Tarmon Gai Don

Level 438
Elder Druid


World: Peloria City: Roshamuul Guild: Valhalla


Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3










Achievements: 626 Fist skill: 19 Axe skill: 14 Club skill: 22 Sword skill: 19 Shielding: 38 Magic Level: 110 Distance: 19 Fishing skill: 23


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Oramond had golems in the dungeon, so i've been working a bit more on their bestiary. All over halfway done by now, so judging by current hunt i'd say i'll need another 1-2 hunts to finish all four of these

Start Experience Experience/Hour
2019-06-16 23:38:20 2019-06-17 00:39:28 1,388,124 1,424,665
loot Supplies Balance Character
193,055 60,386 132,669 Tarmon Gai Don
Damage Damage/Hour Healing Healing/Hour
2,043,861 2,011,658 475,940 470,312



a nice evening of finally doing Twenty Miles Beneath the Sea Quest and exploring the area, plus some semi-hunting stuff :)

Start Experience Experience/Hour
2019-06-16 16:56:18 2019-06-16 19:31:00 2,850,839 1,748,203
loot Supplies Balance Character
206,191 93,857 112,334 Tarmon Gai Don
Damage Damage/Hour Healing Healing/Hour
2,948,510 1,094,684 715,849 274,171



And blood beast bestiary completed :)

Went to Roshamuul, but it was taken...

So we went to Deathlings instead! But it was taken... by someone who got there 20 seconds before we did -.-

Decided we would at least kill Brokul there, after which we were discussing other places to hunt. As a result we tried out Mota Extension Site, which was actually great fun :) 3.5kk exp/h at a maximum at 150%, it was basically optimal with that. all 3 floors were included and we skipped some areas since those just weren't good or slowed us down too much.

Best i got on my drop tracker was 111 red gems at one time xD you get so many in there that they just keep piling up.

Start Experience Experience/Hour
2019-05-29 21:23:32 2019-05-29 23:21:37 3,974,621 0
loot Supplies Balance Character
6,301 375,654 -369,353 Tarmon Gai Don
Damage Damage/Hour Healing Healing/Hour
2,403,052 1,428,578 2,200,991 1,342,747



Ice Crambler
By Ice Crambler 8 Days ago - 12.15

Oh yeah, that red gem looting there is insane!!

Really nice hunt at Deathlings. We included the boss too. Took a while to get it to go well, but eventually we got it alright, made about 9.6 mil exp in 90 minutes. can be better, but definitely isn't bad! I should add this place as a hunting ground some time :| Temestokles recorded the hunt so that might help with how many mobs are where too

we were killing 3 of the feru minis with a team of 9 (5 and 4, couldnt find anyone else) it was a lot of fun and went great! Also gained a level there. Hopefully soon enough ppl will have access so we can kill Ferumbras! I've got access already, but I'll help anyway. besides, it's also bestiary :p i'm not even at 100 of each mob in there yet!

Showing 1-10 from 215 (22 Pages)


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