed your Prey resets and you can reroll it for gold coins to get a new list of 9 different mobs to choose from again. Every 20 hours you will be permitted 1 free reroll. The cost for the monster-reroll is based on your character level - for each level you pay 50 gp. Example: a level 375 has to pay 18,750 gp for a reroll, while a level 30 has to pay 1,500 gp. Of course you can just wait for the free reroll the next day!


The bonus you get is initially random. Just like the creatures it will reset after 2 hours and you'll be assigned a new random bonus effect.

Each effect can vary in power, as is designated by the stars of the bonus. a 1 star bonus has a rather weak effect, while a 10 star bonus has quite the impact. Each star gives the bonus an additional percentage of the effect. The table below will show all possible bonusses and their effects.

Bonus type1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars 6 stars 7 stars 8 stars 9 stars 10 stars TargetChance
Bonus experience13%16%19%22%25%28%31%34%37%40%PlayerAlways
Damage boost7%9%11%13%15%17%19%21%23%25%PlayerAlways
Damage reduction12%14%16%18%20%22%24%26%28%30%CreatureAlways
Improved loot13%16%19%22%25%28%31%34%37%40%CreaturePercentage

You should understand this as follows:

  • A certain percentage of bonus loot will give you a certain chance to get an extra full loot-round.

  • A certain percentage of bonus experience will give you that much extra exp for every creature of the selected type that you kill

Tips and Tricks

As we already hinted in the guide so far there are a few tricks that you might want to learn when making the best out of your prey system and hunting experience.


Rerolling a creature will cost some gold coins as we mentioned earlier. The cost for this reroll is 50 gp per character level. You can always reroll when there is no monster that you would like. Note that this can get expensive very quick!

After you reroll the creatures: do not activate them! As long as you only have the window open and no creature activated your 2 hours time will not start, while your timer for the free reroll will still go down. This means that if you roll (multiple) good creatures - this guide has a nice example of a Sea Serpent in 1 slot and a Young Sea Serpent in another slot - you can activate them when you're actually going to hunt them. It costs nothing to let them stand there waiting for activation.

Rerolling your bonus effect requires tibiacoins. The Bonus Reroll can be bought from the Tibiashop. It takes 10 tibiacoins for 1, or you can buy them 5 at once for 50 tibiacoins. Additionally (and I advise this myself) you can get all the rerolls you will ever need from the daily reward system; you will receive 2 bonus rerolls for free every week. The maximum of bonus rerolls you can have stored up is 27.

The reason this isn't a gold coins reroll, but a more expensive version requiring tibiacoins is because it's just that good. You can of course change your bonus effect if you don't like it by having it run out and hoping for a better one the next round, but rerolling with a bonus reroll is better.

What happens when using this is that you get a new selection from the bonus effect, along with an improved star-effect. For each bonus reroll you use you will always go up 1 star up until the maximum of 10. After you reach the maximum percentage (10 stars) you can still reroll to change to that bonus type you want for the chosen creature.

How to keep a Creature or Bonus

So you've finally got that nice Nightmare Isles spawn to yourself (and team) for the next 4 hours? Great! you can finally activate your 40% XP bonus prey for Choking Fear and Retching Horror that you've kept in 2 slots waiting for a week now. Ah but 4 hours hunt means that after 2 hours you'll lose the bonus and have to hope for a miracle to get it to 40% bonus XP again, right? Well... no. You can keep the creatures active, but this method takes some effort. What you have to do is the following:

Before your timer runs out, meaning before the 2 hours are up - note: keep an eye on this! - you can reroll the Bonus type with a Bonus Reroll. You should have enough from the daily rewards donation (2 rerolls per week). By doing so you will get a different type of bonus, but you get to keep the creature. The best part: your 2 hours timer will fully reset, allowing you another bonus effect for that/those monster(s) for 2 more hours. It may take several bonus rerolls to get the same bonus again, being your desired type from the list of bonus types above, but note that your effect will only get better; until it is at 10 stars of course.

Like with the method to keep the creature you can also choose to keep the bonus effect. unfortunately it is not possible to keep them both. Keep in mind that if you want both, use the 'keeping the creature' method. Randomly rerolling your perfect bonus type may take a few rerolls, randomly rerolling the same creature again will take an insane amount of money and a lot of time, or an immeasurable amount of luck. This part will describe further how to keep the bonus effect though, which goes as follows:

before your timer runs out, meaning before the 2 hours are up - note: keep an eye on this! - you can reroll the creaturelist. If you've kept the creature waiting to be activated for a longer time (20 hours or more) then you likely have a free reroll at this point, but if not you can simply pay the amount of gold coins needed for it. The effect of this is that you get a whole new roster with 9 creature to choose from, but you keep the bonus typ and effect you already had. This bonus will apply to the next creature you select.

You of course don't have to activate the creature right away and you can even use multiple creaturelist-rerolls for a lot of gold coins, or for free over the course of several days before you activate it and have your maximised bonus for that creature from that point on.

Why do i want to unlock the extra slot?

Basicly what the extra slot gives you is more chances to do something. It will possibly also drain your money faster, as some people are known to try to keep the best monsters and the best bonusses up for more than 2 hours a day. What you get out of it comes in 2 parts:

  • Once you have the bonus types you want with the 10 star effect you can keep them lingering for the right mob. Having a third slot simply gives you half as much chance to get the creature you're waiting for.

  • You can have different types of bonuses in the slots to combine them better on your hunts, or three of the same types to make the most out of a hunt; f.e. get 3 slots with 40% bonus XP for creatures you're hunting all at the same place and watch your exp skyrocket.

Note: I have not ever seen 1 creature appear in 2 different slots at once. I do not believe it is possible to get 1 single creature to obtain multiple prey bonuses.

Tibiacoins or Gold coins?

You're going to need a lot of bonus rerolls from the Tibiashop depending on how often you hunt and how long your hunts last. If you want to have a bonus effect active whenever you're out there you'll drain through the 2 hours before you can blink.

Tibiacoins cost real money, we all know that. We can however also buy them on the market. At this point you're going to have to do your own calculations since the price will be different for every server.

You could buy the extra slot and all bonus rerolls you need by the general method, via your account and transferring them to the game. Your other option is the market. If you can afford it by making enough profit in game i would recommend you to buy the tibiacoins on the market for gold coins, then use those tibiacoins to get your bonus rerolls (up to 27 can be stored). This will also help if you're trying to improve your bonus effect and works best with keeping your creature.

Your bonus type is always easier to recover than your creature!

Let's assume you can buy 50 tibiacoins for 13,000 gp. This means for 13k you can get 5 bonus rerolls. 13k is also the equivalent of a creaturelist-reroll for a level 260 character. This means that the higher your character level and depending on the price of tibiacoins, the cheaper it will be to use tibiacoins.

After all, you're eventually going to reach a point where several bonus rerolls are going to be cheaper than 1 creaturelist-reroll; at that point you might even be better off letting the timer run low while not hunting the creature you have selected, knowing you'll return to it later when you want the best bonus type for it again.

~Disclaimer: the market system works by supply and demand. Buying a lot of Tibiacoins with in-game currency will no doubt cause the price of Tibiacoins to go up.~

Happy hunting!

Tarmon Gai Don
By Tarmon Gai Don on 18 Jan 2018, 12:30 - 11.5 (Winter Update 2017)

The part of this guide about the tibiacoins vs gold coins isn't quite accurate, as nowadays you dont get 50 tibiacoins for 13k, but you're more likely to pay 10-15k per tibiacoin, making it over 500k for 5 bonus rerolls. I'd still get them if you're on a long hunting-spree and can afford it though. On the other hand, like for me, the 2 free rerolls you get per week might be all you'll ever need :)


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