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Guide for rookstayer

Created by Spuge. on 02 Nov 2015, 11:00

So Rookgaard, better know as "rook" is place where you start your tibia adventures.

Some people prefer to stay in rook and get high level with less hunting place, healt and mana (even tought mana is useless in rook).

Hunting places.

For example of hunting places, probably best hunting place for little higher levels in rook is minotaur hell, north of main bridge.


You need to jump down, then go someway to west and down the hole where you meet 1 orc. Then you go north and down the hole where you meet many wolfes. This place is second best place to hunt for wolf paws (best is in premium side), that you need for druid first addon.

So north side of wolf hole has another hole, go down and you pop out here:

This place has still one hole to go down. When you do it you will meet alot minotaurs. Apparently it might get little tricky.

You might want to have atleast 15 lvl, best equipment you can get and some small healt potions before going down there.

But before you're high enough level to hunt minotaurs you should maybe stay around troll cave, troll mountain, rotworm hell ( Rotworms are quite hard too.) or premium account side.

Equipment and hunting.

So basically best set you can get in rook is this.

And items you should always carry in your backpack are these.

You should also carry arrows and poison arrows.

Also spears would be very useful, since you can use boxes and other item you find to avoid monster attacks.


In rook just like in mainland you might find alot of hidden quests.

Not all of them are given you by NPC, but are spreaded around rook for you to find them. So you should keep your eyes open while exploring around rook and you might find places and quests like these.

Or you might find secrets of orc language.

Explore for mysteries.

You might want to explore around rook, since you might find some bosses or some mysterys or guests.

One of mysterys is legendary spike sword aka. Sword of Fury over here:

Another one is this minotaur mage locked in mino hell.


Like in mainland, in rookgaard is some special bosses, with their special loot.

4 known bosses of rookgaard are:

Munster here, in the main sewer:
Teleskor here, in premium side:
Rottie the Rotworm here at katana quest:

And most famous of rookgaard bosses, Apprentice Sheng spawns at minotaur hell.

Addons and Achievements.

You also can get some addons and achievements in rookgaard. Not as many as in mainland, but few atleast. Addons you can get are full citizen outfit and druid paw addon.

And notice that you actually can have mount in rook. Buying one of cipsofts special premium offers, makes it possible to give mount for character in rookgaard.

Achievements are:

  • Here fishy fishy

  • Exemplary Citizen

  • Happy farmer

  • Waverider

  • Bluebarian

  • Natural born cowboy

  • Make a Wish

  • Number of the beast

  • Snowbunny

  • Potion addict

  • The cakes the truth

  • The undertaker

  • With cherry on top

Differences between free and premium account sides.

Both, free and premium account sides have their very own specialitys. For example premium side, which is of course only accessible by premium players has largest wolf spawn, one boss spawn (teleskor) and largets blueberry and chicken spawns.

In other hand free account side has best hunting places for higher levels, largest bear spawn (2 bears) and largest wasp spawn and swimming beach.

Both sides also have very large wheat fields.

Hopefully you will have alot of fun in land of Rookgaard.


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