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Soul points

Created by Wolfy Silverpaw. on 27 Jun 2016, 12:19

What's Soul Points?

Soul points were introduced as an Anti-Cheat project back in the 2005 ( in the summer update) to prevent macro users from endlessly creating runes. Soul points are required for most enchant spells, as well as conjuring items and creating runes.

Free Account characters have a maximum of 100 soul points, while premium account characters have a maximum of 200. Soul points restore automatically over time when hunting and sleeping and more information about this can be found further down.

You can see your current amount of soul points at your inventory, just below the ring slot.


Premium account sorcerers and druids have the ability to enchant small gems and charge them with elemental properties. These enchantments can only take place at Holy Shrines (teleports usually located on top of city temples), and these teleports may only mages of level 30 or higher enter.

In the process, druids can create Small Enchanted Sapphire (ice element) and Small Enchanted Emerald (earth element), while sorcerers create Small Enchanted Ruby (fire element) and Small Enchanted Amethyst (energy element). The enchantment costs 300 mana points and 2 soul points.

Regenerating Soul Points:

To regenerate soul points you must kill monsters that yields equal amount of experience as your own level. (e.g if you are level 75 you must kill a monster that yields atleast 75 experience to start the regaining of your soul points).

When you have killed a monster the regeneration will go on for 4 minutes. The counter of these 4 minutes will get a reset if you kill another monster while it's going on, but it is always 4 minutes.

Regular characters regenerate soul points at a rate of 1 soul point every 2 minutes, while promoted characters' soul points regenerate at a rate of 1 soul point every 15 seconds (in total of 16 soul points in these 4 minutes).

It might be wise to visit a spawn to kill a few monsters to start the regeneration, but also to damage some of the creatures to half and leave them in the spawn until someone else kills them (You will then reset the counter of 4 minutes hopefully meanwhile you are standing outside your house or wherever you are making your runes.

Premium characters also regain soul points by sleeping in a bed. (1 soul point every 15th minutes while you are offline)


Picture Name Words Mana Soul points
Animate Dead Rune adana mort 600 5
Avalanche Rune adori mas frigo 530 3
Chameleon Rune adevo ina 600 2
Convince Creature Rune adeta sio 200 3
Cure Poison Rune adana pox 200 1
Destroy Field Rune adito grav 120 2
Disintegrate Rune adito tera 200 3
Energy Bomb Rune adevo mas vis 880 5
Energy Field Rune adevo grav vis 320 2
Energy Wall Rune adevo mas grav vis 1000 5
Explosion Rune adevo mas hur 570 4
Fire Bomb Rune adevo mas flam 600 4
Fire Field Rune adevo grav flam 240 1
Fire Wall Rune adevo mas grav flam 780 4
Fireball Rune adori flam 460 3
Great Fireball Rune adori mas flam 530 3
Heavy Magic Missile Rune adori vis 350 2
Holy Missile Rune adori san 300 3
Icicle Rune adori frigo 460 3
Intense Healing Rune adura gran 120 2
Light Magic Missile Rune adori min vis 120 1
Magic Wall Rune adevo grav tera 750 5
Paralyse Rune adana ani 1400 3
Poison Bomb Rune adevo mas pox 520 2
Poison Field Rune adevo grav pox 200 1
Poison Wall Rune adevo mas grav pox 640 3
Soulfire Rune adevo res flam 420 3
Stalagmite Rune adori tera 350 2
Stone Shower Rune adori mas tera 430 3
Sudden Death Rune adori gran mort 985 5
Thunderstorm Rune adori mas vis 430 3
Ultimate Healing Rune adura vita 400 3
Wild Growth Rune adevo grav vita 600 5


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