Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Full List of Vocation Adjustments

on 23 Nov 2020, 13:00

Character Auction Overview and FAQ

on 13 Aug 2020, 14:00

On the bottom of the Store is a new button that will open up a dialog in which you can set up an auction to sell the character with which you are logged in...


on 05 Feb 2020, 11:00

This is the final chapter of the story of our hero Tibicus...

The planks creaked alarmingly as strong waves clashed against the brittle bow of their ship. The boat had seen better days for sure but it was the only one that Tibicus could find in such short time.


on 17 Dec 2019, 14:00

This is the ongoing story of our hero Tibicus.

He could not tell how often he had sat alone on his roof lately, watching Suon chasing his sister through the sky, waiting for the night to come.


on 09 Sep 2019, 00:00

This is the ongoing story of our hero Tibicus. Follow the links below to read up on the previous episodes!

How Snoopy Became the Perfect Fool

on 05 Aug 2019, 10:00

After Snoopy's last adventure of being a spy for the CGB, she had been feeling down quite a bit. Read on to find out what she did to get into a better mood...


on 05 Jul 2019, 10:00

A dark flashback into Fridolin's childhood draws conclusions about his past and personal tragedy.

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