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Bestiary & Charms

Created by Gwiazda Ekranu. on 16 Nov 2017, 12:31
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Bestiary is a feature added in the winter 2017 update.

It allows players to browse information about creatures that can be found across Tibia. Depending on how experienced player is in killing certain monsters, it will allow users to see how rare certain drops are, what are the monsters strong&weak to, approximate locations, types of attacks used by the creatures, health, speed, experience and even armor. Moreover it will track the overall amount of monsters slain by player.

Charms is another feature, connected to Bestiary. It allows players to gain certain bonuses that will aid in battle.


As stated in the introduction, bestiary offers a variety of information regarding monsters.


There are four tiers of monsters, each tier requires different amount of killed monsters:

TierDetails IDetails IIDetails III
Trivial 10 100 250
Easy 25 250 500
Medium 50 500 1000
Hard 100 1000 2500

Creature information

As you open the bestiary, you will see two pages with categories of monsters.

Choose the category that interests you and you'll see a page with silhouettes of monsters.

Page with unlocked/discovered monsters will look like this

In this example I finished Demons and hellhounds, and now I have all informations unlocked and I can assign charms to them. As for others it says 0/3 because I still haven't killed enough of the monsters to reach Details I, II or III.

You discover monsters by killing them. Once you discover a monster, click on its page to read about its information. As example, we will use Rotworm

Details I

At this point, you can see the creature's attack strategy (melee or ranged), whether it used spells or skills, and various other statistics such as hitpoints, experience, speed and armour. You will also see how many Charm Points are awarded when the creature is fully unlocked.

Beginning from this stage, more and more of the loot dropped by the creature will be revealed little by little as more details are unlocked. In the beginning, only common loot is shown.

Details II

Once this level is unlocked, you will see the creature's sensitivity to the various damage elements in Tibia (Physical, Earth, Fire, Death, Energy, Holy, Ice, Healing). Note that only very few creatures can be damaged, or even targeted by healing at the moment.

You can also see rough locations where the creature can be encountered. At this stage, uncommon loot can be viewed.

Details III

The creature is now fully unlocked, and Charm Points will be awarded according to the creature's difficulty. It is now possible to select a Charm for the creature, and remove already assigned Charms for a certain gold fee. The fee is calculated based on your current level.

In the loot list, semi-rare and rare loot drops are now unlocked. Very rare loot is considered "secret" loot and can never be viewed in detail. One or more question marks in this category can be considered a hint that the monster drops exceptionally rare and possibly valuable loot.

Loot is categorised as follows:

RarityDrop Chance
Commonabove 25%
Uncommon between 5% and 25%
Semi-Rare between 1% and 5%
Rare Drop between 0.5% and 1%
Very Rare below 0.5%


Unlocking Charms

After completely unlocking certain monsters you will gain Charm Points(can be seen at the bottom left of the window) which you can use to buy Charms.

In order to unlock a charm, select the one that interests you and press unlock. Once you unlock a charm it will be permanent which means you will not need to spend charm points on it again, ever.

Now you can assign it to a chosen monster. You can assign charms to every monster that you already finished in your bestiary

Assigned charm

Charm Points are obtained by fully unlocking entries in the Bestiary. The more difficult a creature, the more Charm Points are obtained. At the moment, the following amount of points is awarded:

TierCharm Points
Easy 15
Medium 25
Hard 50

Charm Types

Type Name Description Charm Point Cost
Offensive Wound Wounds the creature with a certain chance and deals 5% of its initial hit points as physical damage once. 600
Offensive Enflame Burns the creature with a certain chance and deals 5% of its initial hit points as fire damage once. 1000
Offensive Poison Poisons the creature with a certain chance and deals 5% of its initial hit points as earth damage once. 600
Offensive Freeze Freezes the creature with a certain chance and deals 5% of its initial hit points as ice damage once. 800
Offensive Zap Electrifies the creature with a certain chance and deals 5% of its initial hit points as energy damage once. 800
Offensive Curse Curses the creature with a certain chance and deals 5% of its initial hit points as death damage once. 900
Offensive Cripple Cripples the creature with a certain chance and paralyses it for 10 seconds. 500
Defensive Parry Any damage taken is reflected to the aggressor with a certain chance. 1000
Defensive Dodge Dodges an attack with a certain chance without taking any damage at all. 600
Defensive Adrenaline Burst Bursts of adrenaline enhance your reflexes with a certain chance after you get hit and let you move faster for 10 seconds. 500
Defensive Numb Numbs the creature with a certain chance after its attack and paralyses the creature for 10 seconds. 500
Defensive Cleanse Cleanses you from within with a certain chance after you get hit and removes one random active negative status effect and temporarily makes you immune against it. 700
Passive Bless Blesses you and reduces skill and xp loss by 3% when killed by the chosen creature. 2000
Passive Scavenge Enhances your chances to successfully skin a skinnable creature. 1500
Passive Gut Gutting the creature yields 10% more creature products. 2000
Passive Low Blow Adds 3% critical hit chance to attacks with critical hit weapons. 2000


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