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Catch your rare!

Created by Joogi. on 26 Oct 2015, 00:00

Do you dream of owning a rare but your level is too low and your account has a status of free?

Today you can become the owner of rare! How is this possible? Let me introduce you to a few possibilities.



How do I know that the boss appeared?

Sounds: "Yooodelaaahooohooo".

Rare which you can get: Bunnyslippers

When you reach an NPC Nielson write to him: hi -> folda -> yes

To come back to mainland wrtie to NPC Svenson: hi -> tibia -> yes

How he fight:

Melee: 0 - 200 hit points

Snow Wave: 0 - 180 hit points

Snowball: 0 - 175 hit points


At first you need to know that Yetis fight until death!


You should try to keep at one of their diagonals to avoid the snow wave.


Use the best weapon on your level and keep away from him! If you have at least 15 magic level and 45 level you can shot to him by Sudden Death Runes.

Druid / Sorcerer:

On low level you should use Magic Sheild for safe! Like a Paladin you can use Sudden Deaths Runes if you have requirment levels.



How do I know that the boss appeared?

Sounds: "You desacrated this place!" ; "Yoooohuuuu!" ; "I will cleanse this isle!" ; "Grrrrrrr".

Rare which you can get: Wooden Whistle

This boss can be only kill by druids, because only they can exceed tp island of druids.

How he fight:

Melee: 0 - 50+ hit points

Divine Missile: 65 - 180+ hit points

Mana Drain: 20 - 45+ mana points

Self Healing: 10 - 200 hit points


Summons: 0 - 3 War Wolfs



To fast kill that boss you should use Sudden Death Runes. Optional you can kill him by energy / flam strike.

Be careful of the Giant Spiders on the way!



Rare which you can get: Cornucopia

Be careful in the room where he spawns, because he is not there alone.



Rare which you can get Die

To kill these bosses do not need a high level or a premium account. You can easily earn a lot of money or become an owner of rares!

By Glex on 07 Jul 2016, 18:02

Free accounts can find Demodras too to get Dragon Claw . located at PoH Dragon Lair on the way to the Ornamented Shield Quest, PoI Dragon Lair , Thais Dragon Lair.

Free accounts also can face with the boss Rotworm Queen his notable item is Gland located at Hellgate

Another free accoun boss is Zevelon Duskbringer his notable item is Vampire Lord Token . you can find in hellgate



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