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How to use BBCodes

Created by Uman. on 26 Nov 2015, 10:00
Table of Contents
What a BBCode is?
General BBCodes
Advanced BBCodes
Tibia BBCodes
Doubts? need Support or Advice? Suggestions???

What a BBCode is?

A "BBCode" or Bulletin Board Code is a lightweight markup language used to format posts in many message boards. The available tags are usually indicated by square brackets ([ ]) surrounding a keyword, and they are parsed by the message board system before being translated into a markup language that web browsers understand—usually HTML or XHTML.

Tibia Royal ( uses BBCodes too!, so, they may be familiar to you if you post on its forums!) uses these codes to create content in many of its sections such as Forums, Guides, News, Articles, and in the Comment System aswell. Although there are some variations from one section to other, you can use BBCodes in all of them. So, make sure you understand pretty well how they work to create awesome content to be enjoyed by the Community!. This benefit you too, when it is time to get contribution points, cause popular and well done content gets rewarded.

General BBCodes

We will now try to learn about all the codes you can use on our website to make your guides/comments more appealing. At the begin, we will start with the most common and basic ones.

Tag Description Preview Code (take "*" off)
b Makes text inside bold bold [*b][*/b]
i Makes text inside cursive italic [*i][*/i]
u Underlines the text underline [*u][*/u]
s Strikes thru all text Example [*s][*/s]
ins Mark text as added after edit (color green) Example [*ins][*/ins]
del Mark text as deleted Example [*del][*/del]
ul Starts a dotted list
  • list item

ol Starts a numbered list
  1. list item

li It makes the point or number inside a list ("ul" or "ol")
color Changes the color of text. Example [*color=#ffff00][*/color]
url Links to somewhere on this website or on the Internet Tibia [*url=]Tibia[*/url]
break Space between paragraphs
hr a line [hr] [*hr]
sub Creates a small text down Text [*sub][*/sub]
sup Creates a small text up Text [*sup][*/sup]
small Creates a small text Text [*small][*/small]
center Aligns the text in the center of the page
h2/h3 Creates Subtitles [*h2][*/h2]

Advanced BBCodes

BBCodes can be used in a very complex way once you learn the basics, it's all about trying and learning. Advanced BBCodes are the most helpful when creating a guide!.

Table of Contents

Every long and detailed guide should have this useful BBCode which allow users to find specific information inside the whole content. The Table of Content BBCode is automatically generated based on the titles and subtitles you insert ("h2" and "h3"), just writing [*toc] at the top of the page.


Just click on the "table" BBCode button and our helper will appear. Select how many rows and columns you wish to have and also if you want the table with headers. The system will generate the BBCode automatically and you just need to fill it with the content you want to.

The bbcodes we use to create tables are the following:

  • [*table] - starts the table. It has additional attributes: float=(left/right), align=(left/center/right), width, class

  • [*tr] - starts a row

  • [*th] - makes a header cell. It has additional attributes: rowspan=, colspan=, float=(left/center/right)

  • [*td] - makes a cell/column. It has additional attributes: rowspan=, colspan=, float=(left/center/right)

Tables can get very complex and messy if you don't understand how they work. Below you can see an example of how complex the code of the table displayed on general BBCodes is. The different BBCodes that can be used in tables were tagged with the same colours listed above so you can see where to put the content.

Feel free to use your imagination, use tables (in its "box" form or without any borders) to create great guides and articles!!. For example, to align certain images at left or right of the page, to create a list of items, monsters, locations, etc. This BBCode will help you to organize the content of your submissions and also to make them more attractive for other users. Always remember that popular and appealing content gets rewarded with points. The possibilities are almost infinite :)


  • [*tabs][*/tabs] - starts tabs

  • [*tab="name"][*/tab] - start a tab content, in place of "name" you should write how this tab should be named.

Check this example:

Text inside the tag will be displayed here
More text can be put on new tab tags!


To use the spoiler BBCode we need to put our content inside this tag [*spoiler][*/spoiler]. This way the content will be hidden like the example below.

Spoiler Alert!


If we wish to quote a post or someone, we can easly do it with a [quote] bbcode. The example is shown below.

[*quote=Zathroth]May Darkness be your path...[*/quote]

May Darkness be your path...


Always remember to copy/paste the code after the "?=V". For example, this video (kindly provided by our graphic artist) with the url "", should be put as follow:



If you need to put a outfiter, you can use it with bbcode:


Primary color
Secondary color
Detail color
Head color
Addon 1 Addon 2
Gender Outfit
Male: Female:
Mounted Mount
Yes: No:

Images & links

There are basically three ways of posting images in Tibia Royal.

1. Using the [*img][*/img] BBCode. Just copy past the URL of the image inside the tags. Commonly used on forums.

2. [*img src=(src)] - Used when you upload an image with Tibia Royal's image uploader. The "Submit Guide" form has this option, which must be used in order to get your contribution approved. It has additional attributes: float=(left|right), border=(1|0), align=(left|center|right), width=(number), height=(number)

3.[*media=number] - Screenshot/video preview of media uploaded to our database.

Regarding links, besides the "url" tag, you can use "anchors" when you need to link somewhere inside the same page!. Just the tag "[*anchor=(text)]"

Tibia BBCodes


There three ways in which you can add item bbcode to your guide/comment. First one is simply, just use our tool. If you wish to have a text with toolpit text of item look at the table below:

Tag Description Preview Code
Item with item name Ancient Stone [/item=3][//item]
Item with image Ancient Stone [/item=3 image=1][//item]
Item with differernt name Test text [/item=3]Test text[//item]


There three ways in which you can add monster bbcode to your guide/comment. First one is simply, just use our tool. If you wish to have a text with toolpit text of item look at the table below:

Tag Description Preview Code
Monster with item name Rat [/monster=3][//monster]
Monster with image Rat [/monster=3 image=1][//monster]
Monster with differernt name Test text [/monster=3]Test text[//monster]


To use map on your guide, you have to copy the code from the mapper tool between the [mapper2/][/mapper2] tags


Sometimes, you need to mention the equipment needed for certain situations, or you just want to show off your awesome armors. Tibia Royal has its own BBCode spacially made for that :). Just follow the example below.

[eq float=left/right][bp=1221][head=778][chest=635][legs=728][boots=727][weapon=930][ring=1333][shield=587][hand=1324][amulet=890][/eq]


You can also link to a character's official user profile with out copying pasting links. Just use the BBCode [*character][/character]. A small tibia icon will appear next to the character's name.


NPC Talk

To put the conversation with NPC use this bbcode:




[npc]Testing bla bla bla[/npc]

[player]Goodbye[/player] [/.npc_talk]

Sam: blablabla

Player: lalala

Sam: Testing bla bla bla

Player: Goodbye

NPC Place

You are able to place a map with position of NPC, for that you have to use a bbcode [*mapper_npc={NPC ID}].

Doubts? need Support or Advice? Suggestions???

Just post a comment below, we will reply as fast as possible. Remeber that any doubt you have could be the doubt of someone else :). Anyways, you can contact Uman, since he is the Lead Programmer of our Staff.


You can build up a table with the proper imbus with: [/imbus]fire_damage[/imbus]. The categories you can take from the list below.

Name Category Effect Items need to create
Basic Frost Ice Damage converts 10% of physical damage of your weapon to ice damage 25x Frosty Heart
Intricate Frost Ice Damage converts 25% of physical damage of your weapon to ice damage 20x Frosty Heart , 10x Seacrest Hair
Powerful Frost Ice Damage converts 50% of physical damage of your weapon to ice damage 20x Frosty Heart , 10x Polar Bear Paw , 10x Seacrest Hair


  • imb_scorch

  • imb_venom

  • imb_frost

  • imb_electrify

  • imb_reap

  • imb_vampirism

  • imb_void

  • imb_strike

  • imb_lich_shroud

  • imb_snake_skin

  • imb_dragon_hide

  • imb_quara_scale

  • imb_cloud_fabric

  • imb_demon_presence

  • imb_swiftness

  • imb_chop

  • imb_slash

  • imb_bash

  • imb_precision

  • imb_blockade

  • imb_epiphany

  • imb_featherweight

By HerbRoller on 16 Nov 2017, 11:16 - 11.5 (Winter Update 2017)

Been trying the npc talk bbcode doesn't seem to work for me I even copied your example and it only comes up as text on the guide could you help me out again :P

By Uman on 20 Nov 2017, 21:45 - 11.5 (Winter Update 2017)

I think it is solved now :)

By HerbRoller on 16 Nov 2017, 03:46 - 11.5 (Winter Update 2017)

Starting working on a few guide but didn't understand what codes or where I found the code for the maps I wanna post in the guide if anyone could help id appreciate it.

By Uman on 16 Nov 2017, 05:43 - 11.5 (Winter Update 2017) from this page you can generate bbcode for map.


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