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[Paladin] Ancient Scarab task

Created by Sir Prize. on 08 Nov 2015, 00:00


Hello, this is my first hunting guide so please forgive me for any mistakes and feel free to provide feedback!

The Task:

Hunt 250 Ancient Scarabs.

Chance to kill "Fleshcrawler", the Ancient Scarab's boss.


Level 60+ (You could try this at lower levels, but there's a high risk of death.)

Distance Skill 85+.

Recommended Gear:

Supplies (For about 1 hour of hunt):


Ancient Scarab Melee (0~210), Envenom (15~145), Poison Storm (Up to 26hp/turn), Paralysis, Haste, Summons up to 3 Larva.

Melee (0~75), Poison Hit (0~35), Poison Fields, Haste.

(You can just leave the Scarabs on 80hp (25% of their Health) and they won't attack you anymore nor respawn.)

Larva Larvas: Melee(0~35, poisons up to 1hp/turn).

Where we'll be hunting

You can use the interactive map:


Or you can just follow these maps and go down the holes marked with the red circle:

There are other caves, but for this guide I'll be focusing on this one.


When you first go down the Ancient Scarab's lair, you'll be faced with larvas, scarabs and up to two ancient scarabs. You will want to use Divine Caldera (exevo mas san) when they all aproach in order to kill the larvae and get more room to move around. It's important not to go into the other chambers of the cave because if you do go there you'll end up luring more ancient scarabs before securing the main chamber.

After securing the main chamber go to the other chambers and lure one ancient scarab towards the main chamber in order to kill it, just repeat it until you clear the whole cave. All the chambers have up to 2 Ancient Scarabs, except for chambers #2 and #3. Remember that Ancient Scarabs do not walk over fire and energy fields, so use your runes in the main chamber and use the fields to keep a safe distance from the Ancient Scarabs.

As for the Ancient Scarabs themselves you'll need to watch out for Paralysis as they cast almost always, do not let they hit you with their Melee attacks, as it can be deadly (Especially if you have 2 other lower monsters attacking you). Do not worry about the poison, just heal it off using Recovery (Utura) and it won't affect you that much, do not use Cure Poison (exana pox) as you'll always be poisoned.


The Fleshcrawler

After killing 250 Ancient Scarabs, you'll be granted a change to fight Fleshcrawler , the Ancient Scarab's boss:

Fleshcrawler Melee(0~330), Envenom(0~150), Poison Storm, Paralysis.

High-Value Loot:


Use the same strategy as you'd use with a normal Ancient Scarab, keep your distance at all costs and use fire wall runes if needed.


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