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Flash Client Guide by Jakob Miller

Created by JakobMiller. on 26 Oct 2015, 00:00


This guide will give you a complete overview of the game Tibia in general with focus on the Flash Client. I want to inspire players to consider this option over the older C++ client, also known as the stand-aloneclient. The flash client gives you more options when it comes to customization of hotkeys, layout, combat texts and more. I am regularly in the situation where I am asked why I use this client and why Ifind it better. This is my attempt to cover that in all aspects.

Get Started

As a new player to the game, you will need to create your own account. To do this, visit and press Account in the left panel. This will give you further account options. Press Create Account or be lazy and click here to instantly travel to the account creation site.

You will be asked to fill in information about yourself and also create your first character on any specific world. There are currently three types of worlds, Optional PvP, Open PvP and Hardcore PvP. For more information about these world types can be read about here. What is written in this chapter can also befound in previous link, but as this guide only covers Flash Client, it will have full focus on that.

When you have confirmed your registration and logged onto your account, you will find some information if you are able to run Flash client or not. Most of the error cases is about not having latest Adobe Shockwave Player installed. Make sure to follow the instructions and download the latest version to be as optimized as possible.

If you do not receive any more red warnings on your account page you can now start the Flash client by pressing Play by your character name. Your game will open up in a new window. Keep your account window up in case you crash and quickly need to log in again. Your character list looks like this:

Brief Overview

One negative effect with Flash client is the system requirements. To run Flash client requires a better computer than the use of the C++ client. As many Tibia players are running on older machines, thismight be a reason to consider the stand-alone client before Flash client. The best way to figure out is bytesting both. The Flash client is also running differently in different internet browsers. I will discuss my preferences in this section about my optimization tips. Here below are the system requirements foreach specific client (Cipsoft, 2014).

Flash Client

C++ Client (Windows)

Operating System

Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or higher), Windows Vista, Windows 7 or newer

Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or higher), Windows Vista, Windows 7 or newer

Browser Internet Explorer 8.0 (or higher), Mozilla Firefox 4.0 (or higher), Google Chrome + Adobe Flash Player 11.2.0 (or higher)
Graphics Engine

DirectX version 9.0 or better

DirectX version 5.0 or better


2.6 GHz Intel Pentium 4,

AMD Athlon 64 3400+ or 1.6 GHz Intel Core Duo (or higher)

1 GB of RAM

52 MB free space on your hard disk (+ approximately 150 MB for the complete map files)

Any AMD or Intel CPU of 500+ MHz or better

3D accelerated video graphics adapter (e.g. cards with ATI Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce chipsets)

77 MB free space on your hard disk

Internet connection

28.8k or better

28.8k or better

Game Window

If it is the first time or you are used to the C++ client, this client might confuse you a little. This chapter will be an overview of the window with a brief explanation for each part. Each section have a click-able link to navigate you to right section. Remember that it is possible to zoom in on the picture if you want to see something in more details. At least one window is missing from the picture, the VIP List. This isexplained in a later chapter.

  1. Menu Panel

  2. Combat Controls

  3. General Controls

  4. Battle List

  5. Trade Window

  6. Health Bar

  7. Information Bar - Experience and More

  8. Mana Bar

  9. Hotkey Panel

  10. Toggle Hotkey Panel

  11. Toggle Side Panel

  12. Chat Panel

  13. Drag & Drop Window

  14. Toggle Chat

  15. Hotkey Mode

  16. Container

  17. Inventory

  18. Minimap

  19. Toggle Menu Panel

Menu Panel

The menu panel may be the first confusing object that you will face. The icons may not be that obvious and you might wonder why you have the chance to open the menu panel in every side panel. The reason for this is that you can organize where you want to open a specific window. I might for instance want to open my containers in one panel while having mini-map and inventory in another one. This allows a lot of customization and it will keep the same layout even if you switch computer. If you take a look at the previous page where you can see a setup for a specific account, you can see that the player has chosen to open General Controls, Combat Controls, Battle List and Trade on one side, while having mini-map, Inventory and containers on the other. Remember that you can have up to four side panels open at the same time. This means that you can customize them all. I will show my setup at My Optimiation Tips. After you are done with the customization, you can press the arrow on the panel to hide it. This is a good way to get even more space.

General Controls

The general controls is your menu and the link to all useful information. Every option will be explained in each link in a specific sub chapter.

Logout & Change Character

When pressing logout, you will get a dialog box in the middle of the screen asking you if you are sure that you want to logout. Pressing Yes will get you to the character list where you can enter other characters. There are two standard commands for this. Ctrl + Q will make you logout and Ctrl + F will get you to switch character directly from one to another. WARNING! Ctrl + F does not work properly at current patch, 10.35.
This chapter will handle a lot of detailed information. This is what makes the Flash client the most optimal client currently existing. Everything will be mentioned step by step in sub chapters. My setup can be found in My Optimization Tips.
This window is pretty straight forward. Auto Chase Off checked means that if you are targeting a creature it won’t automatically follow it, while unchecked will make your character follow your target. This is probably a good option as a knight player. As a druid, sorcerer or paladin you want to keep distance. It is a matter of taste. Reset All Options will reset ALL your settings in the options window. Be careful with this option if you want to save hotkeys or other options. You might want to consider resetting them manually.
Here are some options to help you perform better or change the appearance on the screen. Enable Light can seem somewhat contradictious. When checked, you will enable shadows and other light effects, while unchecked the game will be completely bright. Ambient Brightness will change the level of brightness in the game. Level Separator will change the level of lightness for lower level players than you. None of these two will work if Enable Light is unchecked. Highlight Object under Mouse will change the light value of hovered objects like stairs or ladders. This is something that is unique for the Flash client. Scale Game Window will shrink the window to its normal size. This is good for users that have an older computer and want to prevent some of the FPS issues that might occur. Antialiasing makes the graphics smooth by overlapping colors. A few tests have been made where antialiasing has been off and on. The conclusions were that having antialiasing on will decrease your performance, but improve the visuals. Maximum Frame Rate should always be on max as long as you are using a 60 MHz monitor or less. You want most optimal FPS in the game and therefor it should be set to max. Show Frame rate will display an FPS meter in the bottom left corner of your game window. Running between 50-60 fps is the most optimal for best gaming experience.
The Status window will offer you options to change visual effects on the screen. Style has the options Classic, HUD or Disabled. These changes affects the health and mana bar around your character. Classic will show two small meters above your character, HUD will make two c-formed bars on each side of your character with health and mana. My personal setup is shown in My Optimization Tips. You have also the option to use the classic style on other creatures or disable it. For both your and other characters you may check different information to display such as Name, Health, Mana and Marks. The three first are self-explained while marks are the skulls or guild tag that a character may have. The Status Bar is the one on top of the game window. You can change the appearance of the bars by using default, compact, parallel, large or disabled. The Progress Bar is the one below your status bar which can display one specific thing like your level, magic level, specific weapon skill and more. These options can also be changed by right-clicking the bars on the game window instead of going through options. Best way to learn is by testing.
This is a section I enjoy. This give you the option to change what will be shown on the screen and in the chat window. What you change here is a matter of taste. I prefer to have as little text on my screen as possible except for those I find important for myself. I also prefer few rows in the server log to display what I find important. Displaying experience gained by each monster might not be that important while a list of loot might be of more interest. Not only may you toggle to display information, but you may also change the colors of your liking. This is a good way to optimize your screen for your preferences. You may also toggle if you want to display levels and timestamps of players writing in the chat.
Mouse Control
This section offers a lot of customization for your mouse. As an old player that have used the C++ client for years, am somewhat afraid of this page, due to the experience with the classic controls. I won’t mention a lot about this page due to my inexperience with it, but I can mentioned that there are a few presets that can be selected. They also have an option called smart-click, which can perform several things with the same click, depending on what object you are clicking on. Play around with it and optimize it for your best.


This section is what makes Flash client worth using. Without this page, the Flash client would never be better than the C++ client. You have the option to make presets for every character. If you want one setup for each vocation, you can easily create that by writing a name for it and press Add. You can set chat mode on or off, which will be explained in the Chat Window chapter. You can restore a preset to default or remove it. When you have created your preset, you have the option to change hotkeys for almost everything in the game. It is possible to change navigation hotkeys if you prefer to move with some specific keys. Default keys for moving are WASD and Arrows. For each hotkey, you can bind two keys on your keyboard. You may not bind hotkeys to your mouse. The best way around that is either getting a mouse which can record macros or downloading a software which makes a keystroke on specific mouse click. To bind a hotkey, simply press in the box First Key or Second Key for specific option and you will open a message box asking you to press any hotkey. If you do not like the hotkey you have created, press cancel. You may also remove a hotkey by pressing clear. Press ok to accept the hotkey. You can drag and drop spells to your hotkey panel, which will be working as the hotkey that you can either bind or click on with your mouse. The spell will show the cooldown for the ability until you can use it again. When you have customized an entire panel and do not need to click on the abilities with your mouse, you can hide the panel by pressing the arrow on the side of that panel. There are a lot of customization to be done here, bind hotkeys, test and enjoy.

Ignore List

This page will display players you have ignored or white listed. I would recommend to leave the white list alone since you mostly want everyone to write messages to you. The ignore list can be handy when you want to remove a player from the ignore list or want to check a specific name that you have ignored in the past. You may also toggle if you want to ignore ALL yells and private messages. This can be handy if you do not want to be disturbed. That is NOT RECOMMENDED since this is an online game where people should communicate with each other.

Quest Log

The quest log will display completed and not completed quests. It is a simple window where you can double-click quests to read information about your task.

Character Profile

Compared to the stand-alone client, you now have a window with the gathered information instead of having a box like your containers to display the information shown here. This is good since it will optimize your amount of information shown on the screen. Most of the times, the only information you want to see is the experience to next level or specific magic level. This can be shown in the progress bar above the screen instead of taking space on the side of the game window. The character profile displays all information you need to know about your character like vocation, skills, stamina level, offline training, capacity, soul points, speed and a timer for your starving level.

Combat Controls

The Combat Controls box will display information related to your combat. This is a window recommended to always have opened if you are playing different types of vocations, having one PvP character and one that you do not want to PvP with. The reason will be explained in sub-chapters below.

Combat Modes
The combat mode contains three types, offensive, balanced and defensive. There are specific formulas for each stance that will not be mentioned here. You can find this type of information in some Tibia fan sites. The stances does not work offensively for druids and sorcerers. What that means is that magic is not affected by stances, although your defense is. This means that if you are using a wand or rod as druid or sorcerer, you will want to use defense stance for best defense since your offensive will not be affected. It is a different story for knights and paladins, which makes the stances more situational for them.
Toggling this will make you chase your target as long as you do not move your character manually, which will turn of the chase mode. In the General Options you have the chance to always turn on chase mode after each target.
The mount button will make you mount up. If you do not have a mount or does not have it selected in your outfit menu, it will open it for you automatically.
Secure Mode
This button allows you to switch between secure and normal mode. Secure mode prevents you from attacking another player with that is not marked with a skull. WARNING! This does not prevent you from attacking players with runes like Great Fireball that will makes you skull on them if you are playing on an open PvP world. Take caution! The normal mode lets you attack all players, independently of skull. As a new player, you want to have secure mode selected.

Player versus Player Modes

These options are somewhat tricky to understand. Depending on the mode selected, you are able to turn of the possibility to attack players with spells that before would hit a player and make you white skulled. Every option has a specific limitation to what players you can attack and is described below.

Dove Mode
This mode is the friendliest. You will NOT be able to attack or block a player as long as you are in secure mode. Remember that they can still attack you! Always keep this active when you are hunting or playing with friends.
White Hand Mode
This mode lets you attack or block players that have been aggressive towards you or your guild members.
Yellow Hand Mode
This mode can be compared as a policeman. You can attack and block criminals with white, red or black skull, as long as they are not part of your guild.
Red Fist Mode
This is the offensive mode which allows you to attack or block all players, even if they are in your guild. Use with caution!
Stop will do as stated, make your character stop.


The mini-map will display explored and unexplored areas. Unexplored will be hidden with black fog. Right-clicking on the map will let you put up markers where you can add your own text. This is very handy when you want to remember locations like ladders or holes in the ground, maybe warning you for dangerous creatures. You can navigate on your mini-map by moving up and down between floors and to the left, north, right and south with the specific arrows. You can zoom in and out with +/-. If you want to move the map to your location again, simply move to any location or press the star-looking button.

How to Use Explored Map

In difference to the hotkeys and game setup, the map will be saved and stored through your browser on your PC. This means that whenever you reinstall your browser or clear the cache, the map will be gone. In these cases it might be handy to save your mini-map while doing this and then upload it again. You can export the map by visiting your account page on and press the button Migration Tools. This will open the game client and give you a few options. Press Export Minimap to save it as an export file on your PC.

To upload a map, simply press Load Tibia Export File on the same page. This will take some time to recognize the file and its content. When done, you are able to press Import Minimap and you will have the same map and markers as before.


The equipment slots displays the equipment you are currently carrying. To equip something, drag and drop the item in the specific body part. In the Flash client you have the option to set items on the hotkey panel for fast equip or use. This is a good idea to do for parts you may switch often like amulets, rings, boots or weapon. The container slot is where you put your bag or backpack. You can add as many containers in another container as you want, as long as your capacity allow it. You can open other backpacks to another window by as default Ctrl + Right click it and choose Open in New Window.

VIP List

The VIP list is where you store personal information about players. The players you add to the playlist by either clicking on the player on the screen, in chat or right click in the VIP List and choose Add to VIP List, will end up on the list. They will be displayed as green if they are online and red if offline. As a free account user you have the possibility to add up to 20 players to the VIP list while premium can add 100. By pressing a player name in the VIP list you will get several options. You can Edit the player by adding text or a symbol to be displayed by the name. In this way you can easily sort out players if they are friends or enemies.

Battle List

The Battle List in the Flash client is a great tool if used properly. You have five buttons that you can toggle on/off that will either display or hide certain characters in the list. From left to right you can Hide Players, Hide NPCs, Hide Monsters, Hide Non-Skulled Players, Hide Party Members.

“Why would hiding be a good thing to do?”

The Flash client offers the possibility to add targeting of monsters or players with a key on your keyboard. The default key to do this is Space. What the targeting will do is to select the first object on the list and attack it, regardless of what object it is. So if you hunt monsters, you might want to hide players to be able to target monsters and vice versa. By right-clicking an object in the list, you get the option to sort them in specific orders. This might be good if you are hunting and want to target the closest creature, you can sort the monsters by distance and it will constantly update. This is something that is not possible in the C++ client.


The trade window will appear when you either trade with a player or an NPC. In the window you have the option to sort the items in a list or container view. You will have two tabs, one for buying and one for selling. If you press the selling tab you will get a list of all the sellable items to the NPC. If you have any of the items that can be sold to the NPC, it will be shown at the top. By pressing it, it will select all items of this sort that you are carrying and calculate the total value. If you want to trade with a player. You need to right-click your item that you want to trade, press Trade With… and an crosshair will appear. Press on the player close to you that you want to trade with and that player will get a message that you want to trade with him. When he has selected a tradable item and clicked on you, a window will appear with the items that you want to trade. If you agree to the trade, press accept, otherwise reject.

Chat Window

The chat window have some more options in the Flash client than in the C++ client. In the Flash client, you can lock your chat by pressing Chat Off in the bottom right corner of the chat to be able to use hotkeys on your keyboard. To toggle the chat, simply press Enter. This might be dangerous the first couple of times when using. If you for instance want to send a quick message to someone while you are hunting, there is a risk that you might end up with the chat toggled, which means that you cannot use hotkeys on your keyboard, which might lead to your death. Be careful! You will quickly learn how it works so do not be frightened to use this great feature. As mentioned in the Messages section, you have the chance to sort out what text should be shown in your chat window and server log. You have the possibility to drag and drop a window in the top right corner of the chat to split the view. This might be good to do while hunting and wanting to message someone at the same time while having both the chat and server log open at the same time. By pressing the folder in the top right corner, you can open default chats, whisper a player by typing the name in the textbox or create a private chat channel for specific players. The last feature is only available for premium users.

My Optimization Tips

This will be my list of what I believe will improve the possibility for you to run the Flash client on stable FPS. Here is my current PC setup and some important information:

I tried Tibia in latest Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. Of all three, I found that Firefox gave the best performance. What is very important, is to have a clear browser. I only use Firefox for Tibia, while I use Google Chrome for regular internet uses. This is very important since when you visit a website, the browser will store information and image addresses to that certain site, which will make your browser slow down. Make sure to have a clean browser for Tibia.

Never have other flash players open at the same time if you cannot handle it. These are Youtube videos, streams. These WILL decrease your fps in the game. What I do is to always minimize all other browser windows to a small size just to optimize my Tibia client. In the game, the best way to increase your FPS is to:

  • Remove unnecessary text from the screen. E.g. text that does not concern you

  • Decrease the size of the game window. This will improve your FPS significantly

  • Clear your chats OFTEN. The chat that has old messages takes up a lot of the power from your flash client. It is very simple to clear the chat by right-clicking the tab and select Clear Channel

  • Never tried it myself, but I assume that hiding the spells would increase your performance as well since there is a lot of timers working at the same time

  • In options, you can disable Antialiasing which I believe might increase your performance

To increase your ping to the server, which also is of huge value since connection spikes affects the Flash client more than the stand-alone. One small spike would probably make you disconnect without a warning. A fix to increase your ping is to download a program called Leatrix Latency Fix. It contains certains files, but you only need to run the .exe file, press install and then restart your computer and you should instantly have better FPS.

My current setup looks like above. On the left side of the screen, I have windows that I do not have to look at frequently. These are the VIP List, Battle List since I use space for targeting, Combat Controls, General Controls and Trade. On the bottom hotkey panel I have half of the spells bound to specific hotkeys, while the other half plus the right side I use the mouse for. As I recently got back to the game and started to experiment with the hotkeys, I do not currently have a full setup. On the right side have the inventory in the outer panel where I have containers that are used for my character, such as rings, amulets, choose and other useful items. In the inner panel I setup the loot backpacks that I use frequently. As you can see, I try to decrease the area that I need the mouse for to have shorter access to different things. Remember that you can zoom in on the picture to get a more clear view.

My Opinion

Here are my Pros and Cons about the Flash client:


  • You can customize hotkeys

  • You can move with WASD

  • You can setup more panels to give more space to backpacks

  • You do not need to download a client You can hide text you do not want to see


  • You need a decent PC to run the client

  • You need a clear browser

  • You need to clear the chats

  • If you do not perform at top, equal leveled players will perform better than you with C++ client

  • You may not clear the cache on your browser to save the map


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