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help me pleeeeaaseee

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hi. i just started playing tibia again i am currently stuck in a whole(no rope no monsters) and cannot get help its south of the south gate in venore and after the 4 way bridge in the swap. luminera

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Sadly I do not have an character on Luminera that I could help! But I am sure someone will hear your call! Did you tried to ask in Help channel in-game?

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The english Chat might be more activ to ask for help!! stay strong!

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So, someone helped you out there? If I lived on your world, I certainly would rescue you. I had the same problem when I was young on Tibia. More than once... well, things like that made me learn at least on how rope is important, but I know it is frustrating getting stuck.

In my opinion, that's something that tells me once again on how giving the Magic Rope spell to all free accounts would make the game more interesting and dynamic for new people one it... I have the same thought about the Haste and Levitate spell... such things should be a must have for free accounts...

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