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How to Submit Comments

Created by Zathroth. on 26 Mar 2016, 16:20
Table of Contents
Points for this Contribution
The Contribution Tab
Comment's Stamina
Hints and Tips
Doubts? need Support or Advice?

Points for this Contribution

Submitting a valid comment will be rewarded with 1 Contribution Point. But please, note that it could happen that a valid comment can not receive any point. This usually happens when the comment contains superficial, generic or vague explanations. In Tibia Royal, comments work as spoilers, opinions, hint and tips, etc. That's why we are looking for solid contributions on this field. So, make sure that your contribution reports something useful for our community in order to be rewarded with points!. In this guide you will find all the necesary information to create and submit awesome comments.

Invalid Comment

0 Points. It will be instantly deleted.

Valid Comment

0 Points. Valid comment with superficial, generic or vague explanations.

1 Point. Valid comment with full or more specific explanation.

2 Points. Valid comment with full or more specific explanation. One that we no need to change due grammatical & language problems and have more then 50 words.

3 Points. Valid comment with full or more specific explanation. One that we no need to change due grammatical & language problems and have more then 100 words.

The Contribution Tab

In order to submit a comment, you will find a tab at the end of each page in our database, guides, etc. You can write, check how it would look like (Preview button), and sent the contribution, just using the mentioned tab.

Comment's Stamina

Right now you are able to post a limited ammount of comments. This limit varies depending on the circumstances, but you can always check your stamina in the navigation bar. You will be able to keep contributing once the pendings comments get checked by our Staff. We will try to do it as soon as possible, but it might take one or two days.

Hints and Tips

Valid Comments

In resume, these are the basic guidelines to submit valid comments:

  • The comment must be yours, based in your own experience or in your own researchs. Plagiarism and "copy/paste" behaviour will be severely punished.

  • The information posted must be correct. Posting false information in repeatedly occassions will be punished.

  • The comment obviously must not violate Tibia Rules, be offensive, racist, sexually related, etc. There is no need to say this behaviour will be severly punished too.

  • Use BBCodes to link all the information.

  • Avoid posting comments that can be easily covered by other means, like for example, items attributes (Attack, Defense, Light, Skill boosts, etc.) that can be added editing our database.

  • Comments posted on news, and other sections not strictly related with game information, such as personal opinions, won't be processed as contributions.

We are looking to create our own data base containing all the information possible about everything, similar to the already exisiting Wikis about Tibia. But we are also looking to make a difference and think ways to improve this kind of service to the community. We do not want to plagiarize content from other sites and less having problems with any of our fellows. We strongly advise to NOT COPY/PASTE information from another websites or it will result in further warnings, the deletion of your contribution points, and in extreme cases, the permanent ban of the fansite.

That's why we prefer you to submit the most fresh and original information as possible in the comment tabs, based in your own experience. Of course, there is information that is somehow of "public knowledge" and can be gathered from several other places and even from the game itself (items attributes, list of buyable and sellable items by NPCs, locations, just as an example) and it would not be considered plagiarism. Anyways, these informations (major parts of it, at least) can be easily added editing our database instead using comments.

But, in other cases, there is really useful and historical information (bugs, experiences, findings and secrets, strategies, memories, theories, hints, tips, etc) that are only experienced and ellaborated by players. And this is what we mean whith "fresh and original information". Do you have valuable information to share with us?, we will reward you for that.

It is also true that we released the system at the end of 2015, and we have almost two decades of history and several old updates behind our backs, and some of this information from past ages are available in these Wikis. If you want to make a comment regarding this you could take the information available there just as a "reference" to make your OWN investigation. There are lot of archives in the internet to compile, process, and finally create your own and original research to be posted here using the contribution system, or why not, submiting interesting articles (that we will gladly publish in our community section) or really popular user guides that will be rewarded probably with tons of points due to the interest of the players in these fields.

Another requirement, is to link all the information available in our database using BBCodes, in the case they are needed. Make sure you know everything about Tibia Royal BBCodes. They are available in the Contribution Tab, to make your task easier :).

Below you can see an example of comment about our fansite item, that used the character BBCode, and it has 1 vote. High rated comments will be displayed at the top of the comment tab. We are discussing to develope a system in which these comments get extra points (we can't promise it will happen, first we must make sure it is possible and it won't lead to abuses), so it's important to submit good ones since the beggining.

Doubts? need Support or Advice?

Just post a comment below, we will reply as fast as possible. Remember that any doubt you have could be the doubt of someone else :). Anyways, you can contact Zathroth, since he is the Staff Member in charge of our Content Department.


Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment:

  • Your comment must be in English or it will be removed.
  • You might want to proof-read your comments before posting them.
  • Please post questions on our forums for quicker reply.
  • Unsure how to post? Check out our handy guide.

Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below.

  • The higher the quality the better!
  • Be sure to read the tips & tricks about how to create a good screenshot.
  • Keep in mind that your screenshot will not be visible at once, it will be approved by staff members.
Add screenshot

Simply put the link of video below and hit "Upload". Make sure to read our tutorial about how to submit videos.

Only videos from YouTube


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