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The Annual Autumn Vintage

Created by Fafnar. on 07 Nov 2015, 00:00

The Annual Autumn Vintage

The Combined Magical Winterberry Society is looking for volunteers to help them with gathering and squishing winterberries during the Annual Autumn Vintage which will take place from October 01-08, and again from October 17-24.

During the event, winterberries can be looted from various monsters. Collect berries, search for your nearest berry stomping assistant to get transported to a secret location, and show your treading skills. If you need further information about the treading process, just ask Gruffy.

Location: Thais


Your world will succeed if enough loads of winterberries are processed in time to temporarily refine all health and mana potions of your world. Their effect will be enhanced by 33% for 7 days in case of success.

Achievement Berry Picker. (after 3 years of contribution)

Getting Started

Event Mechanics:

The event starts on October 01 to 08, and again from October 17 to 24.

To enter: find out the NPc Emilie and say: Hi - mission - yes - yes. Then she will transport you.

To leave: talk with the NPc Gruffy say: Hi - Thais - yes. Then you will be returned to Thais.

To knows how many loads your server has done: ask to Emilia or Gruffy "Status"

Main Goal:

Succed 40 loads in total.

100 Bunches of Winterberries is equal to 1 load , so this means a total of 4000 Bunches of Winterberries will be needed to succeed on the event. (40 loads)

Every character can just put a total of 10 Bunch of Winterberries (every 24 hours)

The following messages will appear in orange when:

  • You use 1 bunch of winterberries: Squish!

  • When you use your 10 daily berries: You already delivered all of your winter berries for today.

Event stages:

This event has 3 types of stages during the loads, and they will be randomly called till the society get satisfaced, then you will succed the load.

A Orange message will appear to start every stage (remember there's no order, so the message will appear randomly and can be repeated)

Stomping Berries:

You need to stomp the berries walking over them, until one of the next stages appears

Note: after every stage the next step will be always stomp the berries.

Berry best stage:

Message: BERRY BEST! You need to defeat them, all of them!

They are gone! Great! Now you can continue stomping!

  • You just need to kill them all and the you will can continue.(success)

Sugar Stage:

Message: WE NEED SUGAR!! Get some sugar from there at the right and add them to the winterberriest Quickly now!

Good, enough sugar there! TIME TO STOMP!

  • As the message said at the right you will get sugar by clicking on the floor, then you just need to put the sugar over the berries.

Water Stage:

Message: WE ARE OUT OF WATER!! You need to add fresh water to the winterberriest! Buckets and water are down on the left! Hurry!

  • Now you will need to add water, on the left-side you will find fountains, use the bucket on the fountain and go back to the berries and use on it.

Mission failed:

If you fail in the procces the nest msg will apear on orange :

Message: No no, now the winterberries lost too much of their power before we could finish this. We need more berries now.

When the berries get fully stomped, a message will appear letting you know that the stomping has finished.


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