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Beginners Guide for Monster AI

Created by Kexto. on 02 Nov 2015, 05:00

In tibia there are numerous creatures but most of them share certain traits with other creatures. There are certain patterns in their behavior and attacks that if known, can really make a difference in how your hunts go. I will describe several different types of AI behaviors and how to counter them, as well as list a few creatures fitting the behavior as an example.

Distance fighting creatures:

These creatures keep a distance and often do more damage than melee creatures. They will maintain a certain distance so you are just in range of their attacks. If you chase them they will run away and continue to attack while possibly leading you towards more creatures. If not dealt with quickly they can often be more dangerous than creatures that attack at close range.

How to fight them: One of the best ways to fight them is to use distance attacks. If you use melee then try to close the distance between you and them, but do not just go charging in. To avoid being pulled in and risk running into more, try to maneuver around them and cause them to run towards a corner where you can trap it. Remember that the creature runs away from you, but, often maintain a certain distance use this to control where they move. If you are in a large open space then try to get it to run towards an area you previously cleared.


Orc Spearman

Minotaur Archer

Elf Scout

Creatures that run at low health: You’re fighting a creature that is nearly dead, you almost won, and then suddenly it takes off. This may not seem like a problem at first, but if not careful this can lead to the creature getting away or leading you into more. Each creature that runs away, do so at a certain health but they can usually all be dealt with in similar ways.

How to fight them: The creature will always run away from the player when it health gets low on health. So when a creature gets low and you know they are about to run, try to stand in a position opposite of where you want the creature to run. This will give you more control over the situation and get the creature to run to an empty area or into a corner where you can trap it.





Creatures that summons: There are several creatures that will summon other creatures to attack you. These summons give no experience and can add to the damage you take. Often when you kill a summon another one will just be spawned by the summoner. Most of the time, the summoner will keep their distance from the player and rely on their summons and distant magical attacks.

How to fight them: It is best to take out the summoner as quickly as possible. If you use distant attacks it will make your job a lot easier, but if you use melee, then the same tactic used against distant fighting creatures would apply. This means you have to be careful not to let the summons get in your way or allow them to trap you.


Orc Shaman


Lizard Sentinel

Creatures with wave and beam attacks: Some creatures use attack that send out a wave or beam directly in front of them. These attacks can do more damage than most of their other attacks but they can be avoided with careful movements. Also remember that a beam it’s in a straight line, while a wave spreads out the farther it goes.

How to fight them: The best way to avoid being hit is to stay diagonal of these creatures. Even if you’re behind it the creature can still turn around and use a beam or wave, doing a lot of damage. Melee uses should often move out of the creature's front every time it moves. This is called dancing with the dragon as it is used on them often.





Self-healing creatures: These creatures heal themselves as the fight goes on. This can make the fight last longer than expected and can be make certain creatures more dangerous. Such as the dragon that runs at low health, can often heal and turn around unexpectedly.

How to fight them: Simply keep attacking them and try to counter their healing abilities by doing more damage than they can heal.





Creatures with invisibility: There are some creatures that can go invisible and make it impossible to target them by normal means. The amount of time the creature stays invisible various on the creature your hunting.

How to fight them: Creatures will become visible again once they take damage or after their invisibility wears off. Using an area attack will make them visible when they are hit. Also using damage over time attack such as poison or bleeding will make them visible each time they take damage from it.




Dark Magician

Creatures that paralyze: These creatures will cast paralyze on the player causing them to move slower. This can be dangerous when you are trying to chase a creature or run away from it.

How to fight them: Use healing spell will cure paralyze.





Creatures that change target: When hunting in a group some creatures will change target and attack other members of the party.

How to fight them: Have a blocker use challenge "exeta res" to keep the creature on them and protect the rest of the group.




Ancient Scarab


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