The first month of Wolfy's life

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Character: Wolfy Silverpaw

I was born as Mister Jaegers, and later on I got my true name Wolfy Silverpaw. I've realized that my first month has passed by, and therefore I want to share what happend during the first month in this life.. Some of you have seen the diary I've been writing on from time to time, and some even read my journey. But this time there won't be any long text, just pictures and some comments about the pictures. I hope you all enjoy, and I wanna say thank you to all my friends, and especially to them who helped me but also did quests and so on and kept me company. So thank you, you made my Tibian life so much better!

A sweet moment, I had a personal blocker at hellspawns in Yalahar and was able to hit level 50!

No voucher, and not offline training for months and months since it's a totally new account.. So getting magic level 50 was a moment to remember for me for sure

Oh well, it's not really a secret that I do enjoy a beer ot two.. But some damn paparazzi got a picture when I was visiting Venore!

With the new name I finally reached level 80! Here hunting with Leet, a very kind guy that I met while hunting in Oramond and we've been teaming up from time to time since then.

And time for level 85.. Went to Crazy Corner with my friend Gopox, had a couple of fun hunts here with him!

Me and Gopox hunting once again, he was showing me some of the new spawns.

And a lovely screenie when I got magic level 75 as well :D

Aaaaaand level 100!

A happy day when I bought a flat on Cormaya, and sharing it with my dear Vrabac.

I spend some of my evenings fishing, and during this night I even had my own personal bodyguard with me O.O

And after a while, you realize hard work pays off ;)

This story has been edited. The original story was made for my guild so all the parts about the guild has been removed. Consider this as a story from my very first month on Wolfy Silverpaw, the druid project that were ment to be level 1-100 and stay there.. Currently level 227, so I suppose the project will last a lifetime instead

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Great screenshots, looking forward to more! :)

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Nice! Keep up with a leveling and screens. What of fishing you've got now :-)?

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So far I stayed at 50 actually, I better rest my hands for a while

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Someone still fish on Tibia!, awesome to know it :)

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I don't know what it is, but your screenshots look really artistic, i really like that :D

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I really like your nick haha :P

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