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Mother of Scarabs Lair note

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Joined: on 02 Mar 2018, 20:18
Character: Violetissime

Hi all,

So I had ancient scarabs as prey, hence decided to go to the mother of scarabs lair and check how that spawn was like. When I got to the deepest (?) level, I found a strange corner where there were two coal basins, a sort of counter and a note on the wall that reads as follows:

"You read: Oh Mother of Scarabs, show me your secrets! 

I offer my blood and bone, my flesh and soul to you. 

Feast upon my heart, drink from my skull,

divulge your darkest mysteries to me."

Has anybody heard of this mystery being solved? Any clue about what to do? I suppose some items have to be used in the coal basins, I might try to find out more tomorrow, but if you already have some ideas and want to share them feel free!

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