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How to maintain order in the backpack

Created by Ar Pejio. on 17 Oct 2015, 00:00

As we all know a backpack is used to store items that we carry our "Char" to transport it to where it lead...

It can be any item that can be put in a container ...

* Potions, Creatures Products, Equipments, Decorative Objects, Food, Ammunition ,Plants, Rings, Tools, Quest Items, even Rubish and Corpses!*

You may Ask. Are there some correct order to manage objects in backpacks?

everyone can have your backpack as like, personally I opt for comfort and ease of the things I find...

From a low level to a higher level, have an orderly backpack can have multiple benefits, including easily verify if missing some "supplies" or leftover some object from the previous hunt ...

It's easy, it takes a little time, but it really is a very well spent time in the future which will also give comfort.

To organize a backpack easy way, good to have "backpacks of different colors" or "key objects" to identify other backpacks and what is its content (I personally prefer "key objects")

# When using "Backpacks of different colors" make sure you have enough different colors, and try to memorize the colors and content. (Hard to remember everything).

# When using "KEY OBJECTS" not required put an object of which are inside the backpack, because on many occasions put that object in a "hockey" and can be used "accidentally" so it is better to use some related in some form and that is not used...

In this example you can see an "orderly" backpack generalizing vocations.

where, listing:

01) The Crystal Coins (the best choice is crystal coins and that this backpack in first place, so that when you buy/sell something the money remains inside of this backpack)

You can identify that this backpack is to store Money

"Gold Coins" "Platinum Coins" "Crystal Coins"

02) The Charmer's Tiara (This can be any object that refers to the equipment, it may be a rare item and are not used. eg."phoenix shield")

You can identify that this backpack is to store Any alternative equipment that would be...

"Max Speed Set", "Protection Psychical Set", "Luxury Set" "Two-Handed Weapon" "Protection Elemental Set" etc...

03) The Crystal Wand (can be any object)

You can identify that this backpack is to store the loot of the hunt.

04)The Undead Heart(Can be Scales of Corruption, Luminous Orb, Dragon Claw, Any creature product)

You can identify that this backpack is to store creature products... LOOT OF HUNT.

05)The Stone Skin Amulet(Can be Wailing Widow's Neackle, Star Amulet, Any amulet not to used)

You can identify that this backpack is to store Amulets/Necklaces... ALL TYPES.

06)The Death Ring (Can be Weeding Ring, Broken Ring of Ending, Star Ring, Any ring not to used)

You can identify that this backpack is to store Rings... ALL TYPES.

07)The Multi-Tool(Whacking Driller of Fate, a Squeezing Gear of Girlpower or Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness)

You can identify that this backpack is to store Tools or Useful Items which can be...

"Multi-Tools" "Blessed Woden Stake" "Tamming Items" "Brown Mushrooms" "Blessing Charms" "Keys" "Die" "Parcels" etc...

08)The rune emblem (can be anyone, whether POI Quest, Lightbearrer 2009 or award competition)

You can identify that this backpack is to store Runes... of ALL TYPES.

09) The Purple Vial (Vial of Wine / Vial of Manafluid)

You can identify that this backpack is for storing potions restoration Mana Points that would be...

"Mana Potion", "Strong Mana Potion", "Great Mana Potion" *"Great Spirit Potion"

10) The Red Vial (Vial of Blood / Vial of Lifefluid)

You can identify that this backpack is for storing potions restoration Health Points that would be...

"Health Potion", "Strong Health Potion", "Great Health Potion" "Ultimate Health Potion" *"Great Spirit Potion"

* NOTE * This guide was created for backpacks but the form of organization is very good alternative for "Depot Chests"

*2nd NOTE* This guide was created by me and therefore I could only use items that I have and some I lend a friend only for the ScreenShots. Any object can be replaced by your pleasure.

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