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Jean Pierre - Hot Cuisine

Created by Uman. on 08 Nov 2015, 10:00
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How to start


This mighty djinn comes always to Tibia lands at the beginning of August. He's looking for brave adventurers, travelers and master cookers to impart his knowledge about creating meals. For many years, Pierre traveled over Tibia's lands gathering information about secret ingredients and exquisite recipes. He still remembers the old war, which took place at Darama. Most of the meals that he will teach you during this world event, come exactly from this time. He prepares them only to worthy humans and blue djinns, making them strong enough to fight against the evil forces. As his apprentice, you will have to help him with 14 meals. Each meal is special in its own way. That's why you will have to travel all over Tibia, like he did, to find these special ingredients. It won't be an easy task. For example: traveling for hours trying to find sandcrawlers to gain their rarely shells. On the other hand, collecting those items will bring you some fun and sometimes even adrenaline!

How to start


You can begin from Ankrahmun or Darashia, the place you need to reach is showed at map below. It is next to the blue djinn tower. After you have found him you have to greet him of course. Ask him for "cook", "recipes" and at the end about becoming his "apprentice". At the moment you agree, he will tell you which kind of ingredients you have to collect to make a meal. He will teach you each meal one by one. So you cannot skip from one to another meal.
Image Name Attributes
Rotworm Stew Rotworm Stew This item will heal you till top.
Hydra Tongue Salad Hydra Tongue Salad This item will delete from you all bad buffs which are on you.
Roasted Dragon Wings Roasted Dragon Wings This item will add additional 10 points to shielding. Effect will hold for an hour.
Tropical Fried Terrorbird Tropical Fried Terrorbird This item will add additional 5 points to magic level. Effect will hold for an hour.
Banana Chocolate Shake Banana Chocolate Shake You become happy after eating it.
Veggie Casserole Veggie Casserole This item will add additional 10 points to axe/club/sword. Effect will hold for an hour.
Filled Jalapeno Peppers Filled Jalapeño Peppers This item will allowed you to walk faster for an hour.
Blessed Steak Blessed Steak This item will regain your mana till top.
Northern Fishburger Northern Fishburger This item will add additional 50 points to fishing. Effect will hold for an hour.
Carrot Cake Carrot Cake This item will add additional 10 points to distance. Effect will hold for an hour.
Coconut Shrimp Bake Coconut Shrimp Bake This item will allowed you to walk faster underwater. Effect will hold for 24 hours.
Pot of Blackjack Pot of Blackjack This item will heal you till top.
Demonic Candy Ball Demonic Candy Ball
  • Gives you light for 2 hours which pulsates every 5 min.

  • You'll walk faster underwater for an hour

  • Grant you 6 distance skills for an hour.

  • You become invisible for 10 min.

  • Grant you 6 melee skills for an hour.

  • You can be transformed monster for longer time.

  • Grant you 6 shielding skills for an hour.

  • Grant you 3 magic level for an hour.

Sweet Mangonaise Elixir Sweet Mangonaise Elixir When use this item, he'll create 10 copies of ring you actually wearing.


Culinary Master Simple hams and bread merely make you laugh. You're the master of the extraordinaire, melter of cheese, fryer of bat wings and shaker of shakes. Delicious! 4


Rotworm Stew
Meat 2 x Meat
Potato 20 x Potatoes
Onion 1 x Onion
Bulb of Garlic 1 x Bulb of garlic
Flour 5 x Flour
Vial of Beer 2 x Vial of beer
Hydra Tongue Salad
Hydra Tongue 2 x Hydra tongues
Tomato 2 x Tomatoes
Cucumber 1 x Cucumber
Egg 2 x Egg
Troll Green 1 x Troll green
Vial of Wine 2 x Vial of wine
Roasted Dragon Wings
Bat 2 x Dead bat
Jalapeno Pepper 3 x Jalapeño peppers
Brown Bread 5 x Brown breads
Egg 2 x Eggs
Powder Herb 1 x Powder herb
Red Mushroom 5 x Red mushrooms
Tropical Fried Terrorbird
Chicken 1 x Dead chicken
Lemon 2 x Lemons
Orange 2 x Oranges
Mango 2 x Mangoes
Vial of Coconut Milk 2 x Coconut milk
Stone Herb 1 x Stone Herb
Banana Chocolate Shake
Bar of Chocolate 1 x Bar of chocolate
Cream Cake 1 x Cream cake
Banana 2 x Bananas
Milk 2 x Milk
Sling Herb 1 x Sling herb
Star Herb 1 x Star herb
Veggie Casserole
Carrot 2 x Carrots
Tomato 2 x Tomatoes
Corncob 2 x Corncobs
Cucumber 2 x Cucumbers
Onion 1 x Onion
Bulb of Garlic 1 x Bulb of garlic
Cheese 1 x Cheese
White Mushroom 20 x White mushrooms
Brown Mushroom 5 x Brown mushrooms
Filled Jalapeno Peppers
Jalapeno Pepper 10 x Jalapeño peppers
Cheese 2 x Cheese
Troll Green 1 x Troll green
Shadow Herb 1 x Shadow herb
Vial of Mead 1 x Mead
Egg 2 x Eggs
Blessed Steak
Ham 1 x Ham
Plum 5 x Plums
Onion 1 x Onion
Beetroot 2 x Beetroot
Pumpkin 1 x Pumpkin
Jalapeno Pepper 2 x Jalapeño peppers
Northern Fishburger
Northern Pike 1 x Northern pike
Rainbow Trout 1 x Rainbow trout
Green Perch 1 x Green perch
Shrimp 5 x Shrimps
Roll 2 x Rolls
Fern 1 x Fern
Carrot Cake
Carrot 5 x Carrots
Milk 1 x Milk
Lemon 1 x Lemon
Flour 10 x Flour
Egg 2 x Eggs
Cookie 10 x Cookies
Peanut 2 x Peanuts
Coconut Shrimp Bake
Vial of Coconut Milk 5 x Coconut milk
Brown Mushroom 5 x Brown mushrooms
Red Mushroom 5 x Red mushroom
Rice Ball 10 x Rice balls
Shrimp 10 x Shrimps
Sandcrawler Shell 5 x Sandcrawler shells
Water 2 x Water
Carrot 20 x Carrot
Potato 10 x Potatoes
Jalapeno Pepper 3 x Jalapeño peppers
Demonic Candy Balls
Candy 3 x Candies
Candy Cane 3 x Candy canes
Bar of Chocolate 2 x Bar of chocolates
Gingerbreadman 15 x Gingerbread men
Concentrated Demonic Blood 1 x Concentrated demonic blood
Sweet Mangonaise Elixir
Egg 40 x Eggs
Mango 20 x Mangoes
Honeycomb 10 x Honeycombs
Bottle of Bug Milk 1 x Bottle of bug milk
Blessed Wooden Stake 1 x Blessed wooden stake


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