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Summer update 2015

Created by Uman. on 21 Oct 2015, 00:00
Table of Contents
New Quests
New Hunting Grounds
New NPCs
New Monsters
New Sellable Items
Other new items
New Souvenirs at NPC Jorge

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New Quests

Cartography 101

The quest starts in the Adventurer's Guild. You can get it by asking Rotem Valos for a mission and will have to visit and cartography 18 different places in Tibia, you will receive a map that must be used on certain locations of the new places. Below you can check the NPC trancripts and some progress of this quest. Once you chart the 18 places you get the achievement "Cartography 101". You will find the list of places in the following section.

The Lost Brother

Go and find Tarun in the Tiquanda jungle, he is south from Asura Palace, near the bridge located in Kha'Zeel Mountains. Help him to find out what happened to his brother who followed a beautiful woman into a luxurious palace. Sadly, his brother is dead. His Corpse is located in a spot with two Hellfire Fighters inside the Asura Palace.

The Great Dragon Hunt

You can visit the Khazeel Dragon Lairs through entrances east of Port Hope and south or north of Ankrahmun. Find out the story of the dead human who endded up in this forsaken place. The mission consist on killing 50 Dragons/Dragon Lords, the you can take random treasures located in those lairs.

The Tainted Souls

Tainted Souls roam the dungeons north-west of Venore. You must free 100 tainted souls with a Sacred Antler talisman (Antler + Star herb + Holy Water). Once you do that you will have access to the teleport where Ekatrix is.


A terrible curse will transform the inhabitants of a small island north-east of Edron into dangerous were-creatures on every full moon.

Can you help them or succumb to their horrible fate?

New Hunting Grounds

Mainland Locations

  • North of the Green Claw Swamp poachers are hunting wild animals – but the beasts seem to strike back.

  • Also in the north of the Green Claw Swamp tainted souls seem to haunt the bogs.

Beasts Cave
Screenshot Map Spoiler

A cave with few levels. You may find wolfs,

bears, war wolfs,

and boards. Last floor is a Wyvern dungeon.

Tainted Souls Cave
Screenshot Map Spoiler

Several levels. You wil find witches, gloom wolves,

toads, and tainted souls. The last floor is where the quest "The Tainted Souls is Located" and the

teleport to the boss Ekatrix.

Port Hope/Tiquanda/Kha'Zeel Locations

  • In the north of Port Hope an iceberg strangely has been washed up. Small furry creatures have been seen around there.

  • West of the Kha’Zeel Mountains a luxurious palace was discovered in the jungle’s thicket. – But it seems to be inhabited by demonlike creatures!

  • In the Tiquanda jungle, northwest of Chor, there is an ancient, partly ruinous tower. – Strangely, it is surrounded by many stone statues …

  • Also northwest of Chor hunters and dworcs are raiding and pillaging the jungle.

  • West of Chor is a small ruin. – It seems to lead down to a big spider lair …

  • Also, in the western and eastern Kha’Zeel Mountains several caves have lately been occupied by newly arrived dragons and dragon lords.At the southernmost point of Trapwood water elementals are coming up from the depths lately.

Chakoya Iceberg - Secret Shrine
Screenshot Map Spoiler

The Shrine it's located on floor -3.

Asura Palace
Screenshot Map Spoiler

Kinda hardcore place. It's full of Hellspawns, Midnight Asuras and Dawnfire Asuras. There are some Destroyers, Hellfire Fighters and Lichs too. You need to visit this place for "The Lost Brother Quest" too, So will be better to talk to NPC Tarun before visiting the place.

Medusa Tower
Screenshot Map Spoiler

Some floors in the middle of the tower could be hard. In the first floors you only have Gargoyles, Stone Golems, Clay~, but as long as you go up it's full of Omnivoras, Behemoths, Serpent Spawns and Medusas.

Spider Cave
Screenshot Map Spoiler

Several Giant Spiders in some parts of this BIG cave.

Dworc Ritual Place? - Hunters Base? - World Change
Screenshot Map Spoiler

The first days of the private test server this place used to be a ritual place full of Dworcs. Still not sure what happened. LOL. Soon I will upload more pics about this issue.

Dragon Lairs in Kha'Zeel (Port Hope side) - Secret Shrine
Screenshot Map Spoiler

You must find the Shrine to chart the map and advance on the quest. It's on this Lair, there are 2 more near Forbidden Lands and In the passage between Darashia and Ankrahmun (Just go west and levitate down to find this last one).

Water Elementals South of Port Hope
Screenshot Map Spoiler

There seems to be unreachable holes in water...

Liberty Bay/Meriana Locations

  • In the west of Liberty Bay bonelords are causing trouble and hive creatures plague the land, building a new hive outpost.

  • In the southeast of the island Meriana you can find a beautiful garden with extended caves underneath – but the statues there have come to life!

  • In the slums of Liberty Bay you find the entrance to a black market, lately established by coryms.

  • Southwest of Liberty Bay quara scouts are invading the coastline.

  • In the southeast of Liberty Bay a small cavern leads down to a wyrm lair.

Hive Outpost
Screenshot Map Spoiler

You must reach the upper floor to chart the area. May be difficult for low and mid levels.

Quara Dungeon
Screenshot Map Spoiler

You will need a Helmet of the deep to explore floor -2.

Corym Black Market
Screenshot Map Spoiler

Nothing relevant to add about this place, wich is kinda suspicious. Maybe there is a hidden hole here, somewhere.

Screenshot Map Spoiler

A cave with 3 levels. You may find Bonelords, Elder Bonelords and Braindeaths as long you go down. The Teleport on the last floors leads back to the altar in the entrance (-.-')...

Meriana Garden
Screenshot Map Spoiler

Darama / Kha’Zeel

  • East of the tar lakes you may find the remains of an old temple underneath the dunes. – Beware of the lizards there!

  • Southwest of Darashia a new terramite hive seems to be under construction.

  • At the coast southeast of the Kha’Zeel Mountains some ancient scarabs have taken their lair.

  • In a tunnel in the northwestern Kha’Zeel Mountains a single ancient scarab has been seen lately. – There seem to be much more underneath the mountains.

  • In the Darama appears a nightmare-like surrounding from time to time. – Look out for it northeast of Drefia, north of the tar lakes or at the coast north of Darashia.

Forbidden Temple
Screenshot Map Spoiler

It's under a hidden hole. Maybe a

temple dedicated to the Snake god,

taken by the Cult to perform strange

and dark Rituals. Also, A cultist boss spawns here once a month.

Terramites near Darashia
Screenshot Map Spoiler

A cave with 2 floors. There's a teleport on the last floor that leads to the entrance, same as the Bonelord Dungeon in Liberty Bay.

Scarab Mother Cave
Screenshot Map Spoiler

Huge cave. At first you will find larvas and mummies. As long as you go down, scarabs, bonebeasts, necromancers and ancient scarabs will be waiting in hordes.

Ancient Scarab Respawn near Blue Djinn
Screenshot Map Spoiler

There's an unaccesible room near the place this pic was took.

Nightmare Isles - World Change
Screenshot Map Spoiler

It's a world change in wich you can find the Nightmare Teddy. There are other 2 locations.

Edron / Cormaya

  • North of Edron’s eastern cemetery undead roam a forgotten tomb.

  • At Edron’s north-western cemetery sinister figures have occupied a lonely fortress.

  • At the most northwestern point of Edron a strange, tomb-like entry has been discovered.

  • In the west of Cormaya dryads are defending their beautiful gardens.

  • In the northeast of Cormaya a witch is enchanting trees, making them scary and aggressive.

Edron Undead
Screenshot Map Spoiler

Huge Tomb with several floors. The hardest monster are Blue Djinns and Bonebeasts. You will find a book where it tells the sotry of why there's a tomb with Ankrahmun's characteristics in Edron.

Hero Fortress
Screenshot Map Spoiler
Vampire Crypt
Screenshot Map Spoiler

There's a book on the last floor of the

crypt that seems to contain

instructions to perform some kind of ritual

wich involves snakes. There's also a teleport

that leads to the entrance.

Cormaya Treeling Dungeon
Screenshot Map Spoiler
Dryad Gardens
Screenshot Map Spoiler
Screenshot Map Spoiler

A new island near Edron.

This is the place of the Grimval Quest,

where you fight Feroxa and get

the Werewolf Helmet.

New NPCs

  • Gilmak Copperbeard

  • Gladys

  • Owin

  • Cornell

  • Tarun

  • Maeryn

New Monsters

New Sellable Items


Grizzly Adams



Other new items

New Souvenirs at NPC Jorge

  • [We do not have this item]

  • [We do not have this item]

  • [We do not have this item]

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