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Last Creep Standing

Created by Trululu. on 26 Jun 2016, 10:31
Table of Contents
How to get there
Starting the Event


  • There is no level requirement to join the Last Creep Standing Event.

  • It's recommended get some speed boosting items, such as Time Ring and Boots of Haste .

  • The events starts each four hours starting at Server Save, 15 minutes before the journey starts you will see a broadcast message announcing it:

  • 00:00 The darashian journey will begin in 15 minutes!.

How to get there

  • Go Darashia.

  • Now, talk with NPC Casper to take part in event.

  • Ask him about "Change".

Starting the Event

  • When the event starts, all participants must be in the event room and will be teleported into the challenge area.

  • The colour carpet.

  • When you will be teleported to the challenge area, use your Shapechanger as soon as you can.

  • You can put in Hotkey.

  • This will turn you into one of the following 8 creatures : Lost Soul , Mummy , Carniphila , Quara Hydromancer , Blightwalker , Mutated Rat , Zombie or Nightstalker .

  • You only have a few seconds to reach the corresponding teleporter, as shown in the picture of the challenge area.

  • If you have managed to reach the right teleporter, you will be teleported to one of the assorted smaller chambers where you will have few second before entering the challenge area again for another cycle.

  • The next cycle works the same but will grant you less time to reach safety in the teleport.

  • In the end, at least one participant has to reach safety.

  • If no participant is left before the event ends, the event fails.

  • A world needs a certain amount of successful events in order to succeed.

  • If you do not manage to reach the teleporter, you have lost your chance on that occasion and are out, teleported back to the event room.

  • If the entire event is running for 5 days, which means a total of 30 rounds.

  • If take notice of the changing floor tiles and the Slime Puddles, which will change your speed drastically.


  • If you succeeded the race you will be teleported into the prize room.

  • The first time you are successful you will get a Shapeshifter Ring from a reward chest.

  • If you finished the race in more than one time you can ask Casper or your "Reward". (You can also ask him directly after your first success.)

  • Reward box that looks like Present , changes into 4 - 16 Chameleon Rune , Time Ring and Boots of Haste when used.

  • Achievement Master Shapeshifter when you turned into every one of the available creatures and entered its corresponding teleport.

World Reward

For some days the World will get:

  • Increased respawn rates.


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