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Jaul: How to trap and kill

Created by Zafey. 0 users liked this article


Jaul is one of the three deepling bosses located under gray island, once he appears you can gain a nice profit with a decent sized team.

It is recommended that the team consist of 7-10 people above level 200.

This is where Jaul spawns, be sure to have at least one knight near him that will attack Jaul as soon as he appears (this is important in order for Jaul to follow the knight into the trap-spot).

Also have a druid close by that can heal the knight during the lure. (In this picture Zafey and Josef are knights, Sean and Iceman are druids).

The rest of the team hides up north in the room.

There is a sweet-spot south of the room where the team can trap Jaul fully, securing the rest of the team as long as the main blocker is provided with enough heals.

So he is trapped now, what do the different vocations do?

Paladins: Keep your distance fighting as high as possible, cast utito tempo san and stand in range for druids mass heal.

Druids: Keep a close eye on everybody's life, paladins needs mass heal since they wont be able to heal themselves, and the blockers will need to be healed as well. Shoot sudden death runes on Jaul.

Sorcerer: Your waves are your friends, keep waving and/or throwing sudden death runes on Jaul.

Knights: Prismatic Ring It can only be wielded properly by players of level 120 or higher. Weight: 1.05 oz. Last for: 1 hours Created in patch: 9.6 Against Physical: +10 Against Energy: +8 Prismatic Ring and Gill Necklace It can only be wielded properly by players of level 150 or higher. Weight: 4.10 oz. Charges: 1000 Created in patch: 9.6 Against Earth: +10 Against Physical: +15 Gill Necklace is a good idea, the knight standing north west of Jaul keeps utito tempo and exori combos on Jaul.

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