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How to Tame a Glooth Glider

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Table of Contents
How to tame it


  • There is no level requirement to tame this mount.

  • Premium Account.

  • Citizen Rank in Oramond Quest.

  • Completed some task: Four Demanding Statues ( Elbert From Rathleton Spontaneous Speech: The glooth output isn't sufficient yet.; Damned glooth bandits! They are worse than a swarm of magpies!; This pump doesn't work.; Poor Georgia, I wish I could help you. Elbert ), Nature's Balance ( Drystan Wildweed From Rathleton Spontaneous Speech: Annoying rascals! They will overrun these caves.; Irresponsible thieves! They threaten the natural balance.; Something strange is going on here. Drystan Wildweed ), Tending Glooth Worms ( Wesley From Rathleton Wesley ), The Mutant Glooth Plague ( Georgia Rainbird From Rathleton Spontaneous Speech: Is there someone?; I can hear your steps!; Where have I put my wrench? Georgia Rainbird ), All task of Zeronex From Rathleton Zeronex (Strong Cloth, Bottle of Airlight Gloo and Filled Gas Bag).

  • Glooth Glider Blueprint This blueprint lists a lot of necessary parts and requirements to build a modified glooth glider. Weight: 1.00 oz. Created in patch: 10.7 Glooth Glider Blueprint , Glooth Glider Casing Weight: 16.00 oz. Created in patch: 10.7 Glooth Glider Casing , Glooth Glider Crank Weight: 11.00 oz. Created in patch: 10.7 Glooth Glider Crank , Glooth Glider Gear Wheel Weight: 13.00 oz. Created in patch: 10.7 Glooth Glider Gear Wheel , Glooth Glider Hinge Weight: 11.00 oz. Created in patch: 10.7 Glooth Glider Hinge , Glooth Glider Tubes and Wires Weight: 9.00 oz. Created in patch: 10.7 Glooth Glider Tubes and Wires and Roll of Covering Weight: 9.00 oz. Created in patch: 10.7 Roll of Covering .

  • You can get this item on two differernt ways:

    • Buy the items from other players.

    • Completed the Hero of Rathleton Quest.

How to tame it

  • Go to Rathleton.

  • Follow this way.

  • Go down here.

  • Follow this way.

  • Enter in the teleport.

  • Go down here.

  • Follow this way.

  • Go down here.

  • Find Peremin From Rathleton Peremin in the Glooth Factory.

  • Talk with Peremin From Rathleton Peremin .

  • Ask him about "Build".


  • Glooth Glider Mount.

  • You gain the achievement Fabled Construction Points: 3 Premium Fabled Construction .

  • If this is your first mount, you gain the achievement Natural Born Cowboy Points: 1 Premium Natural Born Cowboy .

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