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Tarmon Gai Don

Level 411
Elder Druid


World: Peloria City: Roshamuul Guild: Valhalla


Rank 1
Rank 2
Rank 3










Achievements: 598 Fist skill: 19 Axe skill: 14 Club skill: 22 Sword skill: 19 Shielding: 38 Magic Level: 108 Distance: 21 Fishing skill: 21


1 Day ago - Character changed level from 410 to 411
2 Days ago

And another hunt there :) halfway bestiary for 2 of the types... not many spikeys there and the second floor is usually taken so i dont see me getting those done any time soon. Turns out i've been using the right rune... but only for menacing. GFBs work a lot better on the other 2 types!

End of prey so lower exp. just went under 40:00 stamina too, so i'm going to do something else now ^^

Start Experience Experience/Hour
2019-02-20 14:31:25 2019-02-20 15:18:16 1,706,490 2,202,607
loot Supplies Balance Character
565,205 62,498 502,707 Tarmon Gai Don
Damage Damage/Hour Healing Healing/Hour
1,160,700 1,160,700 384,806 384,806



lehula dohon 1 Day ago - 12.08
Hello! Do you think is it good to a RP lvl 400 to hunt at this place?
2 Days ago

A very nice hunt i did after rolling 40% XP prey on the menacing carnivores

Start Experience Experience/Hour
2019-02-20 08:59:53 2019-02-20 09:42:30 1,822,114 2,584,910
loot Supplies Balance Character
526,386 48,650 477,736 Tarmon Gai Don
Damage Damage/Hour Healing Healing/Hour
1,065,584 1,065,584 390,574 390,574



8 Days ago

Made a few new chars to collect mouthpieces for the horns of Roshamuul for me. I dont really get that many, so they will be done in 2 days ^^ after that... who knows! Christmas perhaps?

I needed all 8 chars and send them off in different directions before i managed to explore dawnport. The island isn't that large, but if you sneeze too hard you're already level 8 there -.-

Little quiz for anyone who knows these names: which one doesn't fit in the group?

Amico SedaiGalina SedaiKamarile Maradim NindarLaelyne SedaiNemene Damendar BoannSheriam SedaiTemaile SedaiVerin Sedai
8 Days ago

Krailos for Bestiary!

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