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All you should know about keyboard and Hotkeys

Created by Einheriar. on 17 Oct 2015, 00:00

This guide was developed in the course of the Tibia Royal anniversary contest. It’s purpose is, to shed some light into the less obvious things.

What do I mean with this statement? There are already a lot of guides out there in the web, covering things like “how to use hotkeys”, “where to hunt” or “how to backup your maps” and so on. This guide however, should highlight different aspects of the game, which you may, or may not were aware of. To get a rough idea of the content, here's a table of contents:

Table of Contents
Hotkeys and WASD – Onward into battle, fast and efficient!
Keyboard and mouse settings – Speed is the key
The ‘Browse Field’ function - He who seeks will find
Connecting keywords – talk one’s head off

First of all, during this guide I’m refering to the flash client at all times, since it fits our needs way better than the stand-alone client does. Though of course most of the things covered here can also be used with the stand-alone client.

To explain why I’m of the mind that ‘little flashy’ overall suits the player better (without regard to the performance point of view), we shall now direct our attention to the very first section of this guide.

Hotkeys and WASD – Onward into battle, fast and efficient!

The reason number one, why to choose the flash client over the stand-alone client simply lies within the reason that you’re able to use the keys W A S and D for movement. But it does not stop there, in addition you can set your life-saving hotkeys anywhere on your keyboard as you see fit.

I’m well aware that a lot of you still cling to the old client, I myself started playing this game in 2004, so yes I know, it is a change, and yes, you have to get used to it. The thing is, is it worth the effort? – Indeed it is. Let me explain.

The average human has two hands, one of those utilizes the mouse whereas the other one is tipping on the keyboard. So, if you are using the old client and are in desperate need of healing, you have to take one hand away from either the mouse or the arrow keys to reach the hotkeybuttons F1 to F12. This is hardly a good thing in such a hectic near-death moment, let aside the time it takes to move your finger up there.

Using ‘Flashy’ on the other hand, you are able to remap all of your hotkeys near the WASD keys for fast access in every situation and keeping your hands where they should be. The closer to WASD, the faster, as this picture tries to depict.

I, for one have remapped my standard spam-healing spell to the letter Q and my desperate healing to the combination shift+Q. Potions are on 2 and 3. Furthermore my main attack spell is mapped to E and for the haste spell I decided to take the X key. Of course, this is my personal playstyle and you have to find your own, but by all means, try and experiment! As you can see, there is a lot of freedom for creativity here, so use it and don’t let you restrict to 12 buttons.

But we’re not finished here, you can also remap several functions of your mousebuttons (it would be nice to be able use mousebuttons for the usual hotkeys..).

Just have a look into the Mouse Control options and map them to your liking, especially the attack/talk function is highly recommended for hunting – no need to search for your target inside the battlelist, one click on the screen and you’re attacking.

You can also cycle through your targets using a keyboard hotkey called attack next target which I have mapped to the space bar (attack previously target is set to shift+space). This means, if I’m out hunting, most of the time I simply have to press space once and I’m already attacking. In conjunction with the attack/talk function on the mouse, if I need to attack a specific target (e.g. a Beholder surrounded by Skeletons), there is no need for the battle list, which gives me more space for other things.

An Issue that might appear using the attack next target hotkey is, that it tries to attack players and partymembers aswell, to solve this, hide other players and partymembers in the battlelist using the respective buttons.

With a rightclick into the battlelist you can even sort the monsters, for example by distance, enabling you to attack the nearest/farthest target with a single press of a button. You can close the battlelist afterwards.

Oh, and remember. You can also equip/switch equipment using the sidebars/hotkeys. I’d suggest to read through the hotkeys panel in the options menu, you might find other functions that appeal to your playstyle.

As you can see, using the flash clients functions makes your gaming fast and efficient. It’s probably worth a try to use it. Of course, if you’re not into this fast and efficient hunting thingy and rather take it slow and comfortable you can stick to the stand-alone client. I’m not trying to persuade anyone, it’s completely your decision what to use, and how to play.

Keyboard and mouse settings – Speed is the key

The second Section in this guide will deal with the inbuilt keyboard and mouse settings. Just a fast explanation here, since I’m only acquainted with windows, I’ve no idea how the settings are called in other operating systems (but I’m sure you’ll figure it out!).

If you’re moving your character with the use of the arrow (or some different) keys, you might notice a small delay at the second step your character is making. To avoid this, you can set the repeat delay and repeat rate to short and fast respectively.

To access the keyboard settings, simply press the window button and then type “keyboard” into the search field, then enter. This should take you to the keyboard settings, where you can change the values just described.

Concerning the mouse settings, it might be worthwhile to attempt to set the mouse speed to a higher value. This is a common trick that a lot of ego-shooter or real-time strategy gamers use. But be aware that a too fast mouse movement could easily make you slower than you were before. Of course, just as in the Hotkey-Section, this will certainly take some time to get used to, but might be worth it in the end.

You can find the mouse settings the same way as the keyboard settings, just replace the search term to “mouse”.

The ‘Browse Field’ function - He who seeks will find

In the next Section I’ll write about the Browse Field function and its different uses.

The Browse Field-menu is one of the newest addition to the two clients. Apart from its self-evident purpose to reach items lying beneath a pile of other objects, you can use it for some other useful things.

A Scarab placed a poison field on a corpse you wanted to loot? No problem, just use Browse Field and you have access to the underlying corpse, you can even skin it this way! Of course this also works if there’s a recently killed, unmoveable monster lying on another monster you wanted to loot/skin. No longer waiting for those annoying ten seconds.

Another usage might be to hide your precious lootbag under several other items. Afterwards you can use Browse Field for a fast pickup. But be aware that it’s also quite easy to locate your hard-earned riches, if the thief is aware of this method.

Connecting keywords – talk one’s head off

The following trick is helpful to reduce the time you spent with the common talking you do with Npcs. For example, if you write “hi trade” two times in a row, the trade window will pop up instantly. Another example is writing "hi darashia yes" to a ship captain, which will directly take you to the settlement of Darashia. This works, because the Npc is searching for specific keywords in your writing and reacts accordingly. You can also use one sentence for different npcs. With "hi trade balance yes" you can ask for a trade, if you're talking to a bank npc though, you'll get your current balance, unless the npc offers both services, then only the first keyword will be used ("trade" in this example).

I’m sure you’ll come up with several other situations where this can be of use. I'ts particularly useful if you set it on a hotkey.

Please bear in mind that the second time you say such a sentence, the sentence has to be written into the npc-channel, otherwise the npc won't hear the next part of your babbling.

Well, that's it. I hope you were able to read something here that enhances your gaming experience and I wish you the best of (loot)luck and an overall great time in tibia.

By the way, if you find any grammatical errors, let me know! If I'm able to edit the guide after the contest is over, I'll defenitly do so with your corrections, since I'm no native english speaker. Of course any other kind of feedback is welcome too!

kind regards

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