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How to make money in Tibia with market

Created by Uman. on 28 Aug 2017, 08:00
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The most important aspect to earn money with market is to learn how to use this feature. There are a lot of ways you can earn money with it. We will try to explain all of them so that you can try and find one you like the most.


It is good to have few things done before start playing on market. It is wise to have the ability to sell to both djinns, rashid and other places where you need to make quests to sell items (Farmine, for example). By this you can earn some money. It will not be a lot but still will satisfy your needs. It is also wise to have some gold to invest. There is a good adage "You have to have money to make money".

How to post & buy on Market

At begin you have to pick up a item you want to sell/buy from a list. You can use the search to fast find the item. If you want to buy the item at once, you can have a look at "Sell Offers" list. If the prices are good you can buy your item right from there, if not, you can make a buy request on market. Then your request will shown in "Buy Offers" window. Same thing happens when you want to sell item. Remember, it is very good idea to post as annonym person. So that people cannot track your ways of earn money. In red square, you put the amount of money for which you want to sell / buy an item. The "Fee" is a amount of GP you will have to pay to put the request on market. This money won't be returned, even if you won't sell your item.


This form of earn money depends totally on you. You have to invest your time and money but at the end it is the fastest and most profitable way of earning gold by market. You have to learn your server market, how much an item cost and for which maximum price people will buy it. With this knowledge you are able to buy items on market for lower prices and sell them higher. Lets take an example. You see Spider Silk for 5k each, 20 of them. You know that you are able to sell them for 10k each. So you buy all of them and try to resell for 10k each. The profit you would have from it, is 100%. You have invested 100k and you will get 200k when you sell them. Of course this method has its risks, but at the end you will earn while you learn, becoming better and better.

Keep in mind that you have to monitor the items you are reselling. If someone is overbidding your offers, you can do two things. One is to let things as they are, wait for your items to get sold and do not care about lower prices posted on market. The second way is to buy all of the items below your price and relist them. By this you become a provider of this item.

It is also wise to collect cheaper all the addon/outfit items and then sell them as bulk for 20-30% more of the price.


It will not bring you a lot of money but the advantage is that it has no risks since you will always profit. You need to have a list of items and their NPC prices. Some people are too lazy to go to NPCs and sell them, so you can do that for 30-50g on each item. This way of earn money depends on your time and bank account (how much you can invest). You just need to remember to buy a lot of them and then sell it, so that you not waste money on ships / carpets. You should be looking for items which are sellable to Djinns, Rashid, Gnomes, creature products, and if you can wait to NPC Yasir, then it will be a lot better. With them you will earn money. It is also possible that other items (normal ones) will be on auction, like Sword etc. Them you also can sell to NPCs. The only thing is, before you get them from auction you have to double check for how much you can sell them and how much of them you buy. This must always be on +.

As you can see, Plate Armor have 3 sell requests for 389 gps & 390, the amount of them are 7x389 = 2,723 and 125x390 = 48,750. By this, you will buy all of them for 51,473gp. You can sell all of them to NPC for 52,800. With this, you earn 1,327 gp. It is not much at the end, but if you repeat such rutine with other items, you can get enough money to pay off one hunt.


This option requires a lot of time. You have to collect items that people want to buy, such as Spider Silk , Chicken Feather or Ape Fur . In other words all the outfit/addon items should be easily sold on market (it depends on your server's population / market). Your task is to hunt down monsters which give such items and then sell them on Market. This way is the most hardest one, but you get 100% profit of it. You do not have any investments except of time & supplies and meanwhile you will earn experience, skills, items and additional gold for your effort.

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