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Webshop Survey!

on 26 Jan 2016, 20:54

In the last days of January, players were being invited to answer few questions about the Tibia Webshop.

Eric a Sorcerer from Dolera

on 21 Jan 2016, 17:00

We had interview Eric, a Master Sorcerer from Dolera. He is the first player to put hands on mighty Shield of Destiny. If you would like to know how looked his Tibia journey, it is good lecture for you!

Tibia Royal Anniversary - Part II

on 18 Jan 2016, 01:11

We finally managed to contact Uman...but the price we paid was high...

Tibia - Official Trailer 2016!

on 14 Jan 2016, 17:23

Did you ever imagine, what sounds would have tibia?

Enjoy the first trailer of tibia!

Tibia Royal Anniversary

on 11 Jan 2016, 10:00

Today, January 10th, Tibia Royal turns two since its joining to the fansite programme. But not everything is joy, fun, and celebration. Something evil is raising from the darkness. Embrace yourselves, the rage of Zathroth is about to strike!

Congratulations, Eric!

on 10 Jan 2016, 00:00

After an impressive hard work and dedication, Eric became the first member of our Community blessed with a Shield of Destiny for reaching the amazing ammount of 2000 contribution points. Congratulations, now the fate of Tibia is in your hands. Choose your side wisely.

Mysterious Ornate Chests Quest

on 07 Jan 2016, 17:45

The Metal Egg has been opened!

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