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The Lightbearer

Created by Zathroth. on 07 Nov 2015, 00:00
Table of Contents
History and Changes in The Lightbearer
Gettings Started
Midnight Shard Calculator
Lightbearer Tool

"In that special time of the year when the veil between the worlds is thin and darkness is striving to break through, Lucius calls for Lightbearers to keep sacred light basins burning for four days. Don't let even one go out or all hope is lost". This time, the main goal of your game world is to keep ALL the 10 basins (sprayed around the map) lit for 96 hours. If you manage to accomplish this task, great rewards await you, but if you don't, darkness will fall upon your world. Tibia Royal offers you its complete guide and exclusive tool to succeed in this task. Enjoy!

History and Changes in The Lightbearer

The Lightbearer event was launched for the first time in 2009. After 5 days of hard teamwork against the dark forces, just 19 servers kept the fire burning, and became the first "True Lightbearers". It was designed by Chayenne, an old Cipsoft member famous for her Chayenne's magical key and the Dream Realm Quest. In her own words, "The Lightbearer Event was designed to really make communities work together on a big scale. At first, when I started creating the event design, it was 'my little project', but it quickly turned out to become rather huge, even inside CipSoft where many of my colleagues got interested in it as well. This event was supposed to recall that Tibia is a game that can be played cooperatively, and at the same time it should provide an excellent environment to do so. I was pleased to learn that quite a lot of worlds succeeded in the end. That really made me happy. Reading the community's feedback of the last days was a positive experience for me. The event obviously helped many players to temporarily overcome feuds and other boundaries and to develop a real sense of community spirit in this period of time. That's what we actually wanted to achieve and we hope that these effects are lasting in a way (...)".

Event Changes
  • The rewards were changed.

  • If you successfully dispel the darkness, there won't be any weak demonic creatures anymore on the good side of the Temple of Light.

  • If you successfully dispel the darkness, a teleporter at the Temple of Light will bring you close to the reward room in Kazordoon. The teleporter and the reward room will be available for one month.

  • During the Lightbearer, monsters that spawn around the basin will drop less Midnight Shards. In return, the value of shards and the experience points they yield have been raised significantly.

  • A character can trade up to 40 Midnight Shards for experience points per year. However, you can trade as much Shards as you want for gold.

  • Overcharged runes were turned into golden rune emblems. Later these were removed as reward from the event and became obtainable only as reward for winning fansite contests and special events.

  • Magical torches from the Lightbearer world event now expire and vanish after the event is over even if they are stored in a depot box.

  • From this year on, the number of the year will no longer be mentioned in the text on small fafnar statues. Statues from 2009 and 2010 became valuable pieces for collectors because of this.

  • In order to keep you informed about the number of fire basins your character has already lit, you will now receive a message about your progress each time you light a new basin.

  • From now on, each character can trade up to 40 shards per year. 2011's solution was a one-time exception in order to compensate for a previous bug.


If a world finishes the event successfully, everyone - even those who didn't participate - will gain 10% more experience points if they are on a party with shared experience enabled until November 30th. In addition, there are several invidual rewards for players who contributed keeping the basins burning. Also,

Spirit of Light will spawn on every city, which will slightly heal you.

Midnight Shard 20x Midnight Shards
Brocade Backpack Brocade Backpack
Death Ring Death Ring
Ring of Healing Ring of Healing
Christmas Token 50x Christmas Tokens
Gold Ingot 2x Gold Ignots
Giant Shimmering Pearl Giant Shimmering Pearl
Small Topaz Small Topazes
Stealth Ring Stealth Ring
Time Ring Time Ring
Silver Fafnar Trophy Silver Fafnar Trophy
Crown Backpack Crown Backpack
Midnight Shard 10x Midnight Shards
Ring of Healing 2x Rings of Healing
Demonic Essence 50x Demonic Essences
Gold Ingot 4x Gold Ignots
Might Ring Might Ring
Violet Gem Violet Gem
Small Diamond Small Diamond
Golden Fafnar Trophy Golden Fafnar Trophy
Moon Backpack Moon Backpack
Deed of Ownership Deed of Ownership (It allows you to recieve the Blazebringer mount from Santa)

How to claim the rewards...

You can claim them on two different ways. You can travel to Kazordoon and buy a railing ticket. It will cost 1.000 gold coins. With this you will be able to travel through a special wagon to Lightbearer treasure room. The second way to get into the reward room is to go to Yalahar and speak with Lucius. He will teleport you to this room. The chests with items are all over the room (in every corner). If you have lit all 10 basins walk to the south and you will be able to go though a special teleport where you will find additional rewards. To trade your shards for experience points, you have to speak with Lucius the following: Hi / Shard / Experience / Yes / He will take up to 40 shards. Here you can calculate how much experience you will get.

If your world fails...

On the other hand, if your world fails, there will be consequences.

Essence of Darkness will spawn on cities instead. Also, some evil creatures will appear in the Temple of Light.

Monsters on Dark side of Temple of Light

Spawn of Despair

Harbinger of Darkness


Eclipse Knight

Spawn of Despair

Harbinger of Darkness


Eclipse Knight


Stars: Name: Description Points Secret
Keeper of the Flame One of the Lightbearers. One of those who helped to keep the basins burning and worked together against the darkness. The demonic whispers behind the thin veil between the worlds - they were silenced again thanks to your help. 2
I Did My Part Your world is lucky to have you! You don't hesitate to jump in and help when brave heroes are called to save the world. 2
True Lightbearer You're one of the most dedicated Lightbearers - without you, the demons would have torn the veil between the worlds for sure. You've lit each and every basin, travelling high and low, pushing back the otherworldly forces. Let there be light! 5

Gettings Started

Event Mechanics

  • The event starts on November 11th, and finishes on November 15th.

  • As we already said, the main goal consists in keeping the basins burning for 4 days or 96 hours. Remember that the time of the server save counts aswell.

  • Each basin will burn for 2 hours or 120 minutes. You must lit it before the time runs out. Once you lit it, the time of the basin will reset.

  • You can lit basins only once within 5 days.

  • When you lit a basin, there's a chance that some monsters spawn.

Getting the magical torch

Go to the Magician Quarter in Yalahar, and find the NPC Lucius. Talk with him (Hi, light, yes), and he will teleport you to the Temple of Light. Once there, go upstairs and you will find him again. This time ask him for a mission and he will give you the Magical Torch.


For Information about the basins, you can talk with NPC Lucius asking for a number between 1 and 10. This is a rough approximation of where the basins are located...

Dwacatra Basin

It's the dwarven prison below Kazordoon. You need the key 3802 to enter. This key is in a room that needs the key 3801 to be opened. Below you will find the indications to get this key, obtainable in the "Emperor's Cookies Quest". Follow this route until the last picture, get the key 3800, go back and get the key 3801, and just then go back to picture 6 to get the key to open the prison (to reach the basin you must go all the way back to picture 1, and follow the path to Dwacatra).

Protector Location Description and strategy
Bride of Night Some brides of night could spawn from time to time when you lit the basin. They are not hard to kill for a quite higher level but they can kill low levels pretty easily. They spawn in group. The best tactic is to use Avalanche runes. Just in case, you may opt to use Stealth Ring.

Hellgate Basin

Hellgate is below Ab'dendriel city. To get there you will need key 3012. You can buy it from NPC Elathriel in Ab'Dendriel for 5,000 gold coins. (It is possible that doors will be open so before buying it check it out) When you will obtain it follow the path on image and you will find yourself next to basin. If you are not premium or have no Levitate spell. Take with yourself 6 parcels. Otherwise you will not be able to get out!

Protector Location Description and strategy
Nightslayer When you lit basin Nightslayers might spawn. They do not have high amout of HP but they come in group. The tactic is pretty same like with brides of night in Dwacatra. You should use any kind of AOE rune to kill them at once. They look like Assassin so they have more or less the same abilities. The most important thing is that they can turn themselves invisible!

Plains of Havoc Basin

This basin is located in a dangerous place for low/mid-levels. Be careful because you may find Giant Spider and other kind of creatures in large groups. It's advisable to carry stealth rings (to avoid orcs, cyclops, minotaurs and demon skeletons), and carry some area runes with you.

Protector Location Description and strategy
Midnight Warrior They are pretty ruthless monsters. In group the danger rise. It is wise if during lithging basin you have some friends watching your back. They are weak on fire so it is wise to take with you some GFB if you are mage.

Formogar Glacier Basin

Here we start with the basins located on premium areas. To reach this one you must go to Svargrond using the magic carpet (from Femor hills, Edron, Darashia, Farmine or Kazordoon) and follow this route map. Remember to buy the levitate spell before going. You will find creatures like

Wyvern , and Crystal Spider on the way.

Protector Location Description and strategy
Bane of Light They paralize you, and they come in large groups. Proctection against death is recommended. They are weak to holy and would not represent a problem for a mid-level paladin.

Tarpit Tomb Basin

It's the easiest basin to reach, so if you are premium account and you want to lit one basin to get part of this event it's the best option to you. To reach this basin you must go to Ankrahmun, and then walk till the Kha'labal desert. Enter into the tomb and go down until floor -4, head north a little bit and follow the first path to the left.

Protector Tarpit Tomb Location Basin Location Description and strategy
Doomsday Cultist Weak creatures, just kill them.

Drefia Basin

First go to Darashia, the follow this path...

Protector Location Description and strategy
Acolyte of Darkness The tactic is pretty same as with most of the event monsters. Hit them by Avalanche in a group.

Hero Cave Basin

Go to Edron, and then you must go to the Hero cave located north, outside the city. The basin is above the famous single demon spawn. Carry stealth rings with you, you may use it to avoid the annoying monsters.

Protector Hero Cave Location Description and strategy
Herald of Gloom This creatures use the mana drain spell, they are weak to death, energy, and physical damage.

You must follow this path to find the basin...

Forbidden lands Basin

You must find the NPC The Blind Prophet first, located in Tiquanda, between Port Hope and Darashia. He will teleport you to Forbidden lands. It's a dangerous place full of strong creatures like

Behemoth and Hydra , among other monsters. Keep in mind you need to be in 9th mission of Banuta Quest to be able to travel to Forbidden lands!

Protector The Blind Prophet location Basin location Description and strategy
Midnight Spawn It causes drunkenness. Be careful and bring dwarven rings with you. It's weak to holy and ice damage.

Ramoa Basin

If you already finished the "The Shattered Isles Quest", just use the teleports to access the island. There's no doubt that the path will be familiar to you. Besides that, if you didn't complete it nor activated the required teleport you must access trough the Goroma Volcano (levitate spell is required!), just make sure that you have access to Goroma. You will face Stone Golem , Fire Elemental , Fire Devil , and Dragon if you choose to go inside the volcano. If the mini world-change that happens there is running... well, may god have mercy of your soul (it's advisable to make it another day)...

Once on Ramoa, if your level is not high enough, use sealth rings to avoid some weak creatures that spawn in large groups there. It's full of

Bonebeast , and they can kill you pretty easily if you let them sorround you.

Protector Location Description and strategy
Shadow Hound Weak to physical, fire and ice damage. It self-heals.

Magician Quarter Basin

The hardest basin probably. It's located in Yalahar. Be careful because most players just lit the basin and don't kill the spawn, which gets accumulated.

A hint: when there are many monsters lured, you can walk into the cave by another entrance and kill them one by one.

Protector Location Description and strategy

Midnight Shard Calculator

Midnight Shard Calculator
Your level:
Experience you will receive:

Just for levels lower than 200! Keep in mind it's better to trade shards one by one then all at once because you will gain more experience each level. The formula is 300 * level. Level counts from moment when you speak with Lucius, not during getting experience, so if you will handle all 40 at once, you will recieve less experience.

Lightbearer Tool

In this ocassion, we have specially designed a tool that will help you to organize Lightbearer event on your world!. It will keep you informed if the basins were lit and if players who should take care of them are online. The information about if a basin has been lit can be updated by the event manager (person who created the event) or a person responsible for the basin in an specific hour. Keep in mind that the tool is in beta phase, we will collect the feedback during this year for further improvement!. We do hope you enjoy it. But before making use of it let us give you some hints and some explaination of how the tool works...


  • The tool was designed keeping in mind how some game worlds (that succeeded) organized their communities in past events. Basically, there is an event manager and players responsible for watching the basins during certain days and hours.

  • We recommend you to create a topic in your world board in order to find players willing to watch the basins and help you updating the info displayed on the tool. Also, if its necesary, create (and update) a detailed list with the answers you get from your communitty. That way your whole game world will be able to know who is responsible for each basin, and stay informed of everything. This thread and the tool will be your most valuable weapons to organize the event.

Small tutorial

First, you will see the list of events created by our users and at the bottom of this list you will be able to create your own. Remember (IF YOU ARE THE EVENT MANAGER OR A BASIN WATCHER) to create an account on Tibia Royal if you don't have one yet.

Once you added a new event, access to it in order to see the tool. This tool was organized in columns and rows that display the time (day and hour. We decided to set it hour by hour instead every two hours cause that way players will keep better control over the basins), and the basins ordered in the same way of the guide. There you will be able to set (only the event manager) and see the characters responsible for watching the basin during certain day and hour, if he/she is online or not, and if the basin was lit or not. The rows will be activated from Novemember 11, 10:00 CET until the event ends.

The tool

We do hope you find our guide and tool useful. Suggestions, ideas, critics and constructive feedback is always welcome. Also, remember to share your screenshots and videos!
By valiryas on 15 Nov 2018, 19:58 - 12.00 (Winter Update 2018)

The lightbearer event is now GREAT for farming charm points: it's worth 460 total charm points by killing just 5 of each monster protecting the basins. This is doable by just waiting on each basin for a while until the respective creature appears. The most dangerous one is the duskbringer (the yalahar basin) as it's on a dangerous area (hellspawn and plaguesmith can be lured).

Sir Waz
By Sir Waz on 13 Nov 2014, 22:06

Really awesome guide. Very indepth and helpful.

By Uman on 14 Nov 2014, 19:53

Thank you for kind words. We tries our best and put standards as high as possible so every user can enjoy time at Tibia Royal.

Avar Tar
By Avar Tar on 09 Nov 2014, 20:16

Only few days left! :)

on 11 Nov 2015, 22:57
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