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How to be a RPG player

Created by BadRampage. on 17 Oct 2015, 00:00
Welcome, dear traveler!

This guide is not about how to kill the hydra and get her egg, or how to make Your fighting skill bigger and better. This guide is about something very important, something of which every player should remember becoming a citizen of Tibia! - RPG

It's still can be revived.

Now I'm going to tell You which rules are the most important to be a real RPG player. Come, sit next to me, and listen carefully.

1. It's not about the level.

Does it's all about the numbers?

For some reason, the most important thing for many players in this game has become the level of their characters. But for real RPG player level isn't the most important. There are still mysteries to be solved and areas to be discovered!

2. Speak

Can You recall a situation in which You said "goodbye" while leaving the potion store? No? So that's what I'm talking about. Real RPG players identify with their characters. How much time it cost You to say "bye" to a NPC? Not so much, huh?

Do not forget about this!

Do not forget speak to other players! Not only while killing dragons. Go to the deposit and speak to a strangers. Who knows, maybe You will meet a new friend!

3. Manner

Be nice to other players. Do not start a conversation with "you" or "ey!" If You have some free time, You can explain the rules of this magical world called Tibia to a newcomers! You can show them hunting places, how to get better equipment and You should tell them how to be a RPG player! You can be sure that if you help them, they will help someone too.

Be nice!

Respect other players if they were first on a hunting place. Do not be rude, ask them how long are they going to stay there and wait or go to some other place. This will show to others that You are a nice guy, and next time You will be respected too!

4. Turn off light hack

This is realy simple. Turn off this option, wait for a night, take a torch and go for a walk through the Tibia lands. It looks realy nice, and You can fell the atmosphere of this game.

Don't forget the torch but also don't forget the sword!

5. Explore, explore and explore

Tibia is a huge area that is waiting to be explored. Get a rope and a shovel, withdraw some money from Your bank account and take a trip to some nice area and go for exploring!

I see Fibula!

Sunny Ankrahmun or icy Svargrond?

Dangerous Tiquanda or desert regions of Darashia?

You know what? You should visit all these places!


So that's it!

Remember: We can still revive a RPG-part of this game!


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