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Winter Update 2015

Created by Fafnar. on 26 Nov 2015, 10:00

Winter Update 2015

Table of Contents
General Information
New Quest and Bosses - The Servants of Evil
New premium area
Quests and Missions
Arena System
Immediate Skinning and Global Depot
Character world transfers
New NPCs
New Monsters
New Items
New Mount & Outfit
New Achievements


General Information

  • New quest Ferumbras' Ascendant.

  • New premium area Krailos with several quests.

  • New Arena system.

  • Global depot.

  • Immediate Skinning and Dusting.

  • Character world transfers simplified.

  • New mount and New outfit.

New Quest and Bosses - The Servants of Evil

Ferumbras' Ascendant

    Ferumbras is close to gaining godlike power. The only chance to stop him is a mysterious weapon. You and your friends have to find all seven pieces to rebuild this weapon. But they are hidden deep down in seven dungeons and guarded by the minions of the Ruthless Seven.

  • The quest starts in Darashia.

  • Find NPC Mazarius in his basement in the northeast part of the city.

The Dungeons of The Ruthless Seven Minions

In The middle of Hell

Bazir Dungeon

  • Boss: Zamulosh

Infernatil Dungeon

  • Boss: Mazoran

Ashfalor Dungeon

  • Boss: Ragiaz

Tafariel Dungeon

  • Boss: Shulgrax

Apocalypse Dungeon

  • Boss: Razzagorn

Pumin Dungeon

  • Boss: Tarbaz

in the way...

Mission: A name to remember...

  • mission: Stepping back a little - letter O

  • Mission: colours - letter ?

  • Mission: - letter ?

  • Mission: firebug - letter T

  • Mission: animal soul - Bone flute letter N ?

  • Lever (boss)

Verminor Dungeon

  • Boss: Plagirath

The Godbreaker

Fighting Ferumbras

New premium area


North of Oramond, behind the towering mountains, a spectacular wilderness has been sculpted by the relentless forces of wind and water. Welcome to Krailos!

Krailos is a tribal nation which is divided into several ogre tribes. Normally ogres tend to distrust strangers and avoid them in the best case. Nevertheless, a single ogre tribe has shown some interest in trade with foreigners lately. So try to find this ogre tribe and offer your help.

The ship captains in Venore, Edron, Rathleton and Darashia will sail you to Krailos.

Quests and Missions

Quenching the Thirst

Go and find Ghorza, the shaman of the friendly ogre tribe and help her to solve the biggest problem of the ogres - the drying of Krailos scarce lakes and rivers.

Hi - Water - Yes.

Ghorza: Great Hunger peaceful now. Tasty little human done well.

Ghorza: Water great problem in Krailos. Not enough water, not anymore. Seas and rivers drying up, become salty holes. So new powerful spirit arose. Younger than Great Hunger but even more dangerous. We calling Dreadful Thirst. ...

Ghorza: We feeding Great Hunger with meat. Always enough meat in Krailos. Dreadful Thirst wants water, but drying up all water sources. So not enough water to calm Dreadful Thirst. Not even enough for ogres to drink. ...

Ghorza: Spirits of fathers and mothers telling Ghorza that in past more water been here. Krailos been more green and lush. Now water fading. Only bigger waterhole left is here in village. Many battles against other ogres because of water. ...

Ghorza: Ogres needing more water. You helping?

Ghorza: Very good! Ghorza having idea how to solve problem. Listen: There dried salt sea near village. Right beside Ghorza's tent. If we fill with water again, ogres having enough water, no more problems. ...

Ghorza: You ask how. Hah, Ghorza asked spirits same question! Spirits said: Take jar or jug and enchant with shamanic spells. Spirits told Ghorza what to do. Ghorza found pretty shimmering jar in shipwrecks and made jar that can take in water spirits. ...

Ghorza: If you finding some you catching their souls and pouring them into dried sea. But only pour on purple salt. Spirits said so. Yellow and orange salt absorbing water spirit souls too fast. Here, take enchanted jar.

  • You will need to fill the jar with 5 water elemental and use it on the purple salt. (Repeat it 6 times)

Report it to Larek

Hi - Water

Larek: Yes, I noticed that the salt sea near the village is filled with water again. But it still looks poisonous. I assume the salty sediments are the reason for this. ...

Larek: I'm not completely sure, but some of my petrology studies seem to indicate that a mineral found in the steppe of Krailos is able to serve as an antitoxin. ...

Larek: Look out for golden shimmering quartzes and grind them into a powder. I could sell you a hoe, if you need one. Then scatter it into the poisonous water.

The Great Hunger

Mission 1 - Gourd

Hi - Mission - Yes

Go to Ghorza and help her to make preperations for performing some rites of sacrifice to feed the Great Hunger, a spirit-like being that, according to ogre belief, will eat up the entire world if not fed regularly.

Ghorza: Ghorza feels that spirits restless. If spirits troubled, Great Hunger upset, too. That dangerous. But Ghorza knows reason. Some shrines damaged. Being defiled now. Site must be purged to make spirits calm again. ...

Ghorza: But Ghorza having to do many things here in village and shrines far away. Strewn about steppe. You helping Ghorza with upset spirits, little human? That would be decent reason not to eat you. You helping?

Ghorza: You clever chap. Ghorza explaining what to do. Taking this gourd. Preparing it so it becomes shamanic rattle. Such rattles calming evil spirits if used in right place. Find shark teeth and onyx chips. ...

Ghorza: Need as many chips as are fingers on one of your hands. Fill teeth and splinters into gourd. Then come back.

Items required:
  • 1 Shark teeth

  • 5 Onyx chips

You will found the shark teeth in a bottle located to the north-west.

The onyx chips are looted from ogre sabages so let's hunt some!

  • You see shark teeth.

    It weighs 2.00 oz.

    They are engraved with tiny unholy glyphs.

Now with the shark teeth and the onyx chips in your backpack you will need to use them on the Gourd.

Mission 2 - Gourd Rattle

Hi - Mission - Yes

Ghorza: Ah, you made gourd rattle! Yes, sound good, will please upset spirits. But now, rattle has to be painted. You mixing shamanic paste. Gather pollen of a voodoo lily and some dragon egg shells. ...

Ghorza: Mixing together and then mingling with this red oil. Painting on gourd runes you see in front of Ghorza's tent.

Now obtain some of pollen from a voodoo lilly, you will found it easily around krailos.

Also you will need a dragon egg shell from a dragon's nest you will found it south-east of Krailos.

Now mix them in order to get a Grey-blue Powder.

  • You see a painted gourd rattle.

    It weighs 3.90 oz.

    It is filled with shark teeth and onyx chips and covered with strange runes.

Mission 3 - Purge

Hi - Mission - Yes

Ghorza: You paint rattle. Very good, tasty human. Now you go, purging defiled ritual sites. There are three. One is big dragon skeleton near high mountains. One is in cactus forests. Last is at salt sea near strange ruins. ...

Ghorza: But know: If rattle is used at other place than ritual site, spirits might be upset. Be careful.

Now with the painted gourd rattle go and use on the three different spots after that go back and report your mission.

"You're shaking the gourd rattle and bless the sacred site anew."

Mission 4 - hyena

Hi - Mission - Yes

Ghorza: Yes, you purge defiled ritual sites! Ghorza feels, spirits calm again. If spirits quiet, Great Hunger also at ease. But ogres not sure yet. Ghorza must make ritual for Great Hunger. ...

Ghorza: Problem: Ghorza lost totem animal. Totem is cuddly hyaena and ran away. Without totem animal Ghorza not making ritual. You finding hyaena and catch it. But use this net, hyaena savage.

Ghorza will give you a Hyaena trap use on the hyaena.

Hyeana entrance

Mission 5 - Ogre runes

Hi - Mission - Yes

Ghorza: Little human bringing back hyaena! Ghorza happy! Ghorza now preparing ritual. But one thing left to do. Protection runes around village not complete. Single stones missing, stolen by thievish steppe birds or naughty ogrelings. ...

Ghorza: Ghorza preparing ritual and little human fixing runes. They on each side of village. You see complete runes here between tents on floor. Look at runes inside village so you know how fixing runes outside. Here, take stones.

Ghorza will give you 5 ogre rune stones go and find the runes that needs to be fixed.

  • You see ogre rune stones.

    It weighs 4.00 oz.

    They are engraved with weird signs.

"You put the ogre rune stones in the fitting place."

Note: in the last pic you will need to use two runes.


  • You see an onyx pendant (Arm:2, protection death +2%).

    It can only be wielded properly by players of level 60 or higher.

    It weighs 8.50 oz.

The Chieftain's Menu

Visit Vuzrog, the chieftain of the friendly ogres and supply him with some tasty food.

Items required:

Hi - Mission - Yes

Vuzrog: Vuzrog glad hearing that! Listen what Vuzrog wants to scoff: meat! Very much meat. Not raw but roasted. Also bring beer! Last beer was stolen by mean nomadic ogres. Get it back. ...

Vuzrog: After roast Vuzrog wants tasty sweets. Human merchant sometimes had cookies for Vuzrog. Bring cookies! And bring soft thing that small tiddlers call cake! Sounds yummy. ...

Vuzrog: Don't forget prickly pear juice. Not know how juice is made but is tasty! Bring some bottles for dessert.

You need to bring to Vuzrog:

  • You see ogre beer.

    It weighs 10.00 oz.

    The keg is painted with weird runes.

Note: You can get some required items from the Npc Larek. i.e: cookies, flour, milk, empty vials, juice squeezer. Also raw meats can be obtained by using an obsidian knife on a Clomp .

The Thunder Tusk Clan

The ogre tribes and their current chieftains are always fighting each other. Maybe Vuzrog could need your help.

Hi - Mission - Yes

Vuzrog: Hrrr, very good! Listen: Other tribe is breaking into ogre village more and more often. Other tribe is Thunder Tusk Clan. Need help to beat off stupid riffraff. Go and kill many Thunder Tusk ogres. ...

Vuzrog: Kill ten times as many as fingers on your hands are. No, kill twice as much. But no shamans, that bad luck. No reward for killing shamans. Then come back and Vuzrog be grateful!

The ogre chieftan asked you to kill 200 ogres of the hostile Thunder Tusk Clan.

Reward :

  • 10 great mana potions.

Hungry New World

Look for Larek in the ogre village and help him to explore the New World.

Mission 1 - Skull Orchid

Hi - Mission - Yes

Larek: That's wonderful! What you are looking for is a rare plant I call the skull orchid. The ogres told me about it. It supposedly has odd blooms that look like tiny skulls. ...

Larek: I don't know where exactly you could find one, but according to Ghorza it only grows in dry and very secluded places. Take this container and if you find such a skull orchid, please store a sample of it inside and bring it back to me.

  • You see a botanist's container.

    It weighs 18.00 oz.

    It is empty.

Mission 2 - Very Old Map

Hi - Mission - Yes

Larek: I'm glad you're so eager to bring forth not only botany but also archaeology! Well, I possibly told you that hundreds of years ago, Krailos was populated by a highly developed human culture. ...

Larek: Its ruins are still visible at some places in the steppe, and underneath there are surprisingly well-preserved architectural complexes. I visited the place and took some interesting notes. ...

Larek: But there has to be more. I'm sure I overlooked something. I suspect that somewhere down there is a secret room which might contain something of great interest. Perhaps it is accessible only by water.

  • You see an ancient map.

    It weighs 3.30 oz.

    It seems to be hundreds of years old.

Mission 3 - Ancient Amulet

Hi - Mission - Yes

Larek: Thank you so much! Listen: When I was searching the northern ruins for the secret room, I already found something there. An ancient amulet, forged with remarkable artisanship. ...

Larek: Bringing back such a precious artefact to the Explorer Society would be important for my reputation. Unfortunately a thieving steppe bird has stolen the amulet, probably because of the sparkling, colourful gems. ...

Larek: It flew southward and I assume the thief brought the amulet to its nest. I know, finding the right tree in this vast grassland is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But I'm sure you'll succeed.

  • You see an ancient amulet.

    It weighs 3.00 oz.

Larek: Well done! Thank you very much! You really brought forth my studies about Krailos! In return let me offer you a little convenience. You may use the depot I established here. Just use the entrance in my tent.


Acces to depot of Krailos where you can found Skill trainers and the Npc Kaya the Banker of Krailos.

Revolt of the Goblins

Talk to Nibble, a goblin slave who is living in the ogre village. He needs your help for a secret mission.

Hi - Mission - Yes

Nibble: Not to hurt! Please! Kind lady!

Nibble: Shshsh! Not so loud! ... You help? Be goblin champion?

Need three things. Food, water, weapons. Food most urgent! ...

Find holy bog frogs in mountains! Use obsidian knife to frog god and keep holy power in frog flesh! Need lots! ...

Bring twenty to poor imprisoned goblins before they dead!

Survival of the Strongest

Instead of helping the goblins, you can speak with Grubokk, the overseer of the ogre mines. He will surely have some other plans.

Hi - Mission - No help goblin - Yes

Grubokk: Huh! Talking food! Hello!

Grubokk: Arr harr! Pesky goblins up to no good? You wanna teach lesson? Me reward you!

Grubokk: Good! But first, you promise on life you no help goblin! You SURE no help goblin?? Say it!

Grubokk: That will show uppity goblins! Will take away water. Then they not feel so thirsty for revolt, harr! ...

Grubokk: Three things to make them sorry. Cut off water supplies in mines first. Then poison wells in their wormy city tunnels. Then flood them out of mines with sea water! ...

Grubokk: Will be nicely marinated and seasoned when they wash up here! HAHAHAH!

Arena System

    What is an Arena?

  • Arenas are special zones where premium players can test and practise their combat skills without losing any experience, skills or items. Moreover, players have the chance to win a nice bit of money in these fights. Every arena consists of a meeting area, the battle ground and 2 waiting areas. So far, Tibians can find arenas in Ankrahmun, Kazordoon, Thais, Edron and Rathleton. While only premium characters are able to participate in these fights, spectators on free and premium accounts are welcome to watch the fights from the arena's roof.

Arena fixes!
  • The stair in Thais Arena was removed.

  • Npcs where relocated.

  • All arenas now include different obstacles like walls, floor types, obstacles and barriers, also depending of the city it will change to different floors, obstacles, or will have slower movement and the pits also will have a different theme.

Arena Locations
Location Npc Pit
Location Npc Pit
Location Npc Pit
Location Npc Pit
Location Npc Pit

Battle modes

Last Man Standing

  • The initiator determines the entrance fee (between 100 and 100,000 gold) and the amount of participating characters (between 2 and 50).

  • If everything is set, the initiator is teleported into a waiting area. The other participating characters need to follow manually.

  • As long as the battle has not started, players can decide against participation by leaving the waiting area.

  • If not a sufficient amount of characters has arrived in a certain time frame, all characters in the waiting room will be teleported back to the arena's meeting area.

  • As soon as enough participating characters have arrived, they will be teleported into the arena's battle ground and the entrance fee is deducted from the participants' bank accounts.

  • The battle starts 10 seconds after the characters have been teleported into the battle arena and lasts until there is only one last man standing or until the time limit of 10 minutes has been reached. Defeated players will be teleported to their home temple. Once the battle has ended, the remaining participants will be moved back into the meeting area.

  • If there is only one winner, he or she will get the complete entrance fees of all participants. If there is more than one winner, 90% of the entrance fees of all participants will be divided equally between the remaining characters. Prize money is paid directly into a character's bank account. All others have lost their entrance fee, but no items, skills or experience points.

  • All participants are now blocked for any further arena fights for the next 2 hours.

Team Deathmatch

  • The initiator determines the entrance fee (between 100 and 100,000 gold) and enters the character names for each team. The team sizes do not need to be equal. It is also possible to set the size of both teams to 1 in order to duel each other.

  • If everything is set, the initiator is teleported into a waiting area. The initiator's team members need to follow manually. The members of the opponent team need to manually enter a second waiting area.

  • As long as the battle has not started, players can decide against participation by leaving the waiting area.

  • If not all listed characters have arrived in a certain time frame, all characters in the waiting rooms will be teleported back to the arena's meeting area.

  • When all listed participants have arrived, they will be teleported into the arena's battle ground and the entrance fee is deducted from the participants' bank accounts.

  • The battle starts 10 seconds after the characters have been teleported into the battle arena and lasts until all members of one team have been defeated or until the time limit of 10 minutes has been reached. Defeated players will be teleported to their home temple. Once the battle has ended, the remaining participants will be moved back into the meeting area.

  • If one team has been defeated completely, the entrance fees of all participants is split among all members of the winning team (including the killed characters of the winning team). If there are still characters of both teams and the time limit has been reached, 90% of the entrance fees of all participants will be divided - depending on several factors (e.g team size) - between the remaining characters. Prize money is paid directly into a character's bank account. Characters that are not qualified for prize money have lost their entrance fee, but no items, skills or experience points.

  • All participants are now blocked from any further arena fights for the next 2 hours.

Some general information on arena fights

  • The PvP rules match the PvP rules of the respective game world type.

  • All kills in an arena are justified.

  • An arena death does not count as a frag in a guild war.

  • Characters with a protection zone block cannot participate in an arena fight.

  • Every character can ask the NPC at the arena about the "setup" to get information about the current setup or the setup of a running battle.

  • Battles can only be cancelled during the initiation by using the keyword "cancel".

  • Once someone initiated a battle, it takes 2 minutes before you can talk to the NPC again (characters that try to talk to the NPC while someone is initiating a battle are blocked from talking to this NPC for 5 minutes).

Immediate Skinning and Global Depot

New features and changes:

Immediate Skinning and Dusting

  • You do not need to wait 10 seconds anymore before you can skin or dust a monster.

  • After the monster has been slain, you or your party members will be able to use an obsidian knife or a blessed wooden stake immediately on the corpse, BUT as soon as you have skinned or dusted the corpse, this will change into the next state of decay and can be looted by all players.

Global Depot

  • From now on you will be able to access all your items from every city.

  • There will be 17 numbered depot boxes in your depot, you will be able to access all boxes from every city.

  • Free accounts will be able store up to 2,000 items per character, while premium players will be able to store up to 10,000 items.

  • The depot chest of every city will turn into a number depot box so after the update you will found all your items in their correponding depot box number.

City and their corresponding depot box number
City Box Number
1.- Thais I
2.- Carlin II
3.- Kazordoon III
4.- Ab'Dendriel IV
5.- Edron V
6.- Darashia VI
7.- Venore VII
8.- Ankrahmun VIII
9.- Port Hope IX
10.- Liberty Bay X
11.- Svargrond XI
12.- Yalahar XII
13.- Travora XIII
14.- Farmine XIV
15.- Gray Beach XV
16.- Roshamuul XVI
17.- Rathleton XVII

Character world transfers

The Character transfer will simplified and less restricted

  • It will not be necessary anymore to move items to Travora

  • The current transfer limit of 1,000 items will be removed.

  • Also the item limit of 1 unit per character will be removed.

The island of Travora will be swallowed by the sea. Only a ship and a connected platform will be left over. This is where you have to logout from the winter update on if your character is ready to change worlds.

Old Travora:
New Travora:

New NPCs

  • Vuzrog

  • Ghorza

  • Mugruu

  • Larek

  • Tarun

  • Nibble

  • A Goblin Exile

  • A Runaway Goblin

  • An Imprisoned Goblin

  • Grubokk

  • Cledwyn

  • Victor

  • Forlorn

  • Mazarius

  • Bozarn

  • Demonic Messenger

  • Heavenly Messenger

  • Kaya

New Monsters

New Items

New Mount & Outfit

    New outfit including two addons:
  • The Rift Warrior, In order to get it you have to complete the Ferumbras quest line. Ask NPC Gledwyn for the addons.

  • Outfiter
    Primary color
    Secondary color
    Detail color
    Head color
    Addon 1 Addon 2
    Gender Outfit
    Male: Female:
    Mounted Mount
    Yes: No:

    New mount:
  • The Rift Runner, In order to get it you have to fight Ferumbras and loot a mysterious scroll.

New Achievements

Rift Warrior In order to get it, you will have to achieve the full Rift Warrior outfit.
Hat Hunter In order to get it, you will have to fight your way through all seven dungeons and successfully fight Ferumbras.
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