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So quiet

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I really love this site, but it's so empty, people rarely post. I understand that Tibia is not so popular as it used to be, but i miss having a big community. I remember old WOT boards, tons of people posting daily, now there are so many different fan sites and they are all empty.

Same with tibia worlds, i have been playing since april (after a years of break) and i haven't made a single friend. I miss talking to people, tibia gets so boring when you are alone.

I am really into tibia, more than ever, and for the first time ever i pretty much play daily after work. So where is everybody? For me it seems that most of the people are hibernating, they are here, but not really playing, logging in time to time to check on the game and waiting for changes.

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I do understand you fully. We also tries to do everything to get more users on our page so that we get more activity here, but it is very hard.

Personally I do not play game since 4 years yet. I simply have no time for it. Working in-real, family and working on site takes all my time so there is really less time for game itself.

I also remember the WoT but you need to also remember that back then the worlds itselfs had 900 active players at same time always. I remember long waiting lists till I was able to login in server. Now it is hard to find a server with more then 300 players playing at the same time. This is also a reason why it is hard to find a friend in Tibia. Most people went after a "rat race" to gain experience and forgot about the best aspects of Tibia which is communication and building friendships.

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Well, It's hard to admit, but all you said is true. Tibia is not that popular anymore, and also the english community is decreasing more and more with time. While we can't do much to raise Tibia's popularity, we are working really hard to improve the site and offer the best to our users. Slowly, Tibia Royal is becoming better and better and we have tons of users compared with the past. It's a voluntary project and sadly we can't advance as fast as we would like to. But our plan is to develope more and useful features in order to create an active community. You will see what I'm talking about soon.

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There is something to that ;P

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