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Hello people!

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Joined: on 14 May 2018, 03:47
Character: Iggykoopa

Hi there!

I just discovered this website, and I have to say I am really enjoying it.

I am a 25 year old living in Toronto, Canada.

I believe my Tibia journey began in 2005, not sure what version was running then but a BUNCH of my friends were playing it ( about 15 people)

My first world and home until it was merged was Rubera! I actually LOVED playing on that world despite what a lot of people say about it. I really enjoyed hanging out at thais dp and just chatting with new friends, as well as doing small quests!!

Anyways I just started playing again around this time last year on Premia.

Hit me up in game if you want!



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Character: Aasustua

Hello and welcome here!

I am glad you enjoying the site!

I myself started the game around this time. I loved it when the level was not the most important thing :)

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Joined: on 14 May 2018, 03:47
Character: Iggykoopa

Yeah i really enjoy the interviews and nostalgia posts!

And yeah, this was my first time getting past level 100 lol!

I am going to try and get 200 and then I am done leveling, its just not fun and takes up to much of my time. I like just walking around discovering things.

They need to make a world with a level cap or something, with no market. Actual Retro! I would be on every day!

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Joined: on 21 Mar 2016, 20:08
Character: Holy Crambler

weeelllcommeee to Tibia Royal!

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Joined: on 02 Mar 2018, 20:18
Character: Violetissime


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