Favourite Outfit/Addon

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Hiho fellow Tibians!

I thought it would be cool to see what everyones favourite Outfit/addons were!

Personally my favourite outfit is Full Beggar!!! I love it because not many people tend to rock it. Also I used to wear it back in the day resembling my financial status at the time ^.^

I do also love the summoner addons as well as the druid addons!

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That is my favorite:


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Character: Iggykoopa

"Congratulations You Are In The Top 90% Of Tibians!"

Jk ^.^ :*

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Barbarian is great :)

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Assasin, no question!

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Character: Camarluk

Personally, the Knight outfit! (the basic one that you get as a free... Doesn't even need a addon in my opinion)

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Character: Master Eddi

I really love the mage one <3 but also the Warrior with the spikes and the words :D

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Character: Lord Phacks

Citizen w/o addons

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