Help Tibia Royal and collect contribution points, 2.000 points you can exchange for Shield of Destiny in game!

Content Fixes and Changes

on 24 Jan 2017, 10:17

With today's server save we changed the following:

Movement Revamp for the Tibia 11 Client

on 23 Jan 2017, 13:29

With today's Tibia 11 client update, we addressed the movement issues we received feedback on from our community.

Interim DDoS Protecion System for Tibia 11

on 20 Jan 2017, 11:00

We are currently working on a new automatic system for a better protection against DDoS attacks. Since this takes some time, though, we have implemented an interim step to improve the current situation. The interim solution, that was implemented for the Tibia 11 client for now, should better the playing experience for many players already.

Death Compensation between Dec 11 and Jan 17

on 19 Jan 2017, 10:00

Back in December 2016, we provided you with a chart about the number of character deaths in Tibia that were not a result of PvP. This data illustrated that the quota of regular deaths during DDoS attacks does not differ significantly compared to times without massive attacks. This means that there is a high chance that character deaths caused by DDoS attacks are identified as such and are compensated automatically by our protection system for character deaths.

Tibia 11 Fixes

on 16 Jan 2017, 13:00

Today, we released an update for the Tibia 11 client. Among others, we were able to fix the following: An issue causing wrong hotkeys to be displayed after switching within different hotkey presets is now fixed...

Content Fixes and Changes

on 16 Jan 2017, 10:00

With today's server save we changed the following: First Dragon: Zorvorax does no longer disappear for a short moment while moving south or east; First Dragon: The dragon chests in Drefia and Zzaion were moved to a different location to provide a better accessibility.


on 11 Jan 2017, 10:00

Once more, it is time to support the witches of the green claw swamp. Help them brew their powerful mixture to protect Tibia from a destructive force.

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