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Boss Spawns to be Added.

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Here i will list all the bosses that i find are missing on the Spawn Predictor tool.

  • Gaz'haragoth

  • Hirintror

  • Tyrn

  • Undead Cavebear

  • Furyosa

  • The Pale Count

  • Omrafir

  • Grandfather Tridian

  • Necropharus

  • Thul

Then there are those related to raids such as:

  • Draptor

  • Grand Mother Foulscale

  • Cublarc the Plunderer

  • Zulazza the Corruptor

  • Chizzoron the Distorter

(All of the four pirate bosses even if don't know if that' can be predicted... but)

I'll be adding more if they pop up :D

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Grandfather Tridian



Cannot be predicted as they can be killed with Killing in name...

I have add some of them, rest will follow later.

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