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Joined: on 12 Jan 2014, 02:31

I have recorded some nice moments of my path in tibia.

Old ultimate explosion.

Old gran vis lux.

Old Ue player...poor guy

My first house , Fibula ,may 2004 (10 years)

Mombi axe 78 (2005)

Banshee quest lvl 60 (march 2005)

First MPA

Mombi's lowest lvl pic (08/05/2005)

Combi's lowest lvl pic (?? 2004)

Since i lost all screenshots before this lvls due to a HD burn.

I start to record everything important.

Combi is retired, i officialy stopped to play in 2006, in lvl 135.

Mombi is active and growing good.

Maybe i can continue this post like a life thread.

Avar Tar
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Joined: on 07 Feb 2013, 10:50

Good old times. ;)

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Joined: on 11 Jul 2012, 00:09

wish I could played in these times! really nice screenshots!

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Character: Aasustua

Cool screenshots, I will bring some of my old one here also. :)

Sir Prize
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Joined: on 06 May 2014, 02:25
Character: Sir Prize

I see those screenshots and I deeply regret not saving my old screenshots when I formated my computer last year :/


Nice screens, I remember getting hit by some UEs when I played back in 7.4 with my knight, died twice because of these lol. Not to mention the level 8 sorcerers with high ML going around nuking everyone with SDs...

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Joined: on 14 Sep 2014, 14:28
Character: Buenito

Damn, i miss old times soo much

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Love this pictures Combi!!

Sadly this is one of the only older screenshots that I have... Its not even MY screenshot :/ my buddy is the one that took it.

All my original screens from back in the day were on my old computer that died, so they are forever just memories.

This screenshot is me fighting my very first dragon solo:

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All theese screens make my cry... :<

Times change so much ;/

I wish I could play then...

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Character: Suprimer

I wish i had any left, didn't have much to so for tho :D i was kinda noob back then.

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In my old dusty folders I stumbled upon another screenshot from my friend, of my soloing my first Demon Skeleton, ya know, when they used to be menacing.

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Character: Iggykoopa

I love the MSN messenger corner tabs haha

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Character: Camarluk

Too bad I don't have any old screenshot, even though I started to play in 2009...

Anyway, I would have take screenshots of my deaths if I could travel back in time, since my main chair used to get an absurd number of PK on Thoria, and I got ambushed on several different traps, but now even these traps make me somewhat nostalgic.

I even had the "pleasure" to get the famous 'Avalanche Red Skull Trap' by a guild trap in Venore after an excellent hunt, an occurrence that basically forced me to retire from my knight for a while (what a violent EU server it used to be Thoria, now Kenora).

Anyone here got some cool and old guild war pics? They are always interesting to see :)

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