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How to Exterminate Bots

Created by Sir Winterfell. on 26 Oct 2015, 00:00
Table of Contents
Report System
Killing Bots
Finish in Style


This manual is meant to be a way to spread techniques and patterns used as a way to minimize the effects caused by bots, those unwanted players that use illegal softwares to get the upperhand.

Important: This guide is an information source and should be used as such. It's an aid in the fight against those players, that's meant to be used along Cipsoft's already existing report system. For better results, you should use the techniques and Cipsoft's report system combined. Let’s Go!

Report System

What is it?

It's based on a system that connects Cipsoft and players. The latter report players using illegal software. If this character is caught, it'll suffer the most extreme punishment: losing the character.

How does it work?

It's similar to an anonymous report. It could be due to many reasons, such as illegal names, cursing and the usage of bot/macros. We'll pay most attention to the latter.

Important: The number of reports an individual player gets, will affect directly the odds he'll be deleted, in case he's really using illegal programs. So, it's a good piece of advice to ask your friends to help you with the report.

How to report

Do the following:

  • Right click on the person you wish to report.

  • Press "Report Bot/Macro"

  • Mark "using unofficial software to play", and then "Next".

  • Write important informations about the report and then "Next".

  • Check if your report is correct and press "Send".

  • To follow your report, check, after you have login in.

Killing Bots

Important Itens – ''Bot Killer Kit'


  • Magic Wall Rune

  • Destroy Field Rune

  • Poison Bomb Rune

  • Fire Field Rune

  • Fire Wall Rune

  • Fire Bomb Rune

  • Energy Field Rune

  • Energy Wall Rune

  • Energy Bomb Rune

  • 8x Venorean Drawer Kit (You can buy in Furniture NPCs)

  • 8x Venorean Cabinet Kit (You can buy in Furniture NPCs)

  • 9x Pot (You can buy in NPC Chepan, Venore)

  • 2x Stealth Ring

  • 1x Dwarven Ring


As we all know, not all of this techniques will work. It will all come down to the type of illegal software that person is using. You should test one by one to find the most appropriate on to each case.


This technique will use a monster to trap the bot. Do the following:

  • Trap a monster with fields (energy, fire or poison). You will need to use the appropriate rune to each creature. You must trap it in the path of the botter, and he must 'see' the monster.

  • It's important to use a monster with a low HP (red HP), that may cause the bot to freeze. He'll be targeting a creature that's not close to him, and won’t attack other creatures that come in his vicinity.

  • Lure no more than seven monsters at a time. By doing so, you'll avoid that the player is surrounded and he will not shift to another target.

  • If step C does not work, and the botter kills the monsters in the vicinity, you have to go with plan B. Use, if possible, creatures that can cause damage from distance. Use runes to trap it around the botter. You have to patient!

Divine Parcel

As mentioned above, you need to always have with you two parcel itens: venorean drawer kit and venorean cabinet kit. They'll work as a barrier that most botters will not be able to pass.

Examples are:

Mutated Humans, Yalahar

Dark Magicians, Yalahar

Vengoth, trapping the boat

Botter! Botter! Can you levitate?

No, he cannot do that on his own. He'll need some help. The following itens are required:

  • Pots

  • Magic walls

Do the following:

  • You'll need to be in a spot where “levitate” is possible (“exani hur up”).

  • Pots must be stacked in the sqm where “exani hur up” is used.

  • In each sqm you'll need to stack 3 pots.

  • You need to be next to the pots, along with a monster. The bot will kill it and pass on the sqm with the pots, going to the upper floor.

  • Reminder! For this to work, he has to try to walk on the sqm where you are, so use magic walls on the remaining sqms, so that the bot has only one possible path.


In several areas of Tibia, it's possible to find furniture, which players cannot pass. We'll use those to trap bots who can pass fields and venorean kits.

Reminder: You can't put those itens on your backpack, so you'll need to push them to where the victim is located. To do so, you'll need a house. You'll have to buy the kit at the NPC and use it inside your house so it will turn into furniture. You can also try to find them in some places, such as:
Magician Quarter, Yalahar, in Ice Witches and Mad Scientists Foreign Quarter, Yalahar
Alchemist Quarter, Yalahar Port Hope

There's a simple technique used with botters who can break furniture. It's the following:

  • Place a vial of mana or health on the floor.

  • Put the furniture on the sqm where the vial is located.

  • Open “browse field’ of this sqm and use the vial.

Done! Now the vial is on the furniture, preventing it from being broken.

Dark Apprentices, Yalahar (In Necromancers)

Blocking distance attacks

Bots that are not knights, will probably try to attack from distance. So, by using the “Trapping” behind a wall, the player will not be able to deal damage to the monster. This can also be used on knights, in case he uses 'exori hur'. Most botters do not use magic after being trapped by furniture.

Zombie -1, Yalahar


In some cases, killing a bot is easier than you'd think. In some places, all you have to do is to 'rope' the bot, trapping him on the upper floor. After that, just lure some monster that will kill him.

Reminder: It's possible that the bot will try to go back to the floor where he was. So, trap the way with venorean kits or furniture.

Luring, Luring and Luring!

This one is a no-brainer. In case you realize a bot won't survive a lure, just lure everything on the cave. (Remember: Just kills botters!)



You can do this anywhere, just remember that the monster need to be trapped in a field. This technique will not work monster that can walk on all fields, such as sea serpents and dragons.

Corym, Port Hope Orc Fortress

Stone Golems, Farmine

Divine Parcel

It's used in places with distance attack creatures or to prevent the bot from coming back to his original location, mainly when roping and levitating.

Brimstone Bugs, Zao Green Djinns, Yalahar Swamp Troll, Port Hope

Botter! Botter! Can you levitate?

It's used in places where it's possible to use “exani hur up” to get to upper floor. Examples: Wyrm Liberty Bay, Earth Elemental Liberty Bay, Mistrock, Minotaur Yalahar, Deeplings, Nargor.

Wyrm, Yalahar Mistrock Deeplings, Gray Island


It's used where monster can attack from distance, such as the venoreans, or to block the bot and prevent him to go back to his original location, after roping or levitating him.

Mutated Humans, Yalahar Dark Apprentices, Yalahar
Orc, Thais (Roping in Dragons) Minotaur, Yalahar

Blocking distance attacks

Similar to “Trapping”.

Werewolfs, Vengoth Stampor, Zao


It can be used on several locations, such as: Swamp Troll PH, Swamp Troll Venore, Crocodile PH, Corym PH, Corym Venore, Corym Carlin, Tarantula PH, Larva/Scarab Ankrahmun, Rotworm Darashia, Orc Thais.

Rotworm, Darashia Corym, Port Hope

Luring, Luring and Luring!

Mostly used on places like Dragon Lairs, Killer Caiman, Deeplings, Sea Serpents among others. (Remember: Just kill botters!)

Dragon Lair, Darashia Nightstalkers, Liberty Bay

Finish in Style

Many bots, when they die, log back into Tibia, so I suggest using ''exiva'' after killing them. I'll teach how to get them off the temple and kill them.

The temple must be located in a place where pushing players toward creatures is possible, so, Yalahar and Venore are examples where this is not doable, given the fact those temples have stairs.

Temple, Thais
  • You need to place the bot on the edge of the temple, next to the exit. Place venorean kits on all sqm that surround the bot, except the sqm outside the temple.

  • As the bot will not move, he'll log out after 15 minutes. And, as he we'll reconnect once again, he'll do so outside the temple, given it's the only empty sqm.

  • Now all you have to do is push him to the closest monsters. As he had already died before, he'll do so without blessings.

  • Video with more examples:

    That's it! I hope this tutorial has served the purpose of being an extra stimuli on the quest to fight botters. Players and Cipsoft have to join forces on the important fight against bots, given it's a problem for both.


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