Winter Update 2019
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on 23 Feb 2016, 06:30

Due to extensive maintenance work, all game worlds are currently offline.

The Lovers

on 15 Feb 2016, 01:46

Love is in the air!!!. Let us tell you a small tibian story of love!. Happy Valentine's Day, Tibians!

Congratulations, Honourable!

on 12 Feb 2016, 00:23

Besides we are in the middle of the fight to save Tibia Royal from the rage of Zathroth, we didn't forget to congratulate and thanks Honourable for his contribution to the Tibia Royal Community.

New avatars at Tibia Royal!

on 03 Feb 2016, 19:00

Thanks to Honourable our avatar section has grown, we have add 4 additional avatars for you to pick up from and soon we will add more! The avatars which we enabled today are: Hunter and Mage, for both sexes.

Tibia Royal Anniversary - Our world is doomed!

on 01 Feb 2016, 10:00

Zathroth focused all his power to destroy Tibia. If we want to survive, we need to help Uman. In the messages we have received from him, he has explained that his and his evil side powers are equal, and the fight for the destiny of everything that Uman has created, can take forever... while Zathroth minions will step by step take over our world.

Contribution points change

on 27 Jan 2016, 10:00

Since we introduced Contribution System, 47 days have passed. We have received many valuable feedback in that time which we want to use. That is why we decided to change few things in how points are assigned for different kinds of contributions.

Webshop Survey!

on 26 Jan 2016, 20:54

In the last days of January, players were being invited to answer few questions about the Tibia Webshop.

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