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How to create an event

Created by Urgith. on 05 Jul 2016, 10:00
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Incoming Events Tutorial - How to create an event

Incoming Events Tutorial - How to create an event

What is an event?

As we can read in a dictionary: an event is something that occurs in a certain place during a particular interval of time. TibiaRoyal is providing you with a tool thanks to which you are able to create your own events and other players can easily join them.

Where to find them?

Those events are located on the left side of the page just below the newest articles and interviews.

Also you can reach them by entering Community section at the top of the page.

How to create an event?

It is very simple. When you have the idea of what kind of event you want to create, start by clicking on 'Add event' or 'Create an event'.

An editable event information page will appear.

Now, I am going to discuss every single section, starting with:


Here you should enter the best, short title of the event. Using as little words as possible is crucial here. By reading it everyone should be aware of what kind of event you wish to perform.


Pits of Inferno Service Inqusition Service Yalahar Quest Service Unspecific Quest Service World Events Warzone
Mysteries' Hunts Team Hunt Unespecific War Weddings Unspecific Party

As you can see there are few event types from which you can select. If you wish there will be added more in the future. Now you can distinguish and choose whether you want to go to war or perform a quest for new players. Just pick one and proceed to the next section, which is:


As you can see from the example above: you can select a character which is registered with your TibiaRoyal account (note that you can add more than one character to a single account). Then you have to choose your role:

  • If your defense is strong and you have a lot of hitpoints at the disposal - you should go as a tank and block strong creatures for others.

  • If you are brave and seeing blood everywhere does not disturb you - you should go as a damage dealer and annihilate every unwanted creature on the way.

  • If you possess magical powers and your healing skills are able to calm every restless soul - you should go as a healer and aid everybody in their fruitful adventure.


    When clicking on the date, a calendar will pop up. You have to choose the exact day of your event so other players would know about it in advance. You have to give them some time to think, re-think and finally - join an event.


    Here you have to choose the starting time. You can do it either manually, by draging the Hour and Minute bar to the right or left, or click on Now to set the current time. If you are finished with setting the time - click on Done.


    A very similar situation as the one presented above. However, this time you have to set the ending time. You can easily calculate how much time is needed to complete the whole event. Again, you can do it either manually, by dragging the Hour and Minute bar to the right or left, or click on Now to set the current time. If you are finished with setting the time - click on Done.


    Here you can choose your preferable playstyle. The choice is between:

  • Casual - if you just want to have fun with others and do not want to take it seriously

  • Beginner - if you know the basics and would like to improve yourself

  • Intermediate - if you know most of the mechanics and feel alright in every possible situation

  • Expert - you are an expert and you expect nothing less


    You can type the maximum number of players who could join your event. It is important to be accurate if you want to do a fast service or other event.


    You can decide about splitting the loot before you venture through adventure. You can choose to pay ress first, which means to pay for the used supplies after the event and then the rest. Just split means that the loot will be distributed evenly among the cleaners. You can also choose the blank space here. Which means that the loot is either not the case of the event or you do not want to split any of the goods.


    You should write the minimum level required for the event. You should take into consideration the way and every doors with red handles (in case of a service or hunt) - so all of the signed players could access the area of the event.


    If you create a massive event and want to get paid for it - go ahead. You can type the amount of gold pieces a single player has to pay before you get started.

    How to join an event?

    It is very simple. You have to click on the event you would like to join and then on Roster.

    At the bottom of the whole event information there will be another button to click - Add me to event.

    After clickin it you will see this table:

    In here you have to choose your character and your role. Roles were already described, so we move on to the next section, called Hidden.

    If you turn this option on Yes, only the leader of the event will know that you have signed in. You will be hidden from other members. You can surprise them afterwards. If you decide to click on No, you will be visible for everyone and by everyone in the roster.

    Tibia Royal wishes you the best of luck on your future events!


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