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Guide to Hunt Ancient Scarabs

Created by Goshnar. on 08 Nov 2015, 00:00

Ancients Scarabs are the last larva's Stage, this evil creature are one of the oldest in Tibia. Some people say that an Anient Scarab can live for many centuries until some brave person kill it.

In this guide I'll try to explain and teach the best way to hunt them. First of all a little explanation about them:

  • They are slow but sometimes this creeping creature can run very fast to get you, so be carefull.

  • They hardly ever come lonely.

  • Be ready to spend lots of antidote spell, the air in the cave is fully poisoned. The scarabs stinks and always free lots of poison gas.

  • Some adventurers compare them as Giant Spiders, but I think they're weaker the most complicated thing is their poison and the numerous group.

Below I put the best two caves to hunt them and the way I kill them. The first and the best cave, because you can run in circles and there is the boss teleport.

The First and the Best Cave in my opinion, there we find the teleport to kill the boss:

The orange marks in the minimap are the Ancient Scarabs' locations in the cave

As I'm a servant of the fire (a master sorcerer), the best tips goes for the Mages like me:

  • Start to hunt them at level 55 to minimize the death risk,

  • Always have some fire wall runes and great fireball rune,

  • To minimize the poison effect on you I recomend to use a Terra Hood and a Terra Boots .

  • To attack I prefer to hold a Wand of Everblazing but you can also use a Wand of Inferno . If you don't have the recomendations to use fire wands I guess a Hailstorm Rod will have some effect.

  • Always attack then with Flame Strike and when you want to kill then faster in case of two beasts you should use Strong Flame Strike or Fire Wave to shoot fire in more then one.

  • Use your Fire Wall Rune always when you face more than two creatures, then you can run over the fire to avoid their phisical attacks.

  • You can also shoot many Great Fireball Runes as you can when facing more then one, Its also a good but dangerous way to hunt, luring and shooting Fireballs.

In my oppinion the best way to walk in the cave is going to the left side and start to walk in circles over the dungeon. In the end of the cave you can see a magical teleport, I have entered there once, but only when you complete a task for a strange man in Port Hope, inside the teleport there is a creature called Fleshcrawler, be careful.

The other good but not the best cave to hunt is this one:

The orange marks are the Ancient Scarabs' Locations

The strategy to hunt here is almost the same as the first dungeon. Wear the proper items to avoid the poison and use & abuse of fire

Pay attention in these points:

  • This one is a little bit more complicated due the fact you can find more scarabs at once. But you can do the same thing as the first cave, be careful and ready to put fire in the whole cave!

  • This cave is also the place where the Ancient Scarabs Raids occurs.

  • Running out of the chamber could be dangerous because you can find an Ancient Scarab right on your back, so use and abuse of the Fire Wall Rune

The best tip for a good profit is:

Take everything from the Ancient Scarabs, some of the loots you can put in your backpack and other just throw in the ground to make a bagloot.

Items to put in the Backpack

Items to make lootbag

Doing this you always will have profit in your hunts. I can't tell you now how many experience you can make per hour, but if I'm not wrong is something like 130k/h and the profit is very well due the plate armors and amulets dropped by the ancient creature. Hope you guys can use it well, and have a funny hunt with this guide.

By Makadamia on 17 May 2016, 19:35

It is worth mentioning that there are another 2 or even 3 places where we can hunt Ancient Scarabs. It is "Mother of Scarab Lair", "Kha'zeel ScaraB lair" north from Ankrahmun and "Lion's Rock" on west from Darashia.


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