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Paladin beginner guide - The few steps to your promotion

Created by Dragarion. on 18 Oct 2015, 00:00

So you have chosen to be a Paladin, welcome to the world of distance, bows and crossbow are to be your ally throughout your tibian journey. First we start with the destination, your home town. There are many towns in tibia (even more so if you have a premium account) that you can call home few places harder than others to begin in. With low levels unfortunatly it can be tricky where to level, this guide will help you get to a promotion (lvl 20) in the free area. Once level 20 a premium is a must to get the promotion but before getting premmy right away see the feel of tibia, get a decent level and enjoy the free continient of tibia.

Making yourself a tibia home.

Making venore your home town to begin your long climb into the highscores in your server can be easy or hard depending on what is known to you as a player. Venore is located here on the main continet. Firstly if you didn't choose the option of venore when coming into the mainland you can easily change your home town to venore by going to the house south of the boat which is located north center of venore (Picture 1) taking the stairs down and going through the portal (Picture 2). There is a guide between the boat and the house of citizenship who can tell you everything you may need to know in venore locations of things and other useful information. Also if you are truly lost is a very resouceful site where you can find basically everything about tibia, from towns to quests, items to hunting spots.

Getting to know Venore

NPC to know:

sells paladin spells.

sells potions.

sells runes.

venore guide.

supplies merchant.


sells items such as backpacks.

armor merchant.

weapon merchant

distance merchant.


There are many places for many different things in Venore and now that you are a citizen of Venore let's start to get to know your new city a bit. Once you leave the temple head east the first massive building you see with potions symbols (picture 3) on mystic lane is the area to buy mana potions, health potions and eventually strong mana potions and health potions from the npc Digger. Also you can buy already made runes from npc Frans for special hunts, but runes have level requirments so understand the rune you need before spending money on something you can't use.

Head to the east till there is no more road and than north. The first huge building you get to on your right will be the bank/depot (picture 4). Npc Rokyn will be your banker for your duration in venore, the depot (small one) is located under the main floor.

Take the road west all the way till you come to a house (Seagul walk 1) and than head south you will see stairs go down them and you have entered the main depot of venore. You will find depot boxes and the npc Dove. She sells parcels, labels and letters. Head to the eastern side of the depot and you will find stairs heading down and stairs heading up. Take the stairs heading down all the way down and u will find a npc named Asrak here, the paladin spell seller. He will teach you new spells everytime you advance, constantly check to see what levels you need to be to get new spells, spells are crutial in the life of a Paladin. Make sure you have the "light" (utevo lux) and "light healing" (exura) spells, and if you have extra gps you can purchase find person for 80 gold. Once you have the spells make sure to place them in your hotkeys for fast usage (Options -> hotkeys). To the right of Asrak are different statues that can be used to train your skills (distance and shielding for Paladins) if you have a premium account.

Once you have your spells ready head up and leave the depot same way you entered, once out head to the west. Follow the road south (dream street), the first massive building to your left will have symbols of a shovel in the doorway like so (picture 5). In there you can buy Red backpacks from Shiantis and of course a rope and shovel from Npc Nelliem. Leave that building and once more head south till you get to the crossroads, to the right there will be a a huge building on the north side of the road called the Iron House (picture 6), this is the main shop where you can buy bolts, spears, crossbow from Xed or sell items such as weapons or armors to the other npc that are there. Buy a few spears soon it'll be time for you to hunt.


Bug loot to look for money.

You have your shield and you have your spears, it is time for your distance to go up. Best way for Paladins to level there distanec is to hunt but first few levels and first few skills you need to jump start your skills with easy mosnters to kill. Firstly if you are a premium account as stated above you can train your skills offline but if your a free account you need to do this manually. Head north on Dream Street till you get to the boat yard. To the right there are stairs, head down them and to the right. There is a door open it and start heading a bit north. You will find bugs. Attack them with your spears, easiest way is to lure them back (there are 3 of them) if done correctly u can make sure only 1 attacks you since your first kill with distance weapon will take a few throwing attempts blocking like this. Once the bugs are dead head further north than west, you will find stairs here, go down them and you have entered the bug cave in venore. This is a great place for you to train your skills and get a bit of gold for the effort. It would be pefered if you train your skills to around 25-35 distance before heading out and facing new adventures.

Getting the exp after the skills

levels 9-14

Troll [monster=][/monster] Loot to look for: gold, Silver Rune Emblem (Energy Bomb)

There are many exciting places you can level, so firstly go to the mana store get some manas and health potions, put them on your hotkeys as you did with the spells, make sure you set them to "üse on youself" option. Once this is done make sure you havea shovel (a rope is not really needed as trolls drop them) head to the south western exit (west of the building where you buy your spears) go down and walk to this point in the map (picture 7). You should be using spears at this time which is good since trolls themselves drop spears. Looting items is important espacially creature items since they weigh very little and with a bunch of them can make a nice profit. Once you are there you will be swarmed by many trolls and troll champions which with ur skills shouldn't be that much of a struggle to kill them. You will find there destroyed liar to the right of the wall is a tree and behind the tree a bit hidden is the shovel hole here. Now this cave is full of trolls the first level you go in, if you head north from the entrance u will find sewer bars, in it is a slime, peferable stay away from it since slimes tend to multiply and can kill low levels fast. The rest of the floor is safe. There is a very nice bug spot there aswell and with skills a low level paladin would have no trouble killing them for a good amount of experiance. There will be two stairs that go down, one of the stairs if taken brigns you to a massive room with 3 ways to go, north, west and east. ****DO NOT GO NORTH**** that area there is a mino archer and a mino mage that can kill low levels. The east path leads to two seperate paths first south than north. If you head north becareful not to go too far up as it can bring you to the quest and death swafe spot is shown here. There is a rotworm that you can kill there for resonably xp at your level.

levels 13-17

Rotworm loot to look for: Mace Sword

Beside the troll cave there is a rotworm cave here on the map and here on screen shot. Another spear hunting experiance. This cave is a bit harder since at some places there are many rotworms and if your not careful you can run into bonelords which can kill you. Simple way to avoid the bonelords is knowing how to get to them. Once you enter the cave there is a rotworm and a way down. Now after you go down and kill a few rotworms there will be place you can rope up. This place will eventually lead to bonelords if you keep heading east from this point. Hunt in the cave you will be getting more xp and gps than trolls and soon enough be strong to fight higher level monsters.

levels 17-25

Amazon Loot to look for:

Amazons, Amazons, Amazons here Now there are two possible ways to hunt them. If you have made enough money from trolls and rotworms you can buy a bow and arrows and hunt them with that, or once more with spears, which is a pefered option since you havee the shield and can fight close quaters with the valks once your skills are good enough.

Level 20

King of thais

Queen of Carlin

Congratz on level 20 what does that mean for you? Simple the Vocation Quest (spoiler alert!!! this is the solution to the quest) gives you 10k in gold and of course the promotion which you can get from King Tibianus III of Thais up the stairs here, Queen Eloise of Carlin here, (the king and queen are the easiest to get to). Emperor Kruzak of Kazordoon, Grand Vizier Ishebad of Ankrahmun, Emperor Rehal of Beregar, Rotem Valos of the Adventurers' Guild. It will cost 20,000 gps, and you must be a premium account. It allows you to learn spells and have a faster regen on health and mana, plus a royal tittle, no more will you be a normal Paladin but a Royal Paladin.

Congrats to you for becoming a Royal Paladin and stepping into the mainland in tibia. There are many new hutning spots to dicover each day and so much experiance to gain.


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