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Possible solutions for fps issues

Created by Einheriar. on 17 Oct 2015, 00:00
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Update your soft- and hardware
Chapter 2: The Nvidia driver issue
Chapter 3: The V-Sync bug
Chapter 4: Switching the graphic engine
Chapter 5: Keep your PC clean

If you, by chance, happen to visit the technical help forum on rather often, you might notice that there are a lot of threads concerning performance problems. Since there is no sticky-thread function at the official forums for now, I decided to write this little guide, so that the most frequent issues are found on one site, rather than to search countless other threads for clues. For tutors and other helpers, it can of course also serve as a fast way to link to answers, should the problem be one of those covered here.

First off, I want to make sure we all talk about the same thing, concerning the term lag. A lag is not used to describe a low fps rate. Lag specifies a network issue, not a fps problem.

(Flashclient showing a good fps rate, but heavy lag)

FPS means Frames Per Second, if you have a low fps, your gaming begins to stutter and becomes unresponsive. Should your fps reach zero, your screen freezes.

For a comparison of how different fps-values look like, you might want to check the following site:

As I already stated, this guide will only deal with certain fps troubles.

Now that this is settled, let’s begin with the very first chapter.

Oh snap .. I nearly forgot the table of contents, here you go:

Chapter 1: Update your soft- and hardware

One of the most frequent problem related to low fps rates are outdated hard- and software. For Tibia, you have to draw your attention especially to your graphics card driver, the .NET framework and the regular operation system updates. Should you use the flash client, another thing to update regularly is the flash player obviously. Updating your Browser wouldn’t hurt too.

Chapter 2: The Nvidia driver issue

If you are using a Nvidia graphics card, please be aware of a bug caused by any driver above 314.22. Should you experience random freezes while using a Nvidia card, it could be the drivers fault and downgrading to 314.22 could be a solid solution.

Chapter 3: The V-Sync bug

Another fps related bug is the (infamous) V-sync bug. This can especially be the case if you’re using windows 8/8.1. The solution here would be to disable V-sync in your graphics card control panel.

Chapter 4: Switching the graphic engine

To force the stand alone client to use a specific engine (OpenGL/DirectX 5.0/DirectX 9.0), right-click your tibia shortcut, followed by a click on properties. Next to the term target should appear the path to your tibia client. Here you have to paste one of the following phrases behind the already existing path.

  • engine 0 - this will force the client to use DirectX 5.0

  • engine 1 - this will force the client to use OpenGL (recommended if you have troubles)

  • engine 2 - this will force the client to use DirectX 9.0

Chapter 5: Keep your PC clean

Programs like ‘CCleaner’ or ‘Revo Uninstaller’ can help you to get rid of old, no longer needed registry entries, temporary files and other stuff.

Keep in mind though, if you’re clearing your browsers cache, all your maps (flash client) will be deleted. Furthermore, please pay attention on what you’re cleaning with those programs, so that there are no unwanted … side-effects. Some PC-knowledge may be required here.

Another similar option to speed up your pc, is the defragmentation of your harddrive.


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