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Winter Update 2016

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Table of Contents
Additional information
Hard facts about the Prey System
Correction concerning prey slots
Start of Private Test - 04 Nov 2016
Finally! the first teaser is here!!!. Winter update is getting closer!. We do not know yet the date of release but we will do our best to keep you informed!. As soon as we will get new information, it will be added in this article. So, stay tuned and visit us often!


The New Guys in Town - 19 Oct 2016

It was early in the evening and Alon was on his way to meet some friends at the local pub. "Have you heard? Two new faces showed up in town," Alon asked as he joined them at Frodo's tavern. Nemuk frowned: "Of course I have, there is no way you can miss them, their clothes and the guy's beard are quite striking. Looking like priests or something." "I've heard they are part of some really strange cult, better stay away from them," an obviously drunken knight from the next table barked loudly.

"Easy easy, we don't know nothing so far. Let's not jump to conclusions here," Alon tried to quieten the suspicions. "Has anyone of you even talked to them already?" The whole table lowered their heads and after a short time of awkward silence they devoted the rest of the night to other subjects.

It was one of those days when the beer tasted particularly good to Alon and as he finally called it a night, the streets on his way home were eerily empty. He was strolling along the city walls when two figures caught his eye. Equipped with shovels and pickaxes they hushed through the north gate of the town.

"Well, I'll be damned if those two aren't the new guys we have been talking about earlier on... But what are they doing outside the walls at this time of the day?" he wondered.

Driven by his curious but careful nature he stuck to their heels keeping a safe distance and sought shelter behind a nearby tree as soon as they stopped on a huge clearing not far away from the city. The area looked like a recently started excavation site as he could recognise some ancient looking stonewalls.

They were talking to each other and he tried to eavesdrop on the conversation but he was too far away. He could only overhear the word "Hope". While they began to dig he got more courageous and sneaked around the site. "They really do look like priests," he ascertained but got pulled out of his thoughts as all of a sudden a song raised through the silence of the night: "Earth, fire, holy, ice, we'll find the ruins next to Thais! Energy and death will help us too, to fight the evil coming through!"

Additional information


Teaser in a Nutshell (Spoilers ahead!)

  • New world event: Tibians have to rebuild a temple which is located in the north of Thais.

  • The whole rebuilding process involves two stages.

  • New quests based on different elements are waiting to be solved.

The Temple's Secrets - 25 Oct 2016

Alon decided to confront the priests. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

The priests did not seem to be surprised by his appearance and answered friendly: "We are arranging everything. Day by day, dark forces are getting stronger! But do not despair, the gods have decided to help us. We, who have been chosen to introduce the Tibian heroes into the long forgotten secrets of the Astral Shapers, are preparing the Halls of Hope!"

"Astral Shapers? What are Astral Shapers?" Alon had never heard of them before.

"Once, they were an ancient civilisation praised with an incredible knowledge that had reached its cultural climax during the ages of the God Wars. After their high civilisation got destroyed, the Astral Shapers lost their former power and glory.

Those who survived, withdrew to secret hideouts and turned their backs on our world. Only little remained from their once glorious places and until recently it seemed like the Astral Shapers died with their knowledge long ago. Fortunately, our newest insights showed that at least some of their ancient sites are still intact.

As soon as the Halls of Hope are rebuilt, we will be able to introduce you to the great accomplishments of their culture. Only if the temple regains its ancient glory, you will be able to learn the highest art of imbuing."

"What is imbuing?" Alon asked while he wrinkled his forehead.

"The ultimate power of the Astral Shapers was the ability to forge magical bindings onto items. Once completed, these halls will give you access to their ancient hideouts. But be careful, over the centuries those in hiding slowly degenerated and their descendants are as far away from their ancestor's civilised behaviour as you can only imagine. If you are worthy enough though, you will be able to bind powerful imbuements to your equipment."

This being said, only one single question was preying on Alon's mind: "Tell me, how many of their ancient sites do still exist?"

Where stones are melting and dragons breed, the FIRE imbuements you
must seek.
When snow and blizzards impede the sight, for ICE imbuements you must fight.
If trees are dying and flowers perish, the EARTH imbuements will be cherished. Where cold and heat are streaming free, the desired source is ENERGY.
When only time tells what you gain, HOLY is among those to obtain. If pain and suffer fills the air, the DEATH imbuements will be there.
  • To rebuild the temple, Tibians have to collect heavy old tomes from monsters or treasure chests.

  • If a world is not able to collect enough heavy old tomes the next building stage automatically starts after two days.

  • The temple has to be rebuilt completely to activate portals which are located inside the Halls of Hope.

  • Six dungeons which are inspired by the elements can be accessed through those portals.

  • Players have to solve different quests and defeat a boss at the end of every dungeon.

  • All six bosses have to be defeated at least one time to gain access to a final seventh boss.

  • The boss fights are repeatable and aim at players who are able to compete at the "Heart of Destruction".

  • Monsters roaming through the dungeons are comparable to the strength of ogres in Krailos and above.

  • Once a boss is defeated the player unlocks the corresponding powerful imbuements. Further information about imbuing will be revealed in a designated teaser.

Pray for Prey - 27 Oct 2016

The Tibian gods have listened to pleas of some adventurers for better rewards when risking their lives day in and out cleaning the world from evil creatures that are threatening peace.

After the winter update, adventurers will be offered a choice of monsters from which they can select one that they would like to focus on during their hunts. The gods will then offer a bonus reward for killing this monster. The bonus reward will be active for a set period of hunting time.

If you are not satisfied with the offered bonus, you can ask for a new bonus, and with some luck, the new bonus will be even better than the old one. You can also ask for a new selection of monsters to choose from if you decide that you would rather hunt something else instead.

So before a hunt you can pray for good prey: Simply choose a monster from the list offered and keep your fingers crossed for a nice bonus for hunting that monster. You can have up to three active preys, meaning three different monsters, each with its own bonus. The time will start counting when you start hunting, and it will pause as well when you pause your hunt.

An example of a list of monsters.

After you chose a monster, you can see all information about your prey.

Please note that all things may still be subject to change since the update is still in development.

Hard facts about the Prey System

  • To avoid misunderstandings: A prey is a combination of monster + bonus.

  • You can start using the new prey system as soon as you have reached main.

  • You can have up to three active preys at the same time. -> see explanation on how it will be correction on active prey slots.

  • You get a free monster list reroll every 20 hours for each prey slot, however, the free rerolls will not stack. For example, after 40 hours of waiting, you will still have only one free monster list roll in each prey slot and not two. You can buy extra list rerolls with gold coins if needed. The price for such a reroll depends on your level.

  • Each monster list will offer a random choice of 9 monsters, covering different difficulty levels. You will not find the same monsters in different preys, so you cannot choose two or three different boni for one monster.

  • There will not be any bosses or event monsters in such monster lists, and neither will there be any monsters listed that do not yield any experience points.

  • The bonus for a monster is selected randomly and can either be damage boost, damage reduction, bonus XP, or improved loot.

  • You can change the bonus. Bonus rerolls can be bought with Tibia coins.

  • A prey will be active for 2 hours hunting time.

  • You can ask for a new monster list for an already active prey. If you do so, the bonus will remain the same, however, you can choose a new monster from the new monster list that you will be offered.

  • After a prey has expired, you can activate a new one by rolling on the monster list. When you choose a new monster, you will also receive a new randomly selected bonus again.

  • You will see your active preys including all information in the prey window in the client.

Correction concerning prey slots

I'm afraid, there was an internal mis-communication concerning the amount of unlocked preys you will have. This is how it was meant to be, and how it will be:

  • As a free account player, you have one unlocked prey slot.

  • As a premium account player, you have two unlocked prey slots.

  • The third one has to be unlocked with Tibia coins, no matter if you are free account or premium account. As a free account, you can also unlock the second one permanently with Tibia coins.

Start of Private Test - 04 Nov 2016

Are you ready to find out more about the Astral Shapers, to imbue items with temporary effects, and to pray for prey? The private test of the winter update has started and lots of new stuff is waiting to be tested!

Besides the new content and features we already presented in teasers, the winter update will also bring along the following improvements:

  • With the upcoming winter update, we want to make gold payments more convenient for all players. Therefore, Tibian bank transfers will also work for free accounts from then on. If you spend gold at an NPC (e.g. for items, boat ride, arena access), via the market, the imbuing window, or the prey window, the gold will first be deducted from containers in your inventory, then from your Gold Pouch (if you bought one for your character), and finally, from your bank account.

  • Improved character view in account management: If your character owns a house or is a member of a guild, you will see this information displayed below its name in the character list in your account management. The guild name and the house will be clickable links that lead you to the corresponding page in the community section of the website. Your guild and house will also be displayed if you click on "Edit" to see and edit details about your character. Additionally, you will be able to see all of your character's guild applications listed there.

  • Last but not least, you will be able to filter highscores by vocation. For example: If you are interested in checking the magic level of sorcerers only, simply choose "sorcerers" as filter when viewing the highscore list for magic level.

For the private phase, tutors, senators, fansite representatives, former focus group members, former closed beta testers, and selected long-time players have been invited to join the test. More information can be found in the welcome thread on the test website. While only private testers may post on the test board, all players can read it.

Of course, there will also be a public test phase so stay tuned!

See you on Testa and Testera!

Your Community Managers


Picture Name Weight
Abandoned Imbuing Shrine 0 oz.
Ancient Belt Buckle 2.5 oz.
Ancient Coin 0.3 oz.
Ancient Watch 6.5 oz.
Astral Glyph 6.5 oz.
Astral Shaper Rune 8.5 oz.
Astral Source 6.5 oz.
Autumn Sparkle Blossom 0 oz.
Beetle Carapace 35 oz.
Blooming Birch 0 oz.
Bone Toothpick 20 oz.
Brass-Shod Chest 0 oz.
Broken Azure Crystal 0 oz.
Broken Azure Crystal 0 oz.
Broken Azure Crystal 0 oz.
Broken Wooden Cone 0 oz.
Bug Meat 11 oz.
Cave Turnip 2.5 oz.
Coal Eyes 6.5 oz.
Column 0 oz.
Column 0 oz.
Column 0 oz.
Column 0 oz.
Column 0 oz.
Column 0 oz.
Column 0 oz.
Column 0 oz.
Coral Brooch 0.8 oz.
Cracked Alabaster Vase 4.5 oz.
Death Portal 0 oz.
Door 0 oz.
Dragon Crown 6.5 oz.
Dragon Tongue 5.5 oz.
Earth Portal 0 oz.
Empty Birdcage 10 oz.
Empty Ruined Plant Tub 0 oz.
Energy Portal 0 oz.
Fertile Soil 0 oz.
Fire Portal 0 oz.
Forbidden Fruit 6.5 oz.
Forbidden Tome 6.5 oz.
Frozen Time 6.5 oz.
Gemmed Figurine 6.5 oz.
Ghostsilver Lantern 6 oz.
Gilded Imbuing Shrine 0 oz.
Glowing Carrot 6.5 oz.
Golden Path 0 oz.
Golden Talon 6.5 oz.
Growing Birch 0 oz.
Heavy Old Tome 10 oz.
Holy Portal 0 oz.
Ice Portal 0 oz.
Imbuing Crystal 2.5 oz.
Imbuing Shrine 0 oz.
Imbuing Shrine (Store) 0 oz.
Inert Astral Shaper Rune 8.5 oz.
Key to Knowledge 6.5 oz.
Large Wooden Cone 0 oz.
Lightsphere 1 oz.
Milky Azure Crystal 0 oz.
Milky Azure Crystal 0 oz.
Milky Azure Crystal 0 oz.
Milky Azure Crystal 0 oz.
Monument 0 oz.
Monument 0 oz.
Obelisk 0 oz.
Occupied Birdcage 15 oz.
Old Desk 0 oz.
Old Machine 0 oz.
Old Note 2 oz.
Old Silver Key 2.5 oz.
Orclops Santa 6.5 oz.
Overgrown Monument 0 oz.
Overgrowth 0 oz.
Painting of a Girl 3.3 oz.
Part of a Rune 8.5 oz.
Part of a Rune 8.5 oz.
Part of a Rune 8.5 oz.
Part of a Rune 8.5 oz.
Part of a Rune 8.5 oz.
Part of a Rune 8.5 oz.
Phial of Fresh Water 3 oz.
Pillow Backpack 14.5 oz.
Plant Tub 0 oz.
Plate Layered Archway 0 oz.
Platform Rising From Water 0 oz.
Platform Sinking Into Water 0 oz.
Platform Under Water 0 oz.
Prismatic Quartz 1.2 oz.
Red Bladed Agave 0 oz.
Reinvigorating Seeds 5 oz.
Rhino Hide 8 oz.
Rhino Horn 6.5 oz.
Rhino Horn Carving 6 oz.
Ruined Sculpture 0 oz.
Shadow Mask 6.5 oz.
Shadow Paint 6.5 oz.
Sign of Uman and Zatharoth 0 oz.
Slant 0 oz.
Small Trimed Tree 0 oz.
Spider Web 0 oz.
Symbol of Air 0 oz.
Symbol of Bastesh 0 oz.
Symbol of Crunor 0 oz.
Symbol of Fardos 0 oz.
Symbol of Fire 0 oz.
Symbol of Nornur 0 oz.
Symbol of Sula 0 oz.
Symbol of Suon and Fafnar 0 oz.
Symbol of Tibia 0 oz.
Symbol of Toth 0 oz.
Symbol of Urgith 0 oz.
Tarnished Rhino Figurine 7.5 oz.
Thorn Seed 6.5 oz.
Tiger Eye 1.2 oz.
Time Machine 0 oz.
Treasure Chest 95 oz.
Trimmed Tree 0 oz.
Untended Trimmed Tree 0 oz.
Window 0 oz.


Picture Name Hitpoints Experience
A Shielded Astral Glyph 0 0
An Astral Glyph 0 0
An Observer Eye 0 0
Animated Sword 0 0
Bound Astral Power 0 0
Broken Shaper 2200 1600
Cave Parrot 30 0
Corrupted Soul 1100 1300
Diamond Servant Replica 2000 700
Dragon Wrath 0 0
Dragonking Zyrtarch 0 0
Frozen Minion 0 0
Golden Servant Replica 2000 450
Icicle (Creature) 0 0
Iron Servant Replica 1000 210
Lady Tenebris 0 50000
Lloyd 0 0
Lost Time 0 0
Melting Frozen Horror 0 65000
Mounted Thorn Knight 0 0
Orclops Doomhauler 1700 1200
Orclops Ravager 1200 1650
Possessed Tree 2500 1300
Shadow Fiend 0 0
Shadow Tentacle 0 0
Shaper Matriarch 1100 1650
Solid Frozen Horror 0 0
Soul of Dragonking Zyrtarch 0 0
Soulcatcher 0 0
Squidgy Slime 150 0
Stone Rhino 3000 1800
The Astral Source 0 0
The Blazing Time Guardian 0 45000
The Distorted Astral Source 0 0
The Enraged Thorn Knight 20000 15000
The Freezing Time Guardian 0 0
The Last Lore Keeper 0 45000
The Shielded Thorn Knight 0 0
The Time Guardian 0 45000
Thorn Minion 0 0
Thorn Steed 0 0
Time Keeper 0 0
Time Waster 0 0
Twisted Shaper 2500 1750
Unbound Blightwalker 0 0
Unbound Defiler 0 0
Unbound Demon 0 0
Unbound Demon Outcast 0 0


You can tame a new mount Stone Rhino. In order to get it you have to fight your way through the Quest "Forgotten Knowledge" and assemble the astral shaper rune.

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