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Housing system - how to own a house in Tibia

Created by Tarmon Gai Don. on 28 Dec 2017, 16:41
Table of Contents
Auction system
Trading with other players
Leaving the house
Household spells

Auction system

How it works

The Tibia housing system is organised via the official website: To be able to obtain a house through the auction system you need to be logged into your account on the website.

On the houses page (Community Menu) simply select the world you play and the city where you want to buy a house. You can further limit the shown houses by selecting status 'auctioned'. The 'Rented' houses are already currently owned by another player. For information about how to trade houses with other players please read the next chapter in this guide. After you've selected your desired sorting as per example below, you can click submit and watch the website provide the available houses for you.

Now that we know which houses are being auctioned there are a few rules you have to keep in mind:

  • You must have a premium account

  • You can rent only one house per game world

  • You can rent only three houses in total

  • A guildhall does not count towards the three houses limit. This means you can own both a house and a guildhall simultaneously

  • A guildhall can only be rented by a guild leader

  • You can only bid on one house or guildhall at a time

As a sidenote it might be needless to add that the house owner must be able to reach the house and have access to the mainland Bank, therefore you can not rent houses with a character that has his or her residence in Rookgaard or Dawnport.

The result of your search may vary, depending on the

sorting settings you used.

A possible outcome is as follows:

This page will display information regarding the house:
  • Name

  • Size

  • Monthly rent

  • Auction status

  • View button

The View button allows you to see more information for your desired house, such as the number of beds, a rough indication of the location on the Tibia map and in case it is already in an active aution you will see the name of the character holding the highest bid at this point.

There are now two available options for the house auction.

If there is no bid yet you can start bidding on the house, after which the auction will become active. Keep in mind that you will want to be near a computer when the auction is about to end, which takes 8 days. I'll explain later why you will want to be there at the server save one day after next week!

To bid on the house go to the View page and select the Bid button. You will need to login at this point if you didn't do so already. Don't forget that this decision is final! As long as you hold the highest bid on the house you can not bid on any other house for the duration.

If the auction is already active you might be able to get a house faster than by starting a new auction, since the number of days left will show when the auction ends, rather than the standard 8 days - note that after '1 days left' there will be another 24 hours, thus making it 8 in total.

You can simply bid on the house by going to the View page and selecting the Bid button. If your bid is higher than the current maximum of the player holding the highest bid, you will be informed that you are now holding the highest bid at 1 gp more than the previous maximum. This means that no matter how much you bid, you will always pay the minimum, however if another player bids less than your maximum then the amount will be at that price, while you still hold the bid. More information on how to keep the price low will be shown below! Keep in mind that by outbidding another person you will not be able to bid on another house as long as you hold the highest bid on your current one.

The next step in the auction is to place your actual bid. After pressing the 'Bid' button you will need to fill in your maximum bid along with the character who you want to own the house with. After pressing next you will see the total cost of the house, including the first month rent and your Maximum bid. You will need to enter your account password again to confirm the bid. For a new auction your bid will start at 0 gp, since that is the lowest possible amount. Your maximum will have to be available, but does not immediately set the price that the house will be. Thankfully that allows us to keep some money in most cases.

Keeping the price low

In order to keep the price low on the house you will have to place a bid first. If you hold the highest bid at price X, for example 15 gold coins, but your maximum bid was higher e.g. 1500 gold coins, you can change the maximum to as low as 15 gold coins at that point by bidding again for 15gp.

This means that any player who bids higher than you will start the bid at, in this example, 16 gold coins. If (and this is merely speculating) the other person also tries to keep the price low, it is possible that you will be able to outbid again by merely bidding 17gp, however it is far more likely that the other person put a much higher maximum. Well, you can only try to keep it low afterall! Note that with this method it will be really easy to get outbid by another person. Do not worry, since if this happens before the auction ends you will be able to simply bid again. It also means that the auction for your house keeps running and you can in the meantime look at other houses with active auctions. This however leads to a very dark side of house auctions in Tibia...


Not every method of keeping the costs down is as virtuous as the other. One method revolves around the end of the auction. Imagine this: you've started a bid and held the highest bid on the house for the whole week. merely five minutes before the auction ends you start thinking you're getting your house cheap, with merely the month rent to pay! You may have even kept your bid lower than you would ultimately be prepared to pay. Then this happens... you get Sniped! Another player outbids you in the last few minutes, leaving you unable to place a new bid within the remaining timelimit and thus losing the house after all.

Although it is usually frowned upon, or in some servers could get the people who snipe in serious problems with the leading guilds (who usually have forbidding rules for their own members concerning this), it is something to be prepared for when you're trying to get a house. It is of course also a method of keeping the price low. Just let the timer run for as long as you can without raising the bid above that 0 gold coins mark - naturally this also works for auctions while others hold the highest bid.

I highly recommend you not to try this yourself, but if you do then don't forget: you're still going to have to outbid the maximum of another player and if you do make it there is no doubt that you got yourself a new house along with a new enemy.

So how do we prevent this? Well we can't really, so it's best to be prepared.

Be prepared

When you start an auction, or participate in one that's already running, you're going to have to spend the whole time thinking of what you really would consider your maximum; getting the mindset that you may indeed lose that much money and still want to be happy with the outcome. That amount is what you will have to put your bid at before the end. If someone tries to snipe you, it will either go over your limit, or merely raise the price of the house. In both cases you can be happy, since if you lose it now it's OK; you didn't want to pay thát much for it after all and if you win it then you get a house within your own personal limit. Personally I set this maximum within the last hour only and that's why you want to be sure you have time to keep an eye out for the auction around this time! You're always welcome to bid on a house during any time of an active auction, however early bidding will often raise the price very high long before the end. Practical examples show houses going up to over 50 million gold coins within the first day, simply by players wanting to show they really want to win it. If you're that rich, or have that much to spare: don't worry, hardly anyone is going to outbid you at that point.

Trading with other players

When trading with other players you will most probably come to terms about the price in game, while the actual trade including the payment of the amount you agreed upon will happen through the Tibia website.

Selling the house

If you want to sell the house you own to another player you can simply look up the house with the method described above. When you go to the View page you will see there is a button: 'Move out'.

Clicking this button will take you to a new page, where you can set the date when you want to move out. Note that you have to select the checkbox in order to sell it to another player. Set the amount of gold you agreed upon and confirm using your account password and the Submit button.

After this the other player will be able to accept the trade via the house page. As long as the trade has not been accepted yet you will be able to cancel the trade by cliking the 'Move out' button again, selecting "No, I don't want to move out of my house" and confirming.

Trading the house for 0 gold coins means you give it away for free!

Your trade becomes final as soon as the transfer has been accepted.

Make sure that you take all your personal belongings out of the house before the daily server save on the day you move out. Otherwise your belongings will be consigned to the next renter of the house.

Buying the house

When you're buying a house from another player you generally agree upon a price with that player in game. Do not give him or her your money in game! This player will have to set the date to move out, your character name as receiver and the price you both agree upon on the Tibia website. After this is done you can go there to Accept the trade. Simply open the house page through the View button and accept the transfer. You will need to check carefully if all information is indeed correct, since after you confirm now there is no going back!

Leaving the house

Leaving the house is similar to selling the house. You will have to follow the same steps as described above, only not select the checkbox to transfer it to another player. You will move out on the date you set. It is also possible to lose the house after you neglect to pay the rent - you will receive letters in your depot inbox of the character holding the house to warn you that this will happen if you lack the funds. For the rent you will need your money in game, as described in the next chapter.


Paying for the auction

Congratulations! You decided to become a house-owner. The auction system is directly linked with your account and the characters you have on it. The Tibian housing market is directly linked with the Tibia Bank. As such a player can not remain online in game while trying to bid for the auction of a house, since no money can be deducted from the bank account while you're making your bid. This also means that you can only bid as much as you have on your bank account for the character you want to use for the auction. The monthly rent will be included in the total bid. After the auction ends the money will be automaticly taken from your bank account. Keep in mind that any money you bid for the auction will be put on hold ingame. Even if the bid is at 0 gold coins, if your bid is at 10 million gold coins, then the full amount of 10 million will be blocked by the bank until you lower your bid, or win the auction. After this the remaining money will become available again. You can ask any bank NPC for your Balance, at which point you will be informed how much money you have available and how much in addition is currently kept on hold for an auction.

Monthly rent

As simple as paying for the initial purchase of the house is, as simple is paying the monthly rent. You have to make sure that there is enough money in your bank account in game on the day the rent will be deducted. Since most players in Tibia keep their money safely stored in the bank anyway, this will never pose any problem for you. The rent is paid automaticly every 30 days. In case of a newly auctioned house this will be on the day you buy the house and every 30 days after. When buying a house from another player the monthly rent will be paid at a date specified on the house information page on the Tibia website.

Household spells

Now that you own your house you'll want it to remain neat and tidy. That means you'll have to known who you're letting in! Fortunately Tibia provides some easy to remember spells for this. They are listed as follows:

Spell nameDescriptionUsable by
Aleta sioEdit guest list.

This determines who has the right to enter the house.

  • House Owner

  • Subowner

Aleta somEdit subowner list.

This determines who is verified as subowner of the house.

  • House Owner

Alana Sio "Kick character.

Type the name of the characterr you want to kick outside. This does not revoke the right to enter!

  • House Owner

  • Subowner

  • Visitor (on self)

Aleta GravEdit door rights.

Can be used by standing next to a door and facing towards it. This will determine who can open that specific door.

  • House Owner

  • Subowner

The spells will open a screen, just like a book or letter, where you can edit the information by putting Characternames or Guildnames, or even Ranks in a Guild. To determine who it will apply to you can put a name on each row in the list. You have the following options:

Asterisk (*)Can replace a longer string of letters.
Question mark (?)Represents one single letter
Guildmembers (*@)Invites all characters of a specified Guild
Guild Rank (@)Invites all characters of a specified Rank in the corresponding guild
Exclamation mark (!)Can be used to Exclude a character, or Guild Rank
Hash (#)Can be used to add plain text as a comment
An example of what the list will look like with all the options used can be seen in the picture:
~Congratulations on being the proud owner of your very own house in Tibia!~


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